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Friday, July 31, AD 2015




The video above depicts Father Michael Quealy saying Mass in Vietnam. The video has no sound, but without words we can see the fervor with which the priest is saying Mass.  That was all Father Quealy.  Whatever he did in this world he did 100%.

Born in New York City on September 11, 1929, he dreamed as a boy of being a missionary in Asia.  He would go to Asia, as a priest, but as a Chaplain in the Army.  A graduate of Seaton Hall University and Maryknoll Seminary, he had served as a priest in the diocese of Mobile Alabama, before joining the Army as a chaplain in 1965.  He did so to bring the sacraments to soldiers on the battlefield in Vietnam.  As much as it was in his power, he wanted no soldier to die fighting and go into eternity spiritually unarmed.

Assigned to the third brigade of the First Infantry Division, the Big Red One, in June 1966, he quickly began hitching rides on medical evacuation choppers.  They would be going to where the fighting was, and as far as Chaplain Quealy was concerned, that was where he needed to be.  He would land, help with the wounded, usually under fire, and give the Last Rites to the dying.  He did not check to see if the dying were Catholics, reasoning that the sacrament would do no harm to non-Catholics, and might do them an infinity of good.  Troops began to talk about this Catholic Chaplain who was fearless.

Eugene Tuttle, a soldier with the Big Red One, recalled Father Quealy:

My battalion was near Father Quealy’s the day he was killed in Tay Ninh province on Nov. 8, 1966. The terrible news reached me the next day, He had heard my confession in Lai Khe about a month earlier. Young men dying was bad enough, but it seemed like a sacrilege for a priest to be killed while providing comfort to the wounded and dying. I had met him months earlier on my first full day in the field, when before boarding our tanks and APCs, to be sent out as “bait” until reinforcements could rescue us, Chaplain Quealy invited the Catholics among us to join him. He told us that reconnaissance had just confirmed the VC were dug in and waiting for us in the bush. He then draped his stole over his shoulders, reminded us that an Act of Contrition could substitute for confession when one was in immediate danger of death. It was an unforgettably dramatic moment, and the chaplain was an unforgettably kind man. I regret just learning of this opportunity now to pay long overdue homage to him. God bless his soul!

On November 8, 1966, Father Quealy heard about fighting near Tay Ninh and rushed to get aboard a medical copter.  A staff officer tried to dissuade him, saying that it was much too dangerous a situation.  Father Quealy did not even slow down, but shouted over his shoulder, “My place is with them!”

The first battalion, twenty-eight infantry was under such intense fire that the helicopter Father Quealy was on board had to circle for an hour before it could land.  When it did, Father Quealey  charged into action.  Here is a report of what happened next:

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  • Exceptional piece Mr.McCleary.

    I love the last entry in his diary because it completes his mission. The heroic virtues of Father Quealy’s inner life define and fuel the fearless servant of God. Then, by providence, he gives his last homily in action, and his last teaching; “forgiveness,” from his final entry.

    I’ve enjoyed this post very much kind sir.
    Thanks again for your faithfulness to serving us.

  • Thank you. God has this way of communicating with me where I get the message I need to hear on any given day. Without fail. Today was no exception. Your post about Father was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  • Good post. A man with a manly chest, a heart of purest gold and a lion’s courage.

  • I agree Philip. Inspiring. We need these stories.

  • Cthemfly25.

    It’s a good mix of material, the inspiration’s of the contributors of TAC, W/ honorable mention of Don McCleary.

    As a participant in the Spiritual Battle, I take rest and nourishment from the learned that frequent this site. The war is intensifying and calm with prayerful action is my hope to help our Lady to victory. TAC is helpful.
    I pray for calmness since I too easily get stirred up at the craziness of the day.

  • Awesome account. Thanks, Don, for informing us about this exemplary priest of Christ. Comforting to know that as dark as things are, there are saints like this interceding for us, and giving us an example of what sanctity can look like in the modern world.

  • The blood of Fr. Quealy is surely the martyr’s blood that nourishes the church. This heroic priest makes me feel ashamed of my own service in VN as a rear echelon guy who never wanted to be there. I lament still today the loss of over 58,000 guys who were sent to their deaths by faithless and mendacious pols like Lyndon Johnson. Then the Vietnamese people were betrayed and thrown to the wolves by the reprobate Ted Kennedy who cut off their funding when they were attacked by the North communists. A Vietnamese priest visits our parish annually to describe his work there and the persecution by the government which forces him to post look outs and flee ahead of the arresting officers. Our corrupt government has defiled the sacrifice of Fr. Quealy and the soldiers he succored.
    The Demoncrats baby killers and queers are the ascendant force in this lost world of ours.

  • Shawn Marshall.

    Thank you for your important service.
    Ashamed? Please don’t. You didn’t flee to Canada. You did what your Country asked.
    God Bless you Sir.

  • As a child in parochial school, I read the lives of the saints and many were martyrs. Then I was afraid to speak about my faith, afraid God would ask me to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    My brother went to Vietnam in 1968, serving as a hospital corpsman. He came home a shadow of himself, his sacrifice was like so many others– more than he could emotionally or mentally bear. He suffered a psychotic breakdown and is on disability.

    I am sorry my brother did not get to meet this generous, Christ-surrendered, loving priest. Thanks to God that so many were touched by his selfless faith.

July 31, 1945: Letter From Stimson

Friday, July 31, AD 2015

Little Boy was assembled on Tinian on July 31.  The bomb could in theory be dropped the next day.  However a typhoon was moving towards Japan and weather would delay the bomb drop for several days.  Secretary of War Henry Stimson sent to Harry Truman a proposed statement to be released after the bomb drop:

Letter of Statement Draft
From: Henry Stimson, Secretary of War
To: Harry S Truman, President of the United States of America
Date: July 31, 1945

July 31, 1945
Dear Mr. President:

Attached are two copies of the revised statement which has been prepared for release by you as soon as the new weapon is used. This is the statement about which I cabled you last night. 

The reason for the haste is that I was informed only yesterday that, weather permitting, it is likely that the weapon will be used as early as August 1st, Pacific Ocean Time, which as you know is a good many hours ahead of Washington time.

This message and inclosure are being brought to you by Lt. R. G. Arneson, whom Secretary Byrnes will recognize as the Secretary of the Interim Committee, appointed with your approval, to study various features of the development and use of the atomic bomb. 

Faithfully yours,
Secretary of War.


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Quotes Suitable for Framing: John Ireland

Thursday, July 30, AD 2015


Be ambitious, seek to elevate yourselves, to better your lot;  too often we are too easily satisfied.  When a man is poor, let him live in a hovel.  I esteem him;  at any moment I tend him the right hand of fellowship;  but if by labor, by energy, he can secure to his family comfort and respectability, and does not, then I despise him.

Father, later Archbishop, John Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day sermon, St. Paul, Minnesota 1865

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21 Responses to Quotes Suitable for Framing: John Ireland

  • Obviously, Bishop Ireland never belonged to the USCCB. If he were alive today, I’m quite sure his brother bishops would correct him in the error of his ways. In particular, his uncharitable, un-pastoral thoughts.

  • Poverty: that by which all things, both the good and bad, are done in its name.

    “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall inherit…..”

  • Clear thinking by a Bishop….it’s been a long time.

  • When Judas complained (sell and give to the poor) about the woman anointing Jesus with expensive oil perfume, Jesus told us, “. . . .the poor will always be with you, but . . . ”
    Earlier when St. Peter verbally outburst against Jesus’ telling the Apostles he would suffer, “Get thee behind me , Satan. Thou savorest the things of the World not . . .”

  • I think the last three words of that quote ruled out canonization. My car was ransacked of cash and a credit card last week which was the first time I ever left them in the car and first time leaving the car door unlocked. Now I consider the thief sent from God for me to pray monthly that God saves him from eternal damnation. I pray for many criminals I’ve encountered actually for decades now even if I almost killed two…and I would not pray for them if I despised them.

  • A man with a family who could provide comfort (love/at least daily presence) but does not choose to try is the essential problem with the world going awry. John Ireland had good sense. One hundred fifty years have passed since that quote. So many fatherless children could benefit from hearing that sermon so that the emptiness would move to an understanding of what the problem is, rather than it moving to heartlessness. Despising what man does, does not preclude prayer for him. My guess is that some of our Lord’s time in the Garden of Gethsemane was just that.
    Such sermons would serve well if read these days during the Liturgy of the Word – rather than what is made up to be ‘relevant’.

  • The Archbishop, like St. Paul, didn’t much cotton to slackers. St Paul=no work, no eat.
    John Ireland was a great social justice activist in a good way. He was able to move 4000 impoverished Irish families from New York by securing 400,000 of land for them in Minnesota according Wikipedia. He created opportunities for the poor to get out of poverty by helping them to help themselves. Compare that with Pope Francis ideas of income redistribution.

  • Interesting. Ireland’s individualistic attitude is demonstrative of the Americanism of which he was a prime proponent. As Dr. Rao explains:

    Two distinct Catholic viewpoints regarding the best method of protecting the Church and Catholics in America were in obvious conflict by the latter half of the nineteenth century. One of these was convinced that the battle between Catholicism and American society was an unnecessary one. It has long been labeled the Americanist position. This title is a justifiable one, as shall become clear below, since supporters of the Americanist position gradually grew close to the Americanist faith…. Three names stand out among its more significant proponents: Bishop John Keane of Richmond, sometime Rector of Catholic University; Msgr. Denis O’Connell of the North American College in Rome; and Bishop John Ireland of St. Paul. The opposing viewpoint took a much more critical attitude towards the possibilities of an American-Catholic rapprochement. It may simply be called the anti-Americanist outlook. Anti-Americanism had a very flexible set of supporters. Leaders of German-speaking Catholics frequently espoused it. So did several foreign faculty members at Catholic University. Bishops such as Corrigan of New York and McQuaid of Rochester were more comfortable with its skepticism than with the optimism of the Americanist school.

    The Americanist camp clearly prevailed, and one can draw a straight philosophical/theological line from Irealand to John Courtney Murray. Murray, of course, was perhaps the most influential adherents of Americanism, managing to export Americanism into the heart of Vatican II, by authoring and advocating for “Dignitatis Humanae” which universalized the American notion of freedom of religion as a natural right of man and not simply a tolerated evil, and the unacceptability of the social Kingship of Christ being embodied in the laws and ethos of the state.

    Ireland also rigorously objected to “Uniate” Eastern rite priests being allowed to function in America, as they were not interested in his project of integrating into American society, or in his ideas about religious liberty. Consequently, many uniates ended up breaking communion with Rome and becoming schismatics.

    One small but sure sign of his Americanist, puritanical bent was his role as spokesman for the oxymoronically named “Catholic Total Abstinence Society.” One wonders how much fun GK Chesterton would have such an un-Catholic idea as “total abstinence.”

  • Yes, John Ireland became known as “The Founder of the Orthodox Church in America” thanks to his persecution of Eastern Rite Catholics. About two million (!) of them left the Catholic Church for their Orthodox counterparts or created their own, the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the USA (which is under the authority of the Patriarch of Constantinople). All because, in violation of multiple Papal statements concerning the Eastern churches, he decided that ALL Catholic priests had to be celibate. It was too bad that he ultimately had his way with the Vatican.

    Pope Francis has done a few things that might be questioned, but reversing the Ireland-inspired ban of married Eastern Catholic priests in America is not one of them.

  • Ah, Americanism, the phantom heresy!
    Gibbons was on good terms with both Pope Leo, who gave him his cardinal’s cap, and Pope Pius of whom he wrote a biography. Americanism was an imaginary heresy, largely the result of Pope Leo XIII being ill-informed about conditions in America and paying too much heed to idiots among American clerics who delighted in attempting to stir up trouble over nothing. Modernism was a real enough heresy, although Pope Pius tended to throw the baby out with the bath water and completely orthodox Catholic scholars suffered along with complete heretics.
    Cardinal Gibbons and the rest of the American heirarchy responded that no one among them taught these propositions that were condemned:
    1.undue insistence on interior initiative in the spiritual life, as leading to disobedience
    2.attacks on religious vows, and disparagement of the value of religious orders in the modern world
    3.minimizing Catholic doctrine
    4.minimizing the importance of spiritual direction
    They were really scratching their heads on this one and had a hard time figuring out why the Pope was concerned with a non-problem in this country.
    This tempest in a papal tea pot had more to do with the French Church. A biography of Father Isaac Hecker, founder of the Paulists and now a Servant of God, was mistranslated into French and portrayed Father Hecker as some sort of flaming radical which he was not. This book became popular among liberal Catholics in France. As usual the relationship
    between the French Church and the Vatican was turbulent at this time. Pope Leo XIII’s concern about “Americanism” could have better been labeled a concern about “Frenchism”. Purportedly Leo XIII was reluctant to attack the Church in America, which he had often praised, and made his rebuke of “Americanism” as soft as possible.
    “We having thought it fitting, beloved son, in view of your high office, that this letter should be addressed specially to you. It will also be our care to see that copies are sent to the bishops of the United States, testifying again that love by which we embrace your whole country, a country which in past times has done so much for the cause of religion, and which will by the Divine assistance continue to do still greater things. To you, and to all the faithful of America, we grant most lovingly, as a pledge of Divine assistance, our apostolic benediction.”
    The statements of loyalty from the American heirarchy were sufficient for the Pope and “Americanism” vanished from history as quickly as it appeared.

  • My favorite Archbishop Ireland quotes are “You’re not a real priest!” and “No Eastern Rite Liturgy!,” spoken to Father, now Saint, Alexis Toth, who thereupon led hundreds of thousands of Uniates back to the Orthodox faith (and became my parish‘s Patron Saint).

  • Ah, the Orthodox,always willing to forgive and forget, in the true spirit of Christ! The problem for Eastern Rite Catholics in the U.S. was not a burst of ill-temper by Archbishop Ireland, but by the fact that their bishops in Europe failed to set up a structure of bishops for them in the U.S. or even stay in contact with their priests. The attitude of the Latin Rite bishops was not usually helpful, today the least, but the establishment of hierarchies in the U.S. for the Eastern Rite was the central issue.

  • Don, I have to disagree. The establishment of hierarchies in the U.S. for the Eastern Rite was not the central issue, it was merely the resolution of the issue. The central issue was a lack of charity on the part of Latin rite bishops such as Ireland. To this day there are countries with Eastern rite parishes but without Eastern hierarchs, and Latin rite hierarchs substitute just fine for their Eastern brethren. For some reason Ireland did not see the Eastern rite bishops in Eastern Europe as brother bishops. The same can be said of Europe too, where the aftermath of the 1919-21 Polish-Soviet War saw Polish authorities arresting Ukrainian Catholic clergy because they wanted them to be Latinized. There seems to be no explanation other than xenophobia.

  • “Ah, the Orthodox, always willing to forgive and forget, in the true spirit of Christ!”

    Now THAT I can agree with. I don’t blame the Orthodox for being angry about things like the sack of Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade, but I hear crickets chirping when the subject of the Orthodox repression of the Copts in Egypt comes up, a persecution that led directly to the Islamic conquest. It turns out that demanding apologies are easier than issuing them.

  • “The establishment of hierarchies in the U.S. for the Eastern Rite was not the central issue, it was merely the resolution of the issue.”

    Lack of charity there certainly was, but you have to understand the immense tasks that the Latin Rite Bishops had to perform. America was still very much of a mission territory where the Church overwhelmingly consisted of poor, immigrant populations. They had to build churches, schools and hospitals, often while confronting a hostile Protestant majority, while helping to lift ordinary Catholics out of poverty, and making sure they received the sacraments with a priest shortage that was always a pressing issue. Ethnic divisions within Latin Rite Catholics made the tasks no easier. Dealing with Eastern Rite Catholics, a task which should have fallen to their own bishops, was another headache they did not need. I blame the Vatican for not dealing with a situation where Eastern bishops were sorely needed.

  • “Ethnic divisions within Latin Rite Catholics made the tasks no easier.”
    True enough. The conflicts between ethnic groups were very real, with nearly everyone resenting the Irish for their language advantage (i.e., most Irish did not need to learn English). Just recently an Eastern European in-law of mine described her neighbors from the same country but Eastern rite as “a bunch of drunks”. In the end it largely worked out, and that outcome seems to make the divisions and conflicts all the more unnecessary and painful.

  • For a “phantom heresy” Americanism sure as heck won the day in this country and at Vatican II with JC Murray’s magnum opus, Dignitatis Humanae, which is quintessential Americanism and would probably have been applauded by Ireland and his ilk. Unfortunately, it doesn’t square with Catholic orthodoxy, a problem widely noted, not just by “traditionalists.” But I guess to those who cheer on such things because, well, “America!”, it’s comforting to suppose that Leo XIII was just an idiot who didn’t know what he was talking about or was misled, yadda yadda. You know, same thing liberals always say when the Popes condemn their ideas. Cf, the Modernist movement, which similarly was “shocked, shocked” that Pius X thought anything amiss.

  • Tom, what you call Americanism simply is not what Leo XIII was writing about. You conflate Dignitatis Humananae of Vatican II with the phantom heresy and that is an ahistorical juxtaposition. I would add that the Catholic Church being in favor of religious liberty certainly makes common sense in a world where there are virtually no states willing to enforce Catholic orthodoxy on recalcitrant populations, a policy that in any case was often a disaster for the Church. I am not a big fan of much that was done at Vatican II, but Dignitatis Humananae was simply a long overdue reflection of current reality. A very thought provoking look at Dignitatis Humananae in light of the history of the Church by Professor Thomas Pink is linked below:

  • Archbishop Ireland was WRONG in his words and deeds to Fr. Alexis Toth. There is no getting around that.

    Nevertheless, Fr. Toth was WRONG to take his flock and go join what is, in effect, a schismatic organization. The Church of Constantinople NEVER held the primary see of the Universal Church and its Archbishop was NEVER in charge in any way of the Universal Church. As a result of the Great Schism, the Church of Constantinople left itself open to heresies (remarriage after divorce!) and Constantinople fell under the control of Islam. We all know what has happened since then – divisions in Orthodoxy according to national lines and the constant squabbling between the Moscow Patriarch and the Patriarch of Constantinople.

    It was the Catholic Pope of Rome who put an end to the iconoclasm heresy that befell the Christian East – now known as the Triumph of Orthodoxy (really!)

    Fr. Toth was not the first Catholic priest to be treated like garbage by a Catholic bishop and he wasn’t the last one, either. I see his actions as taking countless Catholics out of the Church as nothing praiseworthy, to say the least.

    Pittsburgh was at the epicenter of the ban on married Eastern Catholic priests that began in the 1920s. Parishes and families were split – and some remain so. The Pope was wrong to enact that edict and the Catholics who ran to Orthodoxy were wrong, too. When something goes wrong in the Church, you stay and you fight and you make things right. Running away is chicken ****.

    The Latin Church has done a terrible job of educating its young about the history and the traditions of the Eastern Catholic Churches, but then the Latin Church has done a terrible job of educating its young about the Latin Church, too.

    Poland’s long and bitter history with Ukraine, Orthodoxy and the Ukrainian Catholics and the Ruthenian Catholics cannot be summed up easily or quickly. Poland has ALWAYS seen itself as a Western nation and saw the East as a bunch of barbarians. Given the way the Czars ran Russia and that the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was one of the largest empires in Europe, if not the world (at that time), it’s easy to understand that viewpoint.

    Dr Rao is one of the writers of the Remnant. Dr. Rao goes off abut things, like Christopher Ferrara does about others, that make me think they have too much time on their hands and are guilty in their own way of wanting to establish a Utopia on Earth (or thinking the Habsburg Empire was just that). Tirades about Thanksgiving I find annoying, just like whining about the American Revolution rebelling against a “so-called legitimate” King George.

  • Don, what you or I think might be an appropriate position for the Church on religious liberty is irrelevant. The fact is that the Church has never taught that error has rights in the public forum. DH apparently altered that perennial teaching, allowing for teaching and proselytization even in public, and discouraging the very recognition of the Social Kingship of Christ that you point out is rare. One reason it’s rare is that Ireland’s ideas won the day, and post Vatican II, the Holy See actively *discouraged* Catholic governments from according special privileges and protections to the Faith. Ireland and DH both hold the same error, that Truth is entitled to no special place in society, which should simply become a free market of ideas. This appeals to Americans, but is antithetical to Catholic teaching.

  • “The fact is that the Church has never taught that error has rights in the public forum. DH apparently altered that perennial teaching, allowing for teaching and proselytization even in public, and discouraging the very recognition of the Social Kingship of Christ that you point out is rare.”

    Well it certainly teaches that now. I am somewhat concerned whenever there is an about face on Church teaching even when I think the new teaching is much better than the old teaching. The about face in this case is not completely one hundred percent. The Jews for example always were given toleration by the Church although that tolerance was grudging. The Church until Constantine never had the power to impose civil or criminal penalties on other religions and therefore tolerance was the de facto policy, albeit once again grudging. In the Crusader States, Islam was granted de facto tolerance by most of the Christian rulers with the grudging approval of the Church.

    I find it interesting that the most anti-Catholic countries these days, and where the Church is weakest, are precisely those countries that used to use the secular power to uphold the Church. Getting in bed with Caesar has always been a bad deal for the Church, as demonstrated by the hostility such alliances generate and the desire of Caesar to control the Church he is upholding.

23 Responses to Truman Warns Japan to Surrender

  • Gee, I wonder if Tokyo Rose reported that they really said that the USA is asking to surrender to the Imperial forces, or was she hi-tailing it to her country estate?

    What a striking difference in cultures back then–this warning versus Pearl Harbor’s sneak attack.

    Could we air-drop a few million of these types of thing on our inner-city Planned Parenthood warriors against the innocent?

  • Gee, I wonder if Tokyo Rose reported that

    If I’m not mistaken, Tokyo Rose was a composite.

  • “If I’m not mistaken, Tokyo Rose was a composite.”

    Gee, does that then serve as evidence that Bruce Jenner had a soul mate way back then?

  • My Father, who taught and studied history told us that Japan was ready to surrender as long as their Emperor could be left in office. Truman said no and dropped the Bombs.
    A Song for Nagasaki (The Story of Takashi Nagai) by Paul Glynn is a book well worth reading. It is the true story of Takashi Nagi, a pioneer in radiology research ,and convert to The Catholic Faith.

  • Your Father was mistaken. The Japanese made no such offer of surrender if they could keep the Emperor.

  • The nerve of posting this war criminal and mass muderer on your so called “catholic” . Your site and your Vatican 2 religion was conceived like in that synagogue of satan member Truman and his gang of devil worshipers. His compassionate leaflets were just toilet paper his ABomb was very real conceived by his fellow freemasons
    Remove catholic from your diabolical site.

  • Thank you for your calm, reasoned analysis Biil. I trust that you pad your tin foil head gear?

  • I see you’ve attracted some of The Remnant‘s nuttier subscribers.

  • I did a little research on the referenced people – Takashi Nagai and Paul Glynn – in Carolann’s comment. Takashi Nagai had a sane attitude about atomic energy in the aftermath of the dropping of the atomc bombs on Japan. At the end of “Atomic Bomb Rescue and Relief Report,” he writes:
    “We should utilize the principle of the atomic bomb. Go forward in the research of atomic energy contributing to the progress of civiization. A misfortune will then be transformed to good fortune. The world civilization will change with the utilization of atomic energy. If a new and fortunate world can be made, the souls of so many victims will rest in peace.”
    Paul Glynn on the other hand is a different matter. Like most Australians, he appears to be reflexively anti-nuclear energy (much too the benefit of Australia’s coal industry which ironically releases more radioactivity in the form of uranium, radium and thorium naturally occurring in coal than any nuclear power plant releases). Glynn’s Marist Australia web site says that Takashi Nagai died of atomic disease. Having worked in naval and commercial nuclear energy for 30+ years, I have no idea of what atomic disease is, nor even after radiation exposure throughout my 3 decade long atomic career have I ever been afflicted with anything that could be construed as such a disease. So some more research revealed that Nagai died of leukemia which can occur from a variety of causes many of which are non-nuclear in origin (e.g., chemical toxin exposure, genetic anomaly, etc). Now perhaps Nagai’s leukemia may have been caused by acute radiation over-exposure (e.g., > 100 rads); I do not know. But Glynn seems to have a tendency towards sensationism instead of the reasoned thought process that Nagai embodied. Perhaps otherwise he is a good priest. I do not know the man. Yet when it comes to this topic – atomic energy – hysteria mongering needs to be refuted and revealed for what it is at every opportunity. A nuclear power plant is no more a nuclear bomb than a gasoline station is a napalm weapons factory.
    And yes, President Truman was right and correct to order the dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan. That decision ended the war and prevented far more caualties on both sides – Japanese and American – than would otherwise have occurred. And yes again, I support a strong and powerful American nuclear arsenal because we have enemies – communist China, Russia, North Korea and a would-be-nuclear-armed Iran – against whom we must defend ourselves. But to all those opposed to “the bomb”, why do you NOT support recycling all that weapons-grade plutonium and uranium in commercial nuclear reactors (as Nagai would advocate) so that it will forever be unusuable for bombs? Could it be that your protests are all the hot air of inflated ego and moral self-righteousness as what you support enriches fossil fuel corporate executives?

  • “My Father, who taught and studied history told us that Japan was ready to surrender as long as their Emperor could be left in office. Truman said no and dropped the Bombs.”

    Carolann, the story is more complicated than that.

    First, Japan was NOT ready to surrender. There were elements in the Japanese government that were. That is not the same thing. The attempted military coup in Tokyo on August 12-15 1945 proves this to be so.

    Second, there were some backchannel communications between the two countries, but the heads of government were not involved (so Truman can’t be blamed). The Japanese asked “Can we keep the emperor?” to which they were told “The fate of the emperor will be up to the Japanese people to decide”. So the Americans in American-speak said “Yes” and the Japanese heard “No”. One can wonder if things would have been different if the answer were not lost in translation.

  • Paul, The thought was that Takashi Nagai died of constant exposure of radiation from the X-ray machine he used to diagnose his patients. If I remember correctly, he did not use a protective lead apron thereby risking his own life.
    However, you are correct. Leukemia can occur from exposures to chemicals. My niece suffered from AML Leukemia with no known risk factors.
    Before someone accuses me of being a leftwing nutcase, I happen to support our military and honor them. It’s the killing of innocent women and children that sickens me to the core.
    President Truman was WRONG on dropping those bombs. This is NOT only an opinion. Please check out–THe Real Reason America Used Nuclear Weapons Against Japan – (Oct 14, 2012).
    One snippet: U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey group ASSIGNED by President Truman to study the air attacks on Japan produced a report in July of 1946 concluded (52-56)

    “Based on a detailed investigation of all the facts and supported by the testimony of the surviving Japanese leaders involved, it is The Survey’s opinion that certainly prior to 31 December 1945 and in all probability prior to 31 December 1945, Japan would have SURRENDERED even if the atomic bombs had not been dropped, even if Russia had not entered the war,and even if no invasion had been plannned or contemplated.”

    General (and later president) Dwight Eisenhower-then Supreme Commander of all Allied Forces said “The Japanese were ready to surrender and it wasn”t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.” –Newsweek 11/11/63.

    There’s lots more from Admiral William leahy-highest ranking member of the U.S. Military (1942-1949) Also quotes from General Douglas MacArthar and many more.

    The most important thing is THE TRUTH. If Pres. Truman had no choice in dropping the bomb, that would be horrible, but perhaps necessary. However, from reading the above and more it seemed not to be the case.

    Viva Cristo Rey!

  • Carolann, have you read Hell to Pay: Operation Downfall and the Invasion of Japan 1945-1947? Published in 2009, it is far more up to date than any previous study on the subject. It makes for very grim reading. It completely negates the argument made by the Strategic Bombing Survey.

    Was Truman morally wrong to drop the bomb? Of course he was. Then again, any course the U.S. would have taken during this time would have been immoral (we’ve had this debate on these pages before). A blockade would have horribly killed more Japanese by starvation. A “cease-fire” would have allowed the Japanese to continue the killing hundreds of thousands in their subjected lands. Hell to Pay accurately describes the casualties to be expected in an invasion. The only really moral choice was in Japanese hands, and that was surrender.

  • Carolann, thank you for the correction on the possible cause of Takashi Nagai’s leukemia. As for lead aprons, the tenth thickness of lead is 2 inches. In other words, to reduce radiation exposure to one tenth the incident level, a lead apron two inches thick is required. The equation is:
    A = Ao * (e^-(u*x))
    Where A = exposure rate in R/hr with shield in place
    Ao = exposure rate in R/hr without the shield
    e = 2.71828
    u = shiled thickness in cm
    X = linear attenuation coefficient in cm^-1
    Using that equation, one can see that a lead apron to be effective in shielding would be far to heavy and cumbersome to wear. Any lead apron offers minimal protection because of the thinness of the lead in the apron. Therefore, I question whether wearing an apron at all would do much to protect. However, x-rays are at a lower energy level than gammas. Nevertheless, in all my experience, x-ray technicians seclude themselves behind lead-shielded barriers during x-ray machine activation and not by wearing lead aprons. That said, if you have ever been at an airport, you would be routinely in the vicinity of x-ray machines (as are the TSA guards who operate the machines). Indeed, for a past employer I had worked as an Instrumentation and Controls technician, one of whose duties was in the maintenance of x-ray machines for the plant security department at a commercial nuclear power plant. I still do not have leukemia and if I ever contract the disease, then it will likely be a delayed after-effect from a mis-spent youth engaged in proscribed inebration activities.
    As for President Truman, I am not a historian. However, he ordered the bombs dropped and the war ended, the killing stopped. That is history (unless the Democrats try to change that as they are the history of their part in the US Civil War and subsequent civil rights movement a century afterwards). (Ironically, wasn’t Truman a Democrat?)

  • Thank-you Tom D. How awful if there were truly a translation problem!

  • Thank you Paul D. Very informative.

  • Sorry, Paul, W. Oops on the wrong initial .

  • No Tom D. I never read the book and probably won’t. We have enough grimness in our world today.
    Thank-you for the update. Many thanks to all. I’ve learned a lot .

  • I had heard of Takashi Nagai, and I had the distinct impression that another problem was that there were very few radiologists available in Japan in comparison with other countries. In effect the cumulative lifetime dose of a conscientious practitioner in Japan was higher than that of his non-Japanese counterparts – with more radiologists the risk would have been better spread. These were really brave men who knowingly sacrificed themselves for their patients. One has to wonder if the Bushido mentality had something to do with it.

  • “We have enough grimness in our world today.”
    I understand. Then again, I do think we have to face it as we each best can. There is a difference, after all, between a cross and a crucifix.

  • It looks to me that the Wikipedia entry on Takashi Nagai has been expanded since I last looked at it. It is well worth a read: The man was amazingly prescient, he lived in no fantasy world.

    BTW, the article mentions that the wartime shortage of photographic film caused him to use fluoroscopes to make diagnoses, and that his was partly responsible for his leukemia diagnosis in April 1945.

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  • The atomic bombs were terrible weapons, but no more terrible that the firebombing that took place earlier in 1945.

    Quoting Ike about the Bomb is a nonstarter for me. Where did Ike serve in WWII? Oh, that’s right. He was in Western Europe. I don’t recall hearing any American servicemen based in the Pacific making quotes about how the Americans and British should have marched into Berlin, or not allowed the Red Army to occupy Czechoslovakia, or should have done more to help the Poles who were fighting in the Warsaw Uprising (the 71st anniversary of the Uprising took place on August 1, and only a few Americans of Polish descent likely remembered to commemorate the moment in any way in this country).

    Japan was a terrible enemy. Japan never bothered to sign or go through the motions of observing the Geneva Convention. Japan sought the Bomb. Japan committed terrible atrocities against civilian populations in the Phillipines and at Nanking to mention just two. What you do will come back to you.

    War is an awful thing, but not the most awful of things.

  • Carolann, besides reading “Hell to Pay: Operation Downfall”, I suggest you also read “The Last Kamikaze”, the bio of Vice Admiral Matone Ugaki (by Edwin P. Hoyt, 1993).

    Chronicled there is the mindlessly furious death wish and death-grip that many like him, as well as Gen. Hideki Tojo, had on the Japanese people and even the Emperor until the very last days. We now have fairly full documentation of the plot to assassinate the Emperor Hirohito (Aug. 12-15, ’45): at that time, Hirohito expressed to his cabinet the need to accept the Potsdam declaration, even though he knew it would likely lead to his execution. Ugaki certainly shared a like-mind in the murder plot against Hirohito, although it hasn’t —yet—been proven he was an actual participant: however, he refused to sign the agreement (as did several high-ranking generals) to carry out the Emperor’s order to seek a surrender. As Vice-Admiral of the Imperial Navy, and #1 officer in charge of naval aviation, Ugaki should have been a signer: he was not. Ugaki was clearly, like so many other Japanese military, deranged, writing about this time to a colleague that: “Japan has 20 million people: it should be acceptable that ten million of them would be sacrificed for the Emperor and for Japan.” (i.e. in its home defense)

    Seeing all was for naught, on Aug. 15th, Ugaki took off, squeezing into a “Judy” 2-seater bomber (it already had its crew of 2 men) on one last flight, disregarding instructions that day on the radio-address by Hirohito for all military to surrender and lay down their arms, instead launching a final kamikaze attack on US forces in the vicinity of Okinawa. Fortunately, US forces were on high alert, anticipating rogue attacks: His plane was shot down, but not before the wrecked hulk was discovered by a US LST crew on the beach of an adjacent island.

    My point is: people like Ugaki were not stopped, even by their supposed oath of fealty to the Emperor, his last act in fact one of mutiny and insubordination. Your info about Japan’s leadership’s willingness to surrender is deeply flawed.

Shocking New Discovery About Christ!

Wednesday, July 29, AD 2015


From those brilliantly twisted folks at The Lutheran Satire.  As CS Lewis said:


You will find that a good many Christian political writers think that Christianity began going wrong in departing from the doctrine of its founder at a very early stage. Now this idea must be used by us to encourage once again the conception of a “historical Jesus” to be found by clearing away later “accretions and perversions,” and then to be contrasted with the whole Christian tradition. In the last generation we promoted the construction of such a “historical Jesus” on liberal and humanitarian lines. We are now putting forward a new “historical Jesus” on Marxian, catastrophic and revolutionary lines. The advantages of these constructions, which we intend to change every thirty years or so, are manifold. In the first place they all tend to direct man’s devotion to something which does not exist. Because each “historical Jesus” is unhistorical, the documents say what they say and they cannot be added to. Each new “historical Jesus” has to be got out of them by suppression at one point and exaggeration at another point. And by that sort of guessing (brilliant is the adjective we teach humans to apply to it) on which no one would risk ten shillings in ordinary life, but which is enough to produce a crop of new Napoleons, new Shakespeares, and new Swifts in every publisher’s autumn list. . . . The “historical Jesus,” then, however dangerous he may seem to be to us at some particular point, is always to be encouraged.

Continue reading...

9 Responses to Shocking New Discovery About Christ!

  • Consider, compare and contrast the “evolving” (0 tempores, o mores!) Jesus with Mohammed and his recalcitrant followers’ unchanging faith.
    One contrast is that Mohammad’s fell revelations have no witness. He said it, and it is objective truth.
    By contrast, hundreds witnessed Christ’s crucifixion and death. Christ gloriously rose from the tomb on the third day and for forty days appeared to HIs Mother and disciples. Christ ascended into Heaven after forty days and in the presence of Mary and HIs disciples. Later, the Holy Spirit descended on Mary and the Apostles.
    Finally, the credentialed cretins can’t monkey with the “historic” Muhammad. Because .. . KABOOM.

  • “…We are now putting forward a new “historical Jesus” on Marxian, catastrophic and revolutionary lines….”

    I wonder if this historic Jesus might be that fellow with Jesuit frock and an Uzi fighting for the “preferential option for the poor” down in Nicaragua a few years back?

  • Thanks for the laugh’s.

    It’s about time for Tom Hanks to star as the lead in the new screenplay; “Jesus the Environmentalists.”
    Not only is it true that Jesus was married, but he founded Green Peace.

    Dan Brown made his thirty silver pieces. Why not others? There seems to be no problem with recycling garbage to make a buck.
    Until the last breath is taken, I suppose.

  • In keeping with the satircal line, the only piece of evidence that Jesus might have been married is that he did not fight against his execution.

  • Thanks for the levity Don, And this is how we should view much of the stuff coming out of the Vatican nowadays where we come to find out that Jesus is not who He said He was but rather more like President Obama. Who would have known? What a wonderful teacher we have in Pope Francis!?

  • As the Son of God, Christ was a brother to all persons. For Christ to marry a woman, Christ would have committed spiritual incest but marrying His spiritual sister. Christ did all that He did for His Father in heaven. Christ’s Father in heaven is an infinite God. Finite persons cannot complete Christ’s mission of salvation for us.

  • Philip: In Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, Brown gives us his opinion on the opinion of Da Vinci of The Last Supper, which Brown calls the truth. Yes, for Da Vinci and Brown and may be Tom Hanks but for Catholics it is still hearsay, two opinions against the truth. Now, more opinions, but the perjury was that Brown called the Da Vinci Code God’s honest truth.

  • Thanks Mary.
    I appreciate the clear explanation.

July 29, 1945: 509th Composite Group Receives Attack Order

Wednesday, July 29, AD 2015

Nobody knows

Into the air the secret rose
Where they´re going, nobody knows
Tomorrow they´ll return again
But we´ll never know where they´ve been.
Don´t ask us about results or such
Unless you want to get in Dutch.
But take it from one who is sure of the score,
the 509th is winning the war.

When the other Groups are ready to go
We have a program of the whole damned show
And when Halsey´s 5th shells Nippon´s shore
Why, shucks, we hear about it the day before.
And MacArthur and Doolittle give out in advance
But with this new bunch we haven´t a chance
We should have been home a month or more
For the 509th is winning the war

Anonymous, doggerel made up by pilots of other air groups about the “hush-hush” 509th

Activated on December 17, 1944, the 509th Composite Group of the United States Army Air Corps was commanded by Colonel Paul Tibbets, at 29 already a seasoned air combat veteran in Europe. The flying units of the Group, in addition to support units, consisted of the 393rd Bombardment Squadron and the 320th Troop Carrier Squadron, 1767 personnel, 15 B-29 bombers and 5 C-54 transports.  The Group was based and trained at Wendover Air Force Base in Utah.

Training was conducted in intense secrecy with the officers and men advised that any breach of security would be punished with the utmost severity, which might well include the death penalty.  Curious officers and men of other units were warned away at gun point.

The unit re-deployed to Tinian on June 11, 1945.  The unit engaged in numerous practice bombing missions, including twelve over targets over the Home Islands, with special “pumpkin bombs” replicating the dimensions of the “Fat Man” atomic bomb.

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One Response to July 29, 1945: 509th Composite Group Receives Attack Order

  • One very interesting fact in this post is that this was the only time in American history where nuclear weapons were just handed over to the military without close civilian oversight. At this point the only civilian influence was on the approved target list. After Nagasaki Truman imposed direct Presidential oversight on the use of nuclear weapons, and this policy has continued to the present day.

Pewsitter v. Eye of the Tiber!

Tuesday, July 28, AD 2015


(Some down time before the family heads off for Indianapolis and GenCon tomorrow morning.  Had a great time in Kenosha visiting the mother-in-law.  Fascinating visit to the Civil War museum in Kenosha.  Details on Sunday.)

Well, Pewsitter and Eye of the Tiber square off!  From Eye of the Tiber:


After close to an hour of staring at the headline he had just written about Pope Francis, an employee at the news aggregation website Pewsitter has reportedly begun questioning whether or not to add an additional exclamation point or three, sources have revealed.

The unnamed Pewsitter writer reportedly told a fellow staff member this morning that after having written his most recent headline about the Pontiff, that he wasn’t sure whether or not the headline warranted a few additional exclamation points to help convey the possible lunacy of the Pope’s most recent actions.

“He told me that he was also considering whether or not to add one or a few more question marks sprinkled in between the exclamation points to help express the fact that Pope Francis was doing something that at best could be considered odd and something out of character for a pope to do, or at worst, something completely heretical,” the source told EOTT. “You can see the stress that this news aggregation Mozart has to deal with on a daily basis to put out the works of art that that he does.”

The source also went on to explain the importance of adding exclamation marks to headlines, saying that without them, “no one would ever know when to be outraged.”

At press time, the writer has decided go with the headline, “Francis Brushes With Same Brand Of Toothpaste That Planned Parenthood CEO Uses!!!?!!???!”


Pewsitter links to the article, as it always does for any post critical of it:


PewSitter gets Eye-of-the-Tibered?! – COMMENTS!

The comboxes are a riot!



And then Mark Shea showed up:


Only the anonymous hysterics at Pewsitter can save the Church from the Pope!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!


    BTW your Sheaness – as I recall, in the past you most ardently rejected the left-wing nuttery of man-made global warming.

    So tell us your Sheaness, now that Comrade Pope Bergoglio has declared man-made global warming an immutable scientific truth and an official doctrine of faith – have you formally declared your new found discovery of this developed doctrine of thruthiness?

    After all your Sheaness – unless you’ve had a recent conversion to the scientific consensus of this new Katholic-Communism – you’re actually just another NeoCon Capitalist pig!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW have you gotten rid of all of that intrinsically evil air conditioning in your house?


    Ahhh, there he is; the Yosemite Sam of the Patheos Posse (otherwise knows as CAI (Character Assassination Incorporated).


    Says his Sheaness: the histrionic rhetorical-pyromaniac of the endless acreage of self-constructed strawmen!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who BTW is posting under an anonymous name!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes – his hypocrisy does consume itself.


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Internet Hitler Weeps for Planned Parenthood

Tuesday, July 28, AD 2015


Steve Hayward at Powerline gives us the dismay of Internet Hitler at the chaos caused to Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc. by the undercover videos of The Center for Medical Progress.  Hitler and his colleagues are increasingly, in hindsight, merely unsuccessful vendors of the product of mass murder of one group of people to produce better living for another group.  Worse Than Murder, Inc. has demonstrated how the product can be marketed successfully:

1.  Use euphemisms like products of conception and reproductive rights to hide the reality of the mass slaying of innocents.

2.  Make sure that your chosen victims are voiceless and have zip political influence.

3.  Employ religious bigotry against those who complain of the mass murders.

4.  Define your victims as non-human, so their millions of deaths somehow do not count.

5.  Get the news and entertainment industries on your side, so that your victims will be forgotten as well as murdered, while your organization will be lauded and all criticism of it spiked by friendly “reporters”.

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9 Responses to Internet Hitler Weeps for Planned Parenthood

  • 9. Have bishops claim that a politician’s support for tax rate increases on the richest 20% offsets his support for abortion.

  • 10. Allow high-profile, pro-infanticide politicians to continue calling themselves Catholic.

  • 11. Infiltrate elementary schools using “safe sex” as a means to introduce abortion as a safe and acceptable solution if contraceptive’s fail.

  • One line to be added to Herr Fuurer’s rant.
    “But, then ve must think how many more little lives ve can squeeze into one train….saving fuel and reducing that evil CO2 polluting the Fatherland?”

  • 12. Siphon “abstinence education” millions from government – state and federal – using entities of, by and for Planned Parenthood, but without the PP name, by touting baby killing, drug abortions, and without-parental-knowledge implanted IUDs as “abstinence plus.” Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas, once USA now USSA

  • 12. Keep the Worse than Murder, Inc. doctors and administrators well-supplied with salads and red wine, to further blur the sense of right, wrong, and monstrous wickedness.

  • Last night the History Channel ran another in its series about the Nazis in WWII. This one featured Auschwitz and the activities of Mengele, and his associates, “medical research” on children, especially identical twins. Like the PPA (Worse than Murder Inc.) videos, it was almost unwatchable, and for the same reasons. How anyone can reconcile their conscience with the diabolical evil of abortion, is beyond my comprehension. Involvement at the death camp drove one of doctors mentioned to suicide. I am sure there were many like that. The thought of it all makes one’s blood run cold. These scenarios are interchangeable, abortion, the death camps, the ISIS killing fields of the present day Middle-East, the Far-East and Africa. All these largely ignored by the mainstream media who avoid shining revealing light on the political heirs of the Third Reich.

  • Wm P. Walsh, Your comparison is spot on. See this: From Abyssum Abyssum,

    You can add Jill Laffer and the names of the PP women in the latest video to the list below:

    “You can now say these names in one breath: Richards, Koch, Gatter, Neudeck, Clinton, Mandel, Wattleton, Grese, Sanger, Nucatola, Binz, Pelosi, Lachert, Bosel, Waters, and Bothe. Read descriptions of female Nazi concentration overseers, nurses and personnel – monsters like Ilse Koch, Irma Grese, Dorothea Binz, Greta Bosel, Herta Bothe, Hildegard Lachert, Ruth Neudeck, and Maria Mandel – and their actions, particularly those of nurses and doctors; listen to their crimes-against-humanity trial testimony or read it; learn about the acts of utter depravity, torture, sadism, and satanic cruelty they engaged in on a daily basis as the camps; and then remember speeches and recordings you have heard over the years from Faye Wattleton, Margaret Sanger, Cecile Richards, Mary Gatter, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, and politicains like Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters. Consider the recent revelations of Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and sale of human body parts; their efforts to carefully crush babies without crushing their organs, and efforts to develop “less crunchy” techniques for insuring that hearts and livers and kidneys are not damaged as babies are cut, crushed and die.”

  • Ignorance is bliss for the mass murderer supporters. Just keep feeding them homosexuality’s liberation victory celebration’s and coddle them with fashion’s that tickle their attention, then as the Lord said, they we’re unprepared for the bride groom, for their lamp’s were empty of oil.

    Mr. Walsh. The scenarios are indeed interchangeable. The Great and terrible day is coming. Ten thousand years from now or at the last beat of anyone’s heart, the day of judgment comes. Best to keep our lamp’s trimmed and full of oil.

CMP’s Latest Video

Tuesday, July 28, AD 2015

The third in their on-going series looking into Worse Than Murder Inc’s selling of aborted baby body parts.

Extreme content warning for this video, showing the dissection of an aborted child. It also features an interview with a lab tech who used to work for a company that procured body parts from Planned Parenthood.

May God have mercy on us all.

On a related note, here is Brit Hume’s fantastic commentary about these videos.

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4 Responses to CMP’s Latest Video

The Great Commission

Tuesday, July 28, AD 2015

[16] And the eleven disciples went into Galilee, unto the mountain where Jesus had appointed them. [17] And seeing him they adored: but some doubted. [18] And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth. [19] Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. [20] Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world. 

Matthew 28:  16-20

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2 Responses to The Great Commission

July 28, 1945: B-25 Bomber Crashes into Empire State Building

Tuesday, July 28, AD 2015

Aviation was only 42 years old in 1945 and flying a plane, especially in fog, was as much an art as a science.  This was demonstrated on Saturday, July 28, 1945 when a B-25 Mitchell bomber, Old John Feather Merchant, struck the north side of the Empire State Building between the 78th and 80th stories, striking the building where the National Catholic Welfare Council, the predecessor organization of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Flying to Newark Airport, the pilot, Lieutenant Colonel William Franklin Smith, Jr., was advised of zero visibility conditions by the landing tower at La Guardia and advised to land which he declined to do.  A 1942 graduate of West Point, the 27 year old Smith was an experienced combat pilot with forty missions with the Eighth Air Force, and had earned a Distinguished Flying Cross with cluster.  It is theorized that Smith became confused and thought he was over New Jersey when he was actually over downtown New York at a hair-raising 500 feet.  He managed to avoid three skyscrapers before careering into the fourteen year old Empire State Building.

All three men on the bomber were killed instantly and eleven people in the building, with twenty-five wounded.  Twenty year old elevator operator Betty Lou Oliver survived a 75 floor elevator plunge caused by the crash.  The resulting fire was put out in 45 minutes.

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An Apology

Monday, July 27, AD 2015

(I originally wrote this about five years ago when the blog readership was much smaller.  I reran it a early last year.  Now that Planned Parenthood is back in the news,  I thought that current readers might wish to know why I refer to Planned Parenthood as Worse Than Murder, Inc.)

Lately, in several posts, I have been in the habit of referring to Planned Parenthood as Murder, Inc.  I apologize for doing so.  It was unfair of me to draw this type of comparison.


In the late twenties of the last century, gangsters Charles “Lucky” Luciano and Meyer Lansky set up the National Crime Syndicate.  Organized crime needed a mechanism to keep anarchy from breaking out within its ranks between various gangs and factions.  Operating out of a 24 hour candy store in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, Murder, Inc. ( the name was a newspaper invention) provided this mechanism.  Louis “The Judge” “Lepke” Buchalter and Albert “The Mad Hatter” Anastasia were the leaders of Murder, Inc.

The Syndicate, by majority vote, would order the slaying of an unruly gangster and Murder, Inc would carry it out.  The hitmen of Murder, Inc. operated under strict guidlines.  No innocent bystanders were to be killed.  No hits could be ordered against judges, police or prosecuting attorneys for fear of reprisals from law enforcement.

Over the years Murder, Inc. murdered some 800 fellow gangsters.  In 1940 the downfall of the murder enterprise began when Murder, Inc. killer Abe ‘Kid Twist’ Reles, turned informant in order to save himself from the electric chair.  Louis “The Judge” “Lepke” Buchalter died in the chair in Sing Sing in 1944, after the US Supreme Court rejected his appeal which raised, among other issues, the contention of Buchalter that lurid press coverage had tainted the jury.  Other Murder, Inc. members swiftly followed “The Judge” down the last mile.  Albert “The Madhatter” Anastasia would have followed in their footsteps but for the tragic “accidental” death of Abe ‘Kid Twist’ Reles when he fell from room 623 of the Half Moon Hotel on Coney Island.  In the gang world he was ever after known as “The Canary that sung but couldn’t fly.”  However, with the attention of law enforcement focused upon it, Murder, Inc. could no longer function and it ceased to exist except as a gangland legend.

Based upon this grim record I hope you can see why it is necessary for me to apologize—to Murder, Inc. 

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7 Responses to An Apology

  • “….the National Crime Syndicate. Organized crime needed a mechanism…”

    Today, it’s called the two party system in Washington….

  • Worse than Murder Inc. & the Aztec Holy Man of centuries ago.

    To their respective God’s they rip and tare the flesh out of the intended sacrificial human victim. The heart still beating, the Holy men rejoice in their craft. The power to take human life…it’s as if they themselves are God.
    The God of the newly liberated woman who worship burden free lifestyle, has participated in a human sacrifice not unlike the Aztec of old. The God is themselves. “Who is like unto God?” ….and St. Michael cleared the Heaven of the unfaithful self absorbed. He is about to go to work again on the Gods of this world.

    Prayers for conversion are needed!

  • 7. Murder Inc. had inferior tastes for alcoholic beverages and automobiles. “Worse than” attempts to personify classy erudite upscale values (OK, this is an expansion on #5, but I couldn’t resist)

  • The biggest issue is that Planned Parenthood’s killing is approved by the state. So what would stop a new organization, say Happy Living, Inc., allowing folks or their guardians to simply terminate themselves or those who didn’t meet certain standards, e.g., inconvenience. This is happening now mostly in a sub rosa sort of way.

    I think we are experiencing more of holocaust than Murder, Inc.

  • Michael Dowd said; “I think we are experiencing more of holocaust than Murder, Inc.”

    Agreed. A wider scope for one thing. This new holocaust encompasses multiple layers of victims who are systematically exterminated under the false banner of mercy.
    A Nazi dream come true.

    If Hell has an entrance, it is the progressive liberial. A welcoming committee that is as sinister as it is demonic. Guess what?
    Hell is unleashed on earth. Look at its mascot… Hillary Clinton. She can’t wait to do the bidding for her Father. He is laughing and smiling as countless minions sign on board to live the nightmare.

    If reincarnation was a reality, we are seeing Margaret Sanger in Hillary Clinton. Something Hillary would be proud of. Religions must change their beliefs, said the devil at a meeting of abortion supporters not long ago.
    She is popular. She is the entrance to Hell.

  • dear Don Mc.- I’m pleased but not surprised your blog readership is so much larger now than then. Quality attracts.While not wanting to appear patronizing but constantly amazed at the diversity and depth of your interests, you are correct i think in revising the moniker for Sangers legacy. Where as murder inc. killed crooks,miscreants etc.,, Planned P/hd [ ugh!] kills only innocent, helpless vulnerable humans with taxpayer support and haunts some of their mothers for eternity. big difference. And so many defenders among the learned! Murder Inc. was called out for what it was by an alert press and citizenry.
    not withstanding Matt 11: 25, or luke 10:21- i ask for opinion, perhaps rhetorically, why does [would] mother church allow bidens, pelosi’s, kennedy’s,durbans, Gilibrands, etc etc,…. to continue to parade as filia et filiae??
    I’m so honored we are among the ‘little ones’, but with that comes a responsibility to respond and proact. As you have done, very well. thank you!! Enjoy what remains of vacation and your annual ‘Geek’ round up
    Ad multos annos,

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One Response to North America: 240 Years in Four Minutes

  • It is amazing how few changes were due to conflict. The majority of changes were simply due to the adoption of new flags, land purchases, or voluntary mergers (such as Newfoundland into Canada).

    The one complaint I have is the inconsistency of de facto control versus de jure. Greenland gets the U.S. flag during WW2, as does Cuba in 1906-08 and Haiti in 1915-34. None of these occupations were a change of legal sovereignty. Moreover, similar occupations of Nicaragua by the U.S. (1912-33), Guatemala by the U.S. (1920), eastern Greenland by Nazi Germany (intermittently in 1942-44), and the United States by Great Britain (Northwest Territory 1783-1815) are not depicted.

Sex Devoid of Love

Sunday, July 26, AD 2015



Sex might have been, from our point of view, quite innocent. It might have been merely one more mode in which a stronger self preyed upon a weaker-as it is, indeed, among the spiders where the bride concludes her nuptials by eating her groom. But in the humans the Enemy has gratuitously associated affection between the parties with sexual desire. He has also made the offspring dependent on the parents and given the parents an impulse to support it-thus producing the Family, which is like the organism, only worse; for the members are more distinct, yet also united in a more conscious and responsible way. The whole thing, in fact, turns out to be simply one more device for dragging in Love.


CS Lewis, The Screwtape Letters


Moira Greyland, the daughter of the late fantasy author Marion Zimmer Bradley, has some chilling observations of growing up in a home where both her parents sexually abused her:

… My observation of my father and mother’s actual belief is this: since everyone is naturally gay, it is the straight establishment that makes everyone hung up and therefore limited.  Sex early will make people willing to have sex with everyone, which will bring about the utopia while eliminating homophobia and helping people become “who they really are.” It will also destroy the hated nuclear family with its paternalism, sexism, ageism (yes, for pedophiles, that is a thing) and all other “isms.”  If enough children are sexualized young enough, gayness will suddenly be “normal” and accepted by everyone, and the old fashioned notions about fidelity will vanish.  As sex is integrated as a natural part of every single relationship, the barriers between people will vanish, and the utopia will appear, as “straight culture” goes the way of the dinosaur.  As my mother used to say: “Children are brainwashed into believing they don’t want sex.”

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15 Responses to Sex Devoid of Love

Vacation 2015

Sunday, July 26, AD 2015


  Come Sail Away sung by the Chipmunks.  (I know, that was evil of me.)


I am on vacation beginning today with my family until August 2.  My internet connection in the coming week will range from intermittent to non-existent.  I will have posts for each day I am away on the blog, but if something momentous occurs, for example:  Elvis is discovered working at a Big Boy’s in Tulsa, the Pope issues a Bull against blogging as a complete waste of time, or Obama reveals that Area 51 does contain aliens and Joe Biden has accidentally started an intergalactic war with them, I trust that this post will explain why I am not discussing it.

We will begin up in Kenosha, Wisconsin with a visit to my bride’s mother.  We have been doing this since the birth of the twins and it has always been a fun family gathering.  Our new dog will be meeting her new cat so that will probably liven up the proceedings.


My bride, I and our 23 year old and 20 year old “kids” will be taking off for the Gen Con Convention in Indianapolis, a pilgrimage the McClarey clan makes each year to renew our uber-Geek creds.  If any of you are close to Indianapolis and you have never attended, it is worth a drive to see tens of thousands of role players, board gamers and computer gamers in Congress assembled.  If nothing else you will go home reassured as to how comparatively normal you are.  Last year’s attendance was in excess of 56,000 and there are multitudes of gaming related events.

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July 26, 1945: Prompt and Utter Destruction

Sunday, July 26, AD 2015

At the Potsdam Conference on July 26, 1945, the governments of the United States, Great Britain and China announced their terms of surrender for Japan.  The key points of the Declaration:

1.  Any occupation of Japan would be temporary until a democratic, peaceful, government was established and firmly in control, and the other goals of the occupation had been achieved.

2.  Japan, by trade, would have access to overseas raw materials and food.

3.  Japanese military forces would be disarmed and allowed to return to their homes.  Japan was to be deprived of any war making capability.

4.  Japan would consist of the Home Islands and such other minor islands as determined by the Allies.

5.  Stern justice would be meted out to Japanese war criminals.

6.  The Japanese were warned that the terms would not be deviated from and that failure of Japan to immediately surrender would result in prompt and immediate destruction.  Here is the text of the Declaration:

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20 Responses to July 26, 1945: Prompt and Utter Destruction

  • Your tax dollars are being provided to PP to fund the harvest and sales of slaughtered-baby parts.
    But 3,2,1 . . . KABOOM! The libiCath loony-bin explodes with “Damn America!” b/c of 70-years ago 30,000 feet over Hiroshima.
    So it goes.

  • The Court has made atheism, abortion and sodomy of “We, the people” . Japan made war and got war.
    60,000,000 soul have not been destroyed, only moved. Have you seen Cecile Richard’s face decompose before your very eyes and see the death. Have you seen the EVIL on Obama’s face? Obama looks like the madman he is.

  • especially when he (Obama) wants something he cannot get. It is a sight to behold, if you entertain horror movies.

  • No wonder the war continued; no one could accept those terms.

  • You have to be kidding. The terms were generous considering the atrocities routinely perpetrated by the Japanese.

  • It isn’t just the libCaths. Read a copy of the Remnant. You will read that Truman was a dirty, filthy Mason who purposely set off the Bomb over a Catholic Church in Hiroshima to senselessly murder innocent people when Japan was virtually defeated and defenseless.

    The Tokyo firebombings killed more people than Little Boy or Fat Man. Japan had millions under arms in Manchuria who were willing to fight until Stalin sent the Red Army – the one force the Japanese were terrified of – to smash them to pieces. Forgotten were the atrocities committed by the Japanese military and government. Some of them were committed against the Catholic Filipino population. Selective outrage, as much as it is painful to admit, does not rest only with the CathLeft.

  • While living in the Philippines 25 years ago, I toured Corregidor Island and its Malinta tunnels. Read numerous books on the Death March of Japanese occupation, life in the POW camps and the sufferings of the local population. The Japanese army was cruel wherever it went. The Aussie and Dutch soldiers dying in the pig baskets in then Dutch Indonesia, Singapore, China…. My father-in-law was an army doctor who cared for the liberated military and citizens from Santo Tomas prison camp. He reluctantly came to visit us with my mother-in-law but would not speak of his experiences there.

  • No wonder the war continued; no one could accept those terms.

    The war continued for an additional 38 days.

  • WWII in the East finally ended the centuries old “bushido” mindset where man’s dignity and value was reduced to winning. They killed and desecrated the bodies of their own captured soldier in Bataan, while the West, infused with Christian values, saw dignity in the will to die to save a fellow warrior.
    Out of evil, God brings good–even if some of us miss it.

  • That was then. Then, we were fighting bushido, emperor-worship, and Japanese imperialism. Now, we are fighting jihad, Muhammad, and sharia. We warred with these devils from December 7, 1941 to August 1945.
    This is now. Christendom has been at war with these Muslim devils since 637 AD.

    John Quincy Adams:
    “The fundamental doctrine of the Christian religion is the extirpation of hatred from the human heart. It forbids the exercise of it, even towards enemies. […]”

    “The natural hatred of the Mussulmen towards the infidels is in just accordance with the precepts of the Koran. [..]”

    “In the 7th century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab … spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth. … He declared undistinguishing and exterminating war as a part of his religion. … The essence of his doctrine was violence and lust, to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature.”
    Peace and justice: The jihadi merit prompt and utter destruction. It won’t happen before January 2017.

  • These terms fail the basic rule of leaving your opponent an honorable way out. The cultural tone deafness of these terms made it impossible for Japan to accept.

    Item 6 implicitly threatens the Imperial line, which reaches back to the 6th century at least, and is something that transcends normal Japanese politics. Not even during the Sengoku Jidai period was the continuation of the Chrysanthemum Throne threatened.

    Items 7 & 11 has the entire Japanese military completely and permanently dismantled. That is a bitter pill for any nation to swallow, but doubly so for one whose cultural narrative is steeped in martial tradition as was theirs. Would the USA ever accept such terms?

    Item 10 betrays the some Enlightenment naivete that our current foreign policy is suffering from in the Middle East; namely that our opponents can be just like us and that “free and open elections” are the key to peace. Nevermind the fact that such things have no natural habitation in these cultures.

    It literally took the total incineration of every man, woman, and child in two cities with the threat of more to come in order for these sort of terms to be accepted. Moral high ground or no, if you back your opponent into a corner with no honorable retreat, they will desperately fight to the end. Potsdam was a diplomatic failure on the part of the Allies.

  • These terms fail the basic rule of leaving your opponent an honorable way out.

    Whose ‘rule’ would that be? Your complaint is trivial. They had no other options at that point, nor were the options disagreeable given that they were an abjectly defeated enemy.

  • Baron Korf;
    I seems to me that they bought the terms and quite clearly they worked. Unfortunately, even after two cities were incinerated they still refused to surrender, training their small children to fight invaders until death (as in Saipan)

    If the “Rape of Nanking” , the Bataan Death March, and the unmarked Prison ships, represents the glorious “Imperial line” then I’m not sure eliminating it at all costs was so evil.

    One could make a fairly good argument about the firebombing of Tokyo (those paper houses) and the many innocent lives lost. But then there was Dresden and other atrocities that became part of the war….which we never started, never asked for, but were drawn into for our survival against the “Master Race” and “Bushido honor.”

  • Baron Korf,

    Such evil cannot be offered condition or deference.

    Basically the same terms, unconditional surrender, were imposed on Nazi Germany. Both regimes’ uber-evil actions and raison d’etre left no room for “conditions.”

    John Toland wrote, The Rising Sun, a book on WWII Pacific from the Japanese viewpoint. If I remember the same militarists that pushed the war, were intent (even to the point of a military coup) to fight it out if necessary to the death of every man, woman and child.

  • Art Deco: It is a rule of human nature, if you want an opponent to accept your terms you have to make them bearable. They had two options before them: fight or surrender. The fighting meant death, surrender meant unbearable shame. To use language an American would understand “Give me liberty or give me death.” The values are different but the concept is the same.

    Don L: America’s survival was not dependent on the dropping of the bomb or a land invasion of Japan. It was quite clear at this point that they could, at best, defend their home from invasion. The Emperor agreed to the terms of surrender when we made it clear to him that a handful of US bombers could wipe out all life on the island, and he put himself at risk by doing so.

    T. Shaw: These are humans, not demons. They must be dealt with as such. Dismissing them as evil is to excuse all military excess and deadens the conscience. Diplomacy with Imperial Japan cannot be compared to that with Nazi Germany. Their history, culture, and relationship to the Allies are completely different. Different tactics are required. Making peace is harder than making war.

    If the Allies had truly sought peace and not absolute victory, they could’ve achieved it. Potsdam shows they wanted the latter, and their subsequent actions show they were willing to do whatever it took to get that victory.

  • Art Deco: It is a rule of human nature,

    It is nothing of the kind. It’s origin is your rear end.

  • Baron Korf, you are obviously a smart guy. Rebutting smart people when they are obviously wrong usually takes a tome. I’ll do my best to avoid writing one.

    Your rebuttal to Art Deco fails because the only honorable way out for the Japanese militarists was the status quo ante bellum. The only “give” the Allies had to give in the eyes of the militarists would have negated the Allied war effort.

    Your rebuttal to Don L is a non-sequitur. Don was posting on the fanaticism of the militarists and you turn it into a screed on “America’s survival”. Ironically the only linkage between the two would have been if the militarists survived in power after the war and got nuclear weapons themselves.

    Your rebuttal to T. Shaw is flawed because some Japanese were demons. Not literally, of course, but the atrocious actions of many during the conflict hardened the hearts of their opponents and brought about a level of callousness not seen in the European theater. It is unfortunate and certainly no excuse, but anti-Japanese prejudices were largely the result of Japanese actions.

    Finally you wrote “If the Allies had truly sought peace and not absolute victory, they could’ve achieved it.” Sorry, but a comparative study of the outcomes of the two world wars shows that real peace usually comes from absolute victory coupled with magnanimity. Your peace with Japan would have been just another 20 year truce.

  • I have to ask what were the “bearable” terms of surrender that God laid to the Egyptians in the Red Sea?

    In view of the mass suicides by Japanese civilians at Saipan, (13,00-22,000 est.) surrender of any type was not a “bearable” situation–something they might have considered before they loosed their oriental style blitzkrieg war on the Indio-Pacific world and the West.

    The same Emperor (that ignored Hiroshima and Nagasaki for far too long) ordered* those civilians to commit suicide rather than be taken alive. (*disputed but evidence is quite strong)
    You’re right about Japan being different “humans” than Germany. The deaths of American POWs in Japan was (at least 3 times(?) that of the Nazi rate. The atrocities they committed on their own captured soldiers for being caught and dishonoring them cannot be printed in most family media.

  • Sorry, but a comparative study of the outcomes of the two world wars shows that real peace usually comes from absolute victory coupled with magnanimity. Your peace with Japan would have been just another 20 year truce.

    Aside from the fact that his counter-factual is a fantasy.

  • Yes, Art, but fantasies don’t die on their own. Only reality can wear them down.

PopeWatch: Comment

Saturday, July 25, AD 2015



From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Days after a sting operation caught on video showed a top Planned Parenthood official casually discussing the shipment of aborted fetus body parts to research labs around the country, many in the world are still somehow shocked that a corporation that makes hundreds of millions of dollars for dismembering helpless babies and scaring vulnerable girls has been involved in unethical practices.

“Well I think there’s been a kind of misrepresentation of the conversation that took place in the transcript in the conversation in the video that they have,” House Minority Leader said. “I believe it’s very clear that Planned Parenthood organization does not engage in fetal organ trafficking. That would be unethical and immoral. Planned Parenthood has a moral right to dismember babies, but they do not have the right to traffic them. I think that’s a point made pretty clear in the teachings of the Church fathers.”

The Planned Parenthood President issued a statement yesterday saying, “Our top priority is the compassionate care that we provide while killing babies after scaring the living crap out of their vulnerable mothers. In the video, one of our staff members speaks in a way that does not reflect that compassion. She’s correct in everything she says, but her tone was incorrect. I personally apologize for that. On a side note, how are people shocked right now? Seriously, what could lead anyone to believe we’d not do something like this?

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14 Responses to PopeWatch: Comment

  • So, when is Planned Profitshood going to issue its IPO? Lamborghinis don’t grow on trees, after all.

  • I really can’t find any humor in this. Of course, the silence from the USCCB and the Holy See is not surprising.

  • We can thank God they’re not doing this with real live puppies or worse–chimps and whales.

  • “…that’s a point made pretty clear in the teachings of the Church fathers.”

    The idea that politics can be separated from religion just doesn’t hold water. Ther is one truth about who we really are personally and corporately based on who we are to and with God.

  • In the masterfully produced movie, Schindler’s List, the scene that should haunt abortionists, pro-aborts and politician’s, is the pathway created by tombstones. The walk to their, the murderers, destination at the end of days will be a very long and exhausting walk. As their heads are no longer to be supported by their necks, these souls walking to their eternal home will be walking on the sacred tombstones of what we’re nameless victims of the holocaust know as Abortion.

    The walk will seem endless as they see the names of the children they helped to kill.

    Each step seems impossible. The realization sets in. It’s too late. They didn’t seek forgiveness, rather they boasted and spoke proudly of their Rights.
    Now, unable to look up, they read each name of over 59 million dead…..a long walk.
    A walk of shame.

  • Oskar Schindler and YOU.

    Over six thousand descendants of Schindler’s Jews might not have been born if it wasn’t for the courageous act of one man standing up in the face of evil… One man.

    Keep this in mind while you contemplate going to P.P. to pray the rosary for an hour.
    You are nothing, but you and God are an unequaled force that can not be broken or conquered. You and God together can bring about the dismantling of forces of evil.
    Together nothing is impossible especially in the fight for LIFE.

    One man and God!

  • “Over six thousand descendants of Schindler’s Jews might not have been born…. ”

    So true and mind boggling. What is even more mind-boggling is the diabolical dichotomy of those many lives saved and the present UN agenda of population control via global climate change.
    But then, maybe the climate hasn’t changed much at all–just the methodologies?

  • Kill them before they’re born. That is one method to solve the jobless youth problem. similarly, look the other way when they solve the lonely geezers through death panels and morphine drips.

  • No, wait!
    Francis who?

  • “But then, maybe the climate hasn’t changed much after all, just the methodologies?”
    -Don L.


  • “Planned Parenthood has a moral right to dismember babies, but they do not have the right to traffic them. I think that’s a point made pretty clear in the teachings of the Church fathers.” Ah, the wisdom of Nancy Pelosi – “… a moral right to dismember babies…”. Makes me sick!

  • Bill P.

    Nancy Pelosi teaching the wisdom of the Church Father’s???
    She refrained from telling us which Church!
    The Satanic Church is filled to the brim with inspiring female politicians just chomping at the bit to teach. Way to Go Nancy.
    An inspiration to all future murderers.
    What a chump.

  • Hope Pope Watch posted the final comment following Eye of the Tiber’s article at EOTT’s site. It is a great addition to the original post.

  • Planned Parenthood is a good example of the cruel
    and barbaric effect of Marxist feminism on American
    women.and the American family. Of course the clergy
    are too terrified to discuss the immoral cruelties
    of Marxist feminism with the laity.

    Buchanan suggests America and the West are
    descending into a new Dark Age.