I’m Not the One Feeling Embarrassed Right Now

Monday, August 22, AD 2011

John Yoo has written a post on the Corner titled “Qaddafi’s Fall Should Embarrass GOP Isolationists” that is equivalent in style to a drunken Eagles fan at Giants New Meadowlands Stadium doing a celebratory victory dance after an Eli Manning pick six has given the Eagles a 7-6 lead two minutes into the second quarter.  Sure you have something to celebrate, but you might want to take a look at the clock and also mind your surroundings.

The stunning collapse of the Libyan regime today should be counted as a half-victory for President Obama, a rebuke to the GOP’s new isolationist wing in the House, and a testament to the responsible leadership of such Senate Republicans as Jon Kyl and Mitch McConnell.

One should understand that by isolationist Yoo means anyone who has ever opposed US military intervention at anytime, anywhere.  Presumably included in this list are people who supported military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, a list that includes most House and Senate Republicans, the editorial staffs of most conservative publications, and a majority of conservative voters.  Alas we balked at a poorly thought out intervention in Libya, one which involved no clear ally or American interest, and which also involved a Chief Executive blithely ignoring that pesky little thing called Congress.

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8 Responses to I’m Not the One Feeling Embarrassed Right Now

  • ???

    He didn’t get permission for it, he swore he’d get out of there far quicker, he announced we were out of it a long time ago…how does this reflect well on him?

  • I am delighted that the Butcher of Lockerbie may be dead and is certainly out of power. I supported Obama in this, if little else. Having said that, only a fool commits American military force in a non-emergency situation without Congressional authorization. Now let us pray that we do not get involved in protracted nation building in Libya and a probable nasty guerilla war. Our goal is now met as far as I am concerned. If other nations like France and Italy wish to take on that task, have at it. Libya is too far removed from American interests to justify more than what we have done. Most Libyan oil goes to Europe and Libya is in their backyard. Time for Europe to show us how this can be done properly. I will enjoy the show! If the successor regime proves troublesome to us, our bombers and missiles can find their way back, I am sure.

  • Agreed.

    Glad he’s gone, hope something worse doesn’t come in, how about the EU get off their duffs and actually do something– we’ll even sell them the gear, I bet, since they apparently have major issues doing basic operations.

  • Being a neocon means never having to say sorry. Should the Libyan adventure lead to another failed sharia state as it likely will, Yoo can always protest that it was carried out with the best intentions.

  • Can I rethink my opposition to trying Yoo as a war criminal?

  • And I’m sure all of you were saying the same thing when US tanks were rolling into Baghdad, right?

  • Third paragraph of this post, if you skip the block quotes.

  • RR, when U.S. tanks were rolling into Baghdad the sitting president who gave the order had no problem naming the U.S. national security interest at stake. In contrast, can you list the specific “national-security interests” to which Mr. Yoo is referring regarding Libya? Think twice before you answer, RR, because Obama himself, supposedly a constitutional scholar and lawyer, is reluctant to admit that he’s making war on the nation of Libya. You will recall the Obama Administrations’s employment of Orwellian circumlocutions such as “kinectic action” in order to deny that Obama is employing what Mr. Yoo calls “war powers”.

    Mr. Yoo’s attempt to scold his betters is amusing – he wants to blast Obama’s political opponents for criticizing that which Obama strives mightily to avoid admitting.