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  • Impaling Obamacare on ridicule may be the only thing they understand and the only thing that may work.

  • Getting a shut down on the video.. “This video is private.”

    Oh well.

    Sebelius might have been the preverbal “last straw” according to Catholic radio host Al Kresta. Today he reported that a formal request to remove “Catholic” from Georgetown University identity will be delivered to the Vatican. It seems the latest slap in the face of good practicing Catholics at Georgetown was when they honored K. Sebelius recently.
    A well documented complaint spanning twenty three years of abuses that appose Catholic teaching is making its way to Rome.
    TAC. Please inquire.

  • May 21st 2012 you did report William Blatty complaint regarding Georgetown.
    I apologize for not looking in your archive sooner.

  • I posted a new version of the video which links to watch it on Youtube.