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Wednesday, January 25, AD 2017


The sendoff of Saturday Night Live to the worst President of my lifetime, which is about to stretch back 60 years.  It is sort of precious, the Obama kids all grown up:



Too bad kids that he doubled the National debt, now at an eye-popping twenty-trillion dollars, presided over a growth-less economy and weakened the US around the globe.  Challenges for your generation to address, or not.   Life is a big learning curve, and if you take anything from the Obama years take this:  reality is not amenable to change by political slogans and wishful thinking, and a lot of people in politics are always ready to sell, at a very high price indeed, magic beans to gullible buyers.

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  • Ben Franklin, “Admiration is the daughter of ignorance.”

    Obama wins the Crowd Size Competition. But, Bush and Nixon had higher average approval ratings than Obama’s 47.9%.

  • Hitler’s Youth had to sing or die in the ovens.(“Sir” means father. Obama did nothing to father our nation. Obama ignored our Founding Fathers.)

  • Was the SNL song meant to mock Obama Worship? Or was it real? I’ve heard both, and nobody seem to know for sure.

  • It’s a disservice to America to believe that there was any form whatsoever of positive race relations ushered in by the first black president. To Sir with Love must be looked upon as a slap in his kisser and a boot in his ass as he trips out the White House.

    Thanks be to God this imposter is toast.

  • I agree with Dave Griffey– it’s hard to tell if SNL is snarky or serious here. I suppose Georg
    Lichtenberg’s aphorism applies best: “A book is a mirror: if an ape looks into it, you can’t
    expect an Apostle to look out”. If someone watching SNL is so blind that they refuse to see
    the damage Obama’s administration has done over the past eight years– to his own party,
    to the rule of law, to world stability, to this nation’s economic and military well-being, and
    to race relations in this country– then when that person looks at this SNL skit, he’s likely
    going to be oblivious to the irony of it all.

  • Clinton.
    Great observation.

  • “Was the SNL song meant to mock Obama Worship? Or was it real?”

    Who knows? SNL in the past has not been noted for being subtle.

  • Somewhere around 10,000,000 babies never got to see, hug or kiss their fathers during Obama’s “rule” [yes-he did refer to his presidency in a public speech in 2008 of his WH time as “under my rule”] because they were killed by their mommys in their mommys’ warm wombs. Ironically, about half of them were black and brown-and each one of them descended from a freed slave had infinitely more African-American blood than Obama, because he had none, being half white and half ArabAmerican. Guy McClung, San Antonio TX

  • The Obama Kids Music Video is more than creepy. It’s frightening, almost idolatry, and puts one in mind of Communist China.

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  • Impaling Obamacare on ridicule may be the only thing they understand and the only thing that may work.

  • Getting a shut down on the video.. “This video is private.”

    Oh well.

    Sebelius might have been the preverbal “last straw” according to Catholic radio host Al Kresta. Today he reported that a formal request to remove “Catholic” from Georgetown University identity will be delivered to the Vatican. It seems the latest slap in the face of good practicing Catholics at Georgetown was when they honored K. Sebelius recently.
    A well documented complaint spanning twenty three years of abuses that appose Catholic teaching is making its way to Rome.
    TAC. Please inquire.

  • May 21st 2012 you did report William Blatty complaint regarding Georgetown.
    I apologize for not looking in your archive sooner.

  • I posted a new version of the video which links to watch it on Youtube.