Quotes Suitable for Framing: Glenn Reynolds

Saturday, September 12, AD 2015

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  • Normal.
    Let’s see.
    Two men sleeping together…
    Two women sleeping together…
    Killing the baby in the womb….
    Cheating to get what you desire…
    Making up new rules because the old ones interfere with your plans and desires…

    Yes. Your right. Normal is when something normal doesn’t take place.

    God help us.

  • Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

    This is known as “bad luck.”

    Robert A. Heinlein, Notebooks of Lazarus Long, Time Enough for Love

  • Philip –
    A friend put two statistics together and has been annoying all and sundry with it….

    A minimum of 3-4% of the current population of school aged children are being homeschooled, defined as having zero classes from professional educators either public or private, not accounting for those whose homeschooling parent is a professional educator; it has been growing rather quickly as laws and policies preventing it go away, and resources make it easier, and schools become worse. If you included all students who get the majority of their education at home, even if you disqualify those who use a professionally lead program like k12.com , it’s going to be much higher.

    A maximum of 3-4% of the population have some form of same sex attraction.

    Which of these gets portrayed as “normal”?

    Some states keep no statistics and require no declaration of intent to homeschool; I know that several Washington state school districts are reporting inaccurate information, because on the Washington Homeschool Organization facebook page was blowing up with people going something like:
    “wait, my school on this list says that there’s only one student in their district that’s homeschooling– I’ve got three, and Mary down the road and James across the way both have two or three, and I’m almost positive they’re also in our district. Did they just forget to count the Declaration forms? Two of mine are over eight, but one of them goes in for Band class, is that it?” Nobody ever got a decent answer about why the was so screwy, though.

  • Foxfier asks; “Which of these gets portrayed as normal.”

    Great observations!

    The “count” of course is going to as accurate as ACORN counts ballots… but the interesting punch is the media hype, public push and indoctrination of the 3-4% is on the increase and for good reason. My good friend’s Matt & Jenny have homeschooled honor students that speak fluent Latin, perform quality masterpieces via musical instruments, and are committed to chastity until marriage… Yep…the un-normal.

    God love ’em! I do. They are the next soul to transform a soul-less culture.

    Thanks for the interesting data.

  • Oops. Sorry Foxfier.
    Just pulled a 14 hr. shift.
    The push to normalize the behavior of disordered members of society is alarming and offensive. Because of this “new normal” we see the popularity of homeschooled children. I had accidentally deleted a sentence in prior post.

    Normal is frightening!

Science Fakers

Thursday, May 21, AD 2015


Law Professor Elizabeth Foley nails it at Instapundit:

THEY’RE NOT SCIENCE DENIERS, THEY’RE SCIENCE FAKERS: What is it about progressives and their manipulation of scientific data?  It’s not just global warming climate change; now it’s social science on gay marriage.

According to the study, people from communities hostile to gay marriage could have their opinions shift dramatically after spending just a few minutes speaking with a gay person who canvassed their neighborhood promoting gay marriage. . . .

The study, among other things, lent support to the notion that those opposed to gay marriage simply don’t know or interact with open homosexuals. More broadly, it was seen as an important development in the science of how people can be convinced to change their minds on ideologically-charged issues.

The study began to fall apart when students at the University of California at Berkeley sought to conduct additional research building off of it, only to find major irregularities in how its research was apparently conducted. . . . 

Donald Green, a professor at Columbia University and a co-author of the paper, made the decision to retract it after having a confrontation with co-author Michael LaCour, a graduate student at UCLA. While LaCour maintained that he hadn’t fabricated the data, he was also unable to produce the original source files supposedly used to produce it. When he failed to write-up a retraction, Green took the initiative and did so himself.

Guess some folks think they can fake it ’til they make it.  Or maybe it’s just Alinsky’s “the ends justify the means.

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  • “social” science has always been a politicized swamp,

    No, there are conscientiously conducted studies and there is junk work. The real problem would be the questions which are not asked because there is too much uniformity in defining what constitutes a worthy questions.

    What’s odd about this is that the perpetrator stands accused of inventing a piece of survey research out of whole cloth and his accusers are other social researchers who have co-authored pieces with this fellow LaCour’s co-author. LaCour’s co-author has repudiated the paper.

  • “No, there are conscientiously conducted studies and there is junk work.”

    Margaret Meade comes to mind as a patron saint of modern anthropology:


    Outright fakery is at the very core of most “social” sciences.

  • Dr. Sheldon Cooper comments on the so-called “social sciences,” in general, and this issue, in particular, “This is why I have no respect for the field.”

    Seriously, behavioral or post-modern academics/journalism/scholarship consist of credentialed cretins deriving conclusions based on ideology and not fact/logic. It relies on anecdotes and stereotypes incorporated in mental emotional filters to misrepresent and misunderstand data, events, and facts. In fact, the academy is venal. Its purpose is to advance the ideology/narrative and provide continual propaganda for charlatans such as Clinton and Obama, and for the progressive program. Behavioral academics/scholarship seamlessly imbeds fabrications into facts. In it, all reading is arbitrary and personal. A theory cannot be proved only disproven. Behavioral academics invent facts, deny/ignore errors, display arrogance and execrate anybody providing opposing evidence. For those liars, truth, facts, realities, and history do not exist. They are clay in their hands. They use them to make a point, to do good as they see it. And whatever they need to twist or omit is justified by their purity of intentions – and they always have the purest of intentions.

  • Donald R. McClarey provided a link to Freeman’s paper, and his conclusions about Mead’s work are pretty damning. Her work is discredited as fakery or unbelievable incompetence.

  • Deleted your last comment Art. Try again without the personal insult. I include in “social” sciences: anthropology, sociology, political science and parts of economics. I await with eager anticipation your defense of these citadels of unbiased, factual and objective science.

  • “Social Science” puts me in mind of “Socialist Reality”.

  • William P Walsh wrote what I was thinking.
    If men were the automatons that behaviorists claim they are, the behaviorist psychologists could not have invented the amazing nonsense called “behaviorist psychology.” So they are wrong from scratch–as clever and as wrong as phlogiston chemists.
    Notebooks of Lazarus Long in Time Enough for Love by the late Robert Anson Heinlein

  • Michel Foucault was surely right, when he observed that the objective features of a phenomenon so little constrain the ways it is classified and theorized that these features can be disregarded in trying to understand why a particular classification system or scientific theory has been adopted.

  • Cut out all that tainted grant (and other) politicized money and watch this “crisis” go down faster than the Hindenburg.

    These erratic eco-scientists would have Christ arrested for trying to crush a mountain with the weight of people when he gave His “Sermon on the Mount”

  • Big problem with social sciences is figuring out an objective measurement– and a way to distance yourself from the data enough to interpret it. People are complicated.
    There’s the additional problem of when it’s licit to do experiments at all.

  • Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen was a Social Scientist: verdict conclusion first, trial evidence after.
    I say that as a historian who preferred the humanities to social science. Probably why I failed to prosper in academe, at least in part.

  • It is worth remembering that Sociology was founded by Auguste Comte and has always reflected his belief that “For the human mind, each branch of our knowledge is necessarily required to pass successively, in its progress, through three different theoretical states” In the “theological state,” the human mind explained phenomena by “supernatural agents” and by arbitrary wills conceived in the image of man. In the “metaphysical state,” it explained them by abstract entities and hidden causes (“abstract forces inhering in bodies, but distinct and heterogeneous”). In the “positive state,” it does not seek to explain them, it observes them as facts and unifies them by laws, and so makes itself capable of rational prediction (it restricts itself to “considering them as subjected to a certain number of invariable natural laws which are nothing else than the general expression of the relations observed in their development”).

    Comte insisted that sociology, and science in general, seeks nothing but laws or invariable relations between phenomena, whereas metaphysics seeks causes. Science asks only the question “how” without ever asking the question “why” and rises above simple empirical observation only in order to foresee facts or phenomena in a deductive manner. For him, the paradigm of a scientific law is a differential equation, describing, not the causal relationship between phenomena, but the functional relationship between variables.

  • Auguste Comte, the French buffoon who started the Religion of Humanity:


    More on this intellectual charlatan:


  • Donald R. McClarey wrote, “Auguste Comte, the French buffoon who started the Religion of Humanity:” – The very same.
    His Religion of Humanity was aptly described by Thomas Huxley as “Catholicism without Christianity.” Jacques Maritain has pointed out that this project only seemed feasible because, “It is a fact that at Comte’s time a noticeable part of the French bourgeoisie had already inaugurated this kind of Catholicism. If Comte could dream of founding an atheistic Catholicism, it was because the class in question had among its most solid members a number of practical atheists, more or less brought up by Voltaire and Béranger. They called themselves Catholic, though in all their principles of conduct they denied God, Christ and the Gospel, and upheld religion for merely temporal and political reasons — preserving social order and prosperity in business, consolidating their economic power, and keeping the lower classes in obedience by means of a virtuous rigor sanctioned from on high. The existence of this type of so-called Catholics made the idea of creating an atheist version of Catholicism less impossible; at the same time, the sort of inconsistency and hypocrisy which affected them was for the founder of positivism an incitement to endeavour to regenerate them. The religion of humanity was, so to say, a reply to their negativeness. It told them: Admit what you are — and instead of adoring God with your lips without really believing in Him, and instead of being socially useless, because you despise the commandment given to you to love each other, adore the Great Being which is made known to you by sociology, and make yourselves useful by serving it with that atheistic love which is called altruism.

    Such an appeal was bound to remain unheard, because no matter what love and devotedness one spoke of, this was precisely what the persons thus addressed did not want at any cost; besides, they had no desire to deprive themselves of the slim chance offered to them by a Christian death, in case the priests were prating more than fairy tales.”

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Victims of Communism Day: Instapundit

Friday, May 1, AD 2015




“The worst catastrophe in China’s history, and one of the worst anywhere, was the Great Famine of 1958 to 1962, and to this day the ruling Communist Party has not fully acknowledged the degree to which it was a direct result of the forcible herding of villagers into communes under the ‘Great Leap Forward’ that Mao Zedong launched in 1958. To this day, the party attempts to cover up the disaster, usually by blaming the weather. Yet detailed records of the horror exist in the party’s own national and local archives. . . . Starvation was the punishment of first resort. As report after report shows, food was distributed by the spoonful according to merit and used to force people to obey the party. One inspector in Sichuan wrote that “commune members too sick to work are deprived of food. It hastens their death.”

Socialism starves. Capitalism enriches. It’s been proven over and over again. But remember: Communism is about “human dignity.” See:

In all, the records I studied suggest that the Great Leap Forward was responsible for at least 45 million deaths.

Between 2 and 3 million of these victims were tortured to death or summarily executed, often for the slightest infraction. People accused of not working hard enough were hung and beaten; sometimes they were bound and thrown into ponds. Punishments for the least violations included mutilation and forcing people to eat excrement.

Communists are as bad as Nazis, and their defenders and apologists are as bad as Nazis’ defenders, but far more common. When you meet them, show them no respect. They’re evil, stupid, and dishonest. They should not enjoy the consequences of their behavior.

Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit


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  • Good comparative graphics.
    Is there one for abortion and/or abortafacient contraception to put beside them ?

  • That chart of death is too short on both sides. Nazism deserves another row, and communism at least three more and possibly four. One issue is the Soviet deaths in WW2: do we count them under Nazism due to the German invasion, under Communism due to the inept and uncaring Soviet human wave tactics, or do we perhaps double count them?

Barack Obama is Unfit to be President

Saturday, September 15, AD 2012

The Obama administration continues to show complete contempt for American liberties.

In the wake of the Benghazi and Cairo debacles, and the administration being caught completely flat-footed in regard to these coordinated assaults on our embassies, the Obama administration has acted to attempt to escape any responsibility.

First, they have had their lickspittle media friends blame Romney for speaking out.  Ah yes, Romney attacking the craven statement of the Cairo embassy is the chief problem and not minor issues like the Middle East going up in flames and the Obama administration being completely clueless as to what to do.

Second, the State Department is refusing to take questions, from those few members of the media who still occasionally act like reporters instead of unpaid Obama press agents, until their investigation is complete.  The Good Lord knows how long that would take, but I would wager Wednesday November 7, 2012.

Third, the administration is still attempting to claim that these attacks are the result of the film attacking Mohammed.  Of course that was merely the pretext for the attacks.  The administration knows this, but its policy of appeasement of jihadists would be in jeopardy if they admitted that the silly film had virtually nothing to do with these revenge attacks on the anniversary of 9-11.

Fourth, when one is seeking to evade responsibility having a nice fat scapegoat is very convenient.  Thus we have the maker of the film, who is on probation for a bank fraud conviction, being taken into custody for questioning as to his alleged violation of the terms of his probation.  The alleged violation is for using a computer not connected with his work.  Of course the administration cares not a fig about that.  It wants jihadists abroad and Americans at home to see that Obama is getting tough with this fellow who stirred up all the trouble.  (Ignore all those jihadists!  It is all the fault of this guy!)  That this tramples over the man’s First Amendment rights is of absolutely no concern.  The Administration might wish to eventually haul in this fellow’s co-conspirators:  John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison and all the other Founding Fathers who gave us the freedom that Obama is seeking to shred.

Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, speaks for me in reaction to this:

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  • Let us pray for strength in the face of this assault on First Amendment Freedoms and unalienable rights.

  • I have been cognizant of the totalitarian situation since January 2009.

  • yes pray. And what else to do? Run the course until November? There could be a lot more go wrong before then.

  • The Dept. of Justice under E. Holder: Is that who administrates the Sheriffs?

  • He was brought in for questioning by Federal probation officers PM, and you are correct that they would be under Eric Holder’s (sic) Justice Department.

  • I don’t get it. I don’t see how anyone favorable to this administration could possibly think that hauling this guy in for questioning would play well with the American public. What am I missing?

  • Hmmm. It was the movie.

    9/11 was this passing week when solemn memorials and Masses were held.

    Also, around 9/11, the American flag was burned in Cairo, Ambassador Stevens and three others were murdered in a US Embassy , and other events and threats ( not so well reported ) occurred. Violence in the Middle East and serious threats in other countries around the world and here in the US with evacuations in Texas and another western state university, almost at Valparaiso in Indiana all close to the anniversary of 9/11. Not the movie.

    Something about a good movie to do with 2016, and then using a not-too-good movie that’s been around awhile for another cheap trick on the world comes to mind.

    The probation violator needed five or more officers to show – what – how big stopping the cause of this trouble in the world is. Wrong guy, Chicago style.

  • Slightly off topic – See there were riots in Sydney Australia yesterday for the same reason – the film.
    But the rioters who were asked about the film had never seen it. They were stirred up by their radical clerics. There is a photo of a 10yr. old kid holding a sign “Behead all who insult the prophet”, and many of the muslim protesters were yelling out anti-christian slogans.
    The Aussies in general will be highly p—-d off by this, and are already demanding the end of” multiculturalism and diversity” (gag 🙁 ), and the deportation of extreme muslims. Just hope our government takes notice of these events, and acts accordingly while we have only a very small muslim population.

  • On Tuesday, 9/11, there was a memorial Mass where I saw tears, solemnity, and, before the recessional, we prayed for our nation and for peace in all nations among men.

    The front pew was reserved for family of a person who lost life on 9/11/01. A recent widow of a veteran and Knight of Columbus left her pew in tears so she wouldn’t disturb the Mass. People, many unknown to one another, were quietly together.

    With not much acknowlegment of similar purpose from their president.

  • Kissing up to Muslims is a complete waste of time. If it is not this it will be something about a Qeeran in a toilet, or a mute Christian blaspheming their alleged prophet. One has to ignore these motivated Muslim concerns in theit totality. On the other hand nemesis has strange ways of working out. As Lawrence Auster indicates only a year ago the disgusting woman Hillary, was celebrating the brutal death of Gaddafi who made the mistake of giving up his nuclear program. I see some benefit accruing to the beleaguered Christians and Allawites in Syria from this, as all but the brain-dead left understands that the Muslims do not share your values.

  • Barry doesn’t have time to meet the Israeli PM Netanyahu, whose nation is in line to be nuked by Iran.

    The leader of the choom gang has lots of time to go “live” on the radio with FL radio star, “the Pimp with a Limp.”

    The filmmaker of the “Innocence of Muslims” is hauled in for questioning and Soetoro’s unofficial campaign apparatus (the lying, liberal so-called media) says nothing about the First Amendment. That is Freedom of Speech, Obama-worshiping imbeciles.

  • Yes, and according to a wonderfully written article on another website, it is no less than the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago which is responsible for launching Obama’s career? After watching selections of the Democrat National Convention, with its parade of virulent anti-Catholic Catholics, flaunting their belief in abortion, contraception, gay marriage and every other excommunicable offense, followed by deafening silence from the “Catholic” (yeah, whatever!) leadership, we must conclude the American Catholic church is in full-on schism. I continue to believe it is time to purge the membership, reduce the ranks to only those who actually profess the faith. By allowing the pollution of Catholicism by such unholy, satanic forces is destroying the faith of many. I will not be answering to my God for that.

  • Slightly off topic – See there were riots in Sydney Australia yesterday for the same reason – the film.

    The published commentary of Australia’s politicians was rote and insipid and both newspapers and broadcasting outlets appear to have disabled commentary by their readers.

    None of the Australian chapter of the international regime class at the top of the heap of every occidental country bothered to point out the lunacy of a violent protests in downtown Sydney over a Youtube video posted by a random individual living in California. What could possibly be the point of such a ‘protest’ other than ‘hear me roar’. If that is the point, the proper response is ‘go roar elsewhere’. It is not in the interest of any country to be importing masses of people whose vanguard are given to effrontery and efforts at intimidation. For the current foreign minister of Australia the issue is “the damage to Australia’s multicultural reputation” or some such, to which the response is to tell his diplomatic and consular staff to redouble their efforts bridge the gaps blah blah. Maybe one day Australia and other countries will have a set of public officials who actually give a rip about the peasants whose taxes pay their salaries.

  • Chicago style!? Gestapo style fits better.
    Holder & Goring (Hermann) could become synonymous. As our Freedoms are dissolved in a wash of Obamaclean I can’t help seeing Obama in Germany in 08′ giving his heroic speech in the infamous site. Hold on America, it isn’t over yet.

  • My biggest fear is that Obumbler will be reelected. Obumbler openly insulted Pennsylvania in 2008 with his “bitter clinger” remarks. His Misadministration has made an enemy of coal and wants to shut down every coal fired power plant. Next, the EPA will go after fracking. Gasoline is approaching $4 a gallon and is loikely more than that (suburban Philadelphia, I guess you love abortion and gay marriage so much that you would vote for Obumber if gas was $6 a gallon). Allegheny County would vote Democrat if Satan, Stalin or Hitler ran as a Democrat.

  • “Maybe one day Australia and other countries will have a set of public officials who actually give a rip about the peasants whose taxes pay their salaries.”

    My ladyfriend just called me and told me that she is afraid to fly to Medugorjie this Thursday. When the tourist profits dry up, the public officials will notice.

  • From facebook-
    who knew “buy this or the cute and fluffy animal gets it!” gag would be the basis for some folks’ foreign policy, or that claiming the guy that shot the cute defenseless animal when his demands weren’t met was somehow not at fault, while those who didn’t comply to his unjust demands were?

  • That photograph should cost Obama the election.

    If it doesn’t, it will say more about the living, breathing trash that comprises the American electorate than it does about the dull and illogical incumbent running America into the dirt.

  • “The Good Lord knows how long that would take, but I would wager Wednesday November 7, 2012.”

    Or the twelfth of never.

  • Only fasting and prayer will drive out this demon. And a daily rosary. Lord, have mercy on your people who put their trust in you.

  • “it is no less than the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago which is responsible for launching Obama’s career”

    Could you provide some further explanation?

  • John 14: 8: If God is all you have, you have all you need.

  • Elaine,

    There is nothing too absurd that it can’t be posted on the internet. If Obama wasn’t a useful cog in the Chicago machine, any other quality good or bad would have counted for nothing. Obama himself credited Rev Wright for giving him street cred so let’s leave it at that. He doesn’t cling to guns or religion does he?

  • Further to Don the Kiwi’s remarks about the demonstrations in Sydney, there were reports of a demonstration outside the American Embassy in Paris on Saturday.

    Now, Saturday was the Feast of the Seven Dolors and Monteverdi’s Vespers of the BVM was sung at the Madeleine that evening. The church is only a few hundred metres from the embassy and I noticed an American official I know slightly in the congregation. Afterwards, he and his friends walked down the rue Royale and turned right into the av. Gabriel, where the embassy is. There were no signs of any special security precautions and, yet, if the television reports were to be believed, Paris was in a state of siege.

  • County sheriffs aren’t under the auspice or jusrisdiction of the DJ. They are county officials, all deputized and hired by the County Sheriff who is most usually elected. He/She may answer to a County Council or other duly elected civil authority, but is not bound to follow orders from any Federal authority, including the AG or anybody in the Dept of Justice.

    The only reason I bring this up is because there is a nascent effort whereby Sheriffs around the country have closed ranks and said that they will oppose all Federal intrusion into thier counties that is of questionable Constitutional merit. Of course, the Lamestream Media have breathed not a whit of this and won’t until it can find an incident that it can spin into a negative.

    More on that effort here.

  • “County sheriffs aren’t under the auspice or jusrisdiction of the DJ”

    Yep, which means that the Sheriff of Los Angeles County made the decision to pick the film maker up for the Feds.


  • They warned us that if we voted for McCain/Palin Americans would be jailed for criticizing religion.

    And, they were correct.

  • Meanwhile, Obama’s vile, idiot occupy movement is playing its game down around Wall Street.

  • Don’t under estimate the demonic power behind Obama and I say this will all seriousness. Everything about this guy defies logic and commonsense. The fact that almost half the country still supports demonstrates the power of this delusion. Non-stop prayer, especially the rosary will be the only thing that defeats him. With that said, I still feel in my heart that on election night, we will be down on our knees giving thanks to God for pulling out a very close race.

  • Siobhan says “we will be down on our knees giving thanks to God for pulling out a very close race”

    Obama won’t lose a very close race. Just saying. And if it’s a few votes more than he and his team can “overcome”, the country is still on the downward path. Romney is not the Man of Steel and the Repubs would be blocked at every turn. It better be decisive in spite of Romney and the Repubs efforts to lose.

  • “County sheriffs aren’t under the auspice or jusrisdiction of the DJ”

    …unless Obama says so
    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.
    -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.
    -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

  • I think some of you need to take a pill.

  • Agreed Art. Sheesh, some of you people are turning Obama into an arch fiend with the power of Lucifer behind him. He is an average politician from Chicago, who could deliver a good speech, and who lucked into the White House. He has been a disaster as President and the odds are that he will be looking for a new job come January. Rasmussen is the pollster to keep your eye on for the most accurate reflection as to the current state of the race.

  • Who, Art D., needs to take a pill, and what kind of pill?

    People are very concerned about the fate of the Republic, the possibility that Obama will be re-elected, and the impact that will have inevitably on freedom of religion in the public square. The very fact that a man like Obama could have been elected in the first place in very scary and points to something very fundamentally wrong in society.

    Perhaps when Jeremiah was going to confront the King, he should first have taken a pill and thereby avoided being thrown into the cistern. Perhaps he shouldn’t have walked into the King’s Court wearing that yoke. Perhaps he should not have said, “Thus saith the Lord God…” Personally, I thank God for the people at this forum (like Mary DV and T. Shaw and others) who are unafraid to say, “Thus saith the Lord God…” I say if anyone deserves a pill, it is the Obumbler. Perhaps he is already on drugs. His pagan adulators certainly seem to be.

  • Paul Primavera this reminds me of the homily yesterday by my pastor Rev. Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute fame. He said “thus saith the Lord God… and I tend to agree with Him.” This is the mental state of our dear leader. He has all the original ideas. And his ideas are the only ones that count.

  • Well, Mr. Paul, how’s this:

    Don’t under estimate the demonic power behind Obama and I say this will all seriousness

    And if it’s a few votes more than he and his team can “overcome”, the country is still on the downward path.

    Under the previous administration, the accusatory commentary crossed into lunatic’s territory. We do not need to repeat that. The institutional culture of the Democratic Party is quite bad enough as it is. I do not think that Obama adds much to that. The man’s a cipher.

  • I second what Art and Don have said. Barack Obama is a terrible president, and deserves much of the criticism thrown at him. But we don’t need to intimate that he is somehow evil or demonic.

  • Okay, I re-read my post and I didn’t mean to sound like a drama queen. I’m just very concern about this election because this election will say so much about who we are as a people. I also maintain the position that anyone who promotes abortion, sodomy, the complete disregard for the rule of law, etc., like Obama is evil. What else do you call it?

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  • We know him by his works. They can be characterized in no uncertain terms: destruction.

    There are few jobs because they don’t care about jobs. Slaves are easier to control. The regime cares about income redistribution and power. Either that or they’re utterly incompetent because in August, 197,000 American got new food stamps entitlements and 79,000 got new jobs.

    And, constant lies to camouflage the abject failure of Obama’s appeasement/foreign policy. The regime insults our intelligence by contending that a YouTube (the savages don’t have toilets, much less laptops) caused the coordinated, long-planned al Qaeda attack, and murders of four Americans, on the Libyan Embassy.

    Obama never held a real job; and neither will most of your kids.

  • elm says:
    “Paul Primavera this reminds me of the homily yesterday by my pastor Rev. Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute fame.”
    elm, you are truly blessed.

    Paul W. Primavera: one Holy Rosary…right now.

  • Yes Ma’m, Mary De Voe! I read and obey! Am flat on my back in bed with my injured leg immobilized, so instead of TV, a Rosary is most appropriate. I shall pray for our Republic.

  • •Elaine Krewer says:
    “it is no less than the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago which is responsible for launching Obama’s career”
    Could you provide some further explanation?

    On EWTN World Over, Raymond Aroyo told that the Bishops’ Campaign For Human Development funded ACORN and thirty or so abortion groups, listing the groups. The Bishops’ Campaign for Human Development funded community organizations and organizers including Obama.

  • Paul: When I pass away, I have asked God to let me say the Rosary forever. I, too, said the Rosary. Take care of yourself. So sorry to hear you are invalid.

  • don’t be afraid to say it, the devil is active and has more influence on some people than on others. the warfare is spiritual.
    the people we can more readily identify with the angels may be more hidden from view, but they are here.

  • Rather than saying Obama is a cipher, it’s better to say that he reflects in his attitudes and statements what his supporters have believed for many years. He doesn’t add any new thought but neither does he subtract anything or question any of their beliefs. If Obama were singular in his unfitness he would not matter. He and his supporters mean to win no matter what. What’s going in Wisconsin is emblematic of their approach. Any belief that they can be stopped by a victory here or there is not facing facts. It will take a long term concerted effort to have any chance of success.

  • “The Bishops’ Campaign for Human Development funded community organizations and organizers including Obama.”

    The Catholic Campaign for Human Development was established by the USCC, which includes all U.S. bishops and its establishment would have to have been approved by a majority vote of all bishops (not just the Archbishop of Chicago). Moreover, since the campaign funds so many different organizations the amount of funding that it provides to any single organization is probably fairly small (though not insignificant, and still problematic). If ACORN’s sole source of funds was CCHD, I doubt that it would have survived. To say that the Archdiocese of Chicago “launched Obama’s career” because its parishioners contributed to CCHD collections is a bit of a stretch.