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Tuesday, April 30, AD 2013

Obama's Military


There is an old saying in the military:  once is an accident;  twice is carelessness;  third time is enemy action.  Faithful readers of this blog will recall this post here about an Army briefing which labeled Christians, including Catholics, as extremists.  Another incident has arisen this week.

An officer at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where my brother was stationed when he was an Armor officer in the Army, recently sent out a 14 page e-mail to subordinates which makes for interesting reading.  Here is the e-mail from Lieutenant Colonel Jack Rich:

Subject: Domestic “Hate Groups” (UNCLASSIFIED)
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO
Many events have been taking place across the country – just want to ensure everyone is somewhat educated on some of the groups out there that do not share our Army Values.
When we see behaviors that are inconsistent with Army Values – don’t just walk by – do the right thing and address the concern before it becomes a problem.
We need to make sure that we maintain our standards – starting with reception and integration.

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20 Responses to Army Values

  • He’s simply prepping them to shoot American citizens.

  • A Christian in the military today is like a Jew in the SS.

  • This is surreal.
    For Greater Glory, last years release of the true story of the Cristeros, is a wake up call for True Christians in America.
    One of the tag lines in the movie trailer asks this poignant question; “What price would you pay for freedom?”

    When we see the govt. swoop in to abolish our freedom of speech, our freedom to worship and our freedom to bear arms will you be ready to answer the question…at what price?

    I pray we are ready.

  • How disappointing but not supprising. It appears everyone except ones that hold no convictions are hate groups. Tepid water.

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  • So much for the claims that there was no problem in the repeal of DADT. Just a simple equality issue. The floodgates have been opened.

  • A 14 page email? Really? I work with Colonels every day, and I can’t imagine any of them *reading* anything that long let alone writing it. But maybe this was something crafted by one of the PowerPoint warriors at HQ, and it’s just being passed along.

    Sadly, much of the military is now on board with the dominant culture. Institutionally, its instincts are not as conservative as one might expect.

  • If this continues, then though God forbid we will be defeated in battle and what happened to King Manasseh may yet happen to President Obama. God does not change. God does the same thing in the same way because God does the right thing in the right way. And God will punish those who defy Him.

    I shall never ever accept a homosexual or abortive culture of sickening sexual depravity and murder. Never ever.

  • Hosea long ago gave us the best commentary on the Obama administration:

    “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.”

  • Those Sovereigns sound fun.

  • Unbelievable!
    This guy is a colonel? What do his fellow officers say?
    If this sort of crap infects the US military, they’re stuffed (along with the rest of us).
    Obama said he will “fundamentally change the United States of America”.
    He is doing exactly that, and the US is on its way to being the Roman Empire revisited.

  • The Fox News opinion piece “Pentagon: Religious Proselytizing is Not Permitted” adds something to this post I think. This is disturbing.

    My wife remarked that one can see Satan’s game plan clearly at this juncture. I think she is onto something.

    When I was a kid (1970s and 1980s) we talked about bad people but the things that were “bad” then are normal and OK now. We are a people without a compass.

    Satan has latched onto the perfect formula: your adherence to the Truth is oppressive and you cannot do that in public. Unless you remain quiet, you will be silenced, drummed out, destroyed. It is the State’s concern for the “oppressed” that trumps your freedom of conscience and speech.

    It is comical that the forces seeking this oppression don’t see their own doom in the architecture they raise. It will assuredly destroy them as it does us.

    America doesn’t deserve God’s Grace and we are seeing His withdrawal of Providence. When His back is fully turned to us, we shall surely suffer.

  • What a load of crap that email is.

  • P promiscuous
    R ridiculous
    I insidious
    D demoralized
    E evil

    Thirty days of gay pride and more!!

    Two events come to mind. One named Katrina. The other named Isaac.
    August 29th. Seven years to the day these two hurricanes hit New Orleans. Coincidental that the raunchy ( Southern Decadence pride fest ) was to begin on the same date?

    Sodom and Gomorrah revisited.

  • oh my. I am reading this on May Day..
    and all I can do is ask St Joseph for help. Help us Saint Joseph!
    On May Day.I remember the Kremlin used to have their military parades to frighten the world and we put up Saint Joseph to go against the Communists. I ask him to protect us today lest we will ALL reap that whirlwind

  • In your Catholic Extremist post, Donald, you said:
    To do otherwise is to simply cede [the military] to the Left…

    To which I responded:

    “I regret to inform you Donald that has already happened in large measure. The political correctness that has run amok in the military with the repeal of DADT (I favor the pre-DADT outright ban on homosexuals in the military myself), forcing male soldiers to go through the day with a strap-on bun-in-the-oven (you know you are getting old if you ever heard that phrase) as an empathy exercise, and women in combat will garuntee our demise if this is not only staved but reversed. Of course, let us not forget Gen. Casey (who was Army Joint Chief at the time I believe) being more worried about “diversity” in the wake Ft. Hood terrorist attack than he was about the fact that it was…well…a terrorist attack. I regret pointing out that the opposition of the GOP leadership on these matters has been practically, if not theoretically, non-existent.”

    I think this latest post proves what I said right in spades. The fact that most conservative do not see how this poses a lehtal threat to military readiness and by extension, national security is beyond astonishing. When you even have someone like Don Rumsfeld, as good a SecDef as we ever had, saying, that the time has come to allow open homsexuals in the military is even more astonishing.

    If my Detroit Public School educated brain can understand how obvious it it how allowing homsexuals to serve in the military when you consider how important the forming of non-sexual bonds is to unit cohesion and how having openly homosexuals living in berthing compartments aboard Navy ships (which is like living in a locker room) is a grave threat to the military, I don’t see how people who are supposed to be much smarter than me don’t get that. But apparently they don’t. Or could it be they lack the political nads to understand that and act accordingly. I suspect it is the latter. And their weakness as well as the left’s aggressiveness will reap the whirlwind!

  • So what implications does this have for Catholic chaplains in the military?

  • One of constant struggle so long as the Obama administration is in office.

  • “One of constant struggle so long as the Obama administration is in office.”

    This problem actually predates Obama. But it has been significantly ratcheted up under his administration. And that cancer will continue to metastasize long after Obama is gone unless a repulibican who has the intestinal fortitude to give the hard push back t will need to begin to reverse it. However, given the present crop of GOP leadership, even among the conservatives, I am not too optimistic about the future.

6 Responses to John Cleese, Benjamin Franklin, CS Lewis and Extremism

  • John Cleese, Ben Franklin, C.S. Lewis and the idea of extreme moderation:
    There’s something in this at the end of the day, after the great initial morning amusement of the three pieces. I would like the sound of saying that I am a Moderate and have that political affiliation – as John Cleese(!) said moderates are on the end of both sides, wise old Ben Franklin called himself an extreme one (was that after the electricity?), and Screwtape railed at diversion to values higher than the self. America could have candidates for election appealing to Moderates for whom truth, justice, prudent fiscal management, and virtues (value of ideas beyond civilized rhetoric) exceed agendas of special interests.

  • These days, moderation as a political philosophy isn’t going to work in our society. What we call “conservatism” and “liberalism” prescind from views of human nature that involve radically differing assumptions and are mutually incompatible. Trying to build a “moderate” political philosophy is like trying to construct a building using two different floorplans. You might end up with a building, but it’s not likely to be very stable nor very useful.

  • You raise a good point, Jonathan. The liberal and conservative labels are just that; labels. I’m reminded here of how words don’t really have fixed meanings. And the meanings ascribed to them change, too. I prefer to think in terms of biblical categories. One question I might ask is “What ought we to do in light of Scripture?” Or “What would Jesus do?” assuming we of course take into account our place within the narrative of God.

  • Incidentally, I’d like to raise another idea that Lewis bequethed. The “eternal now” which he used ot describe God’s vantage point in relation to us. Lewis spoke of God as beyond time. It’s as though everything is simultaneous to him. That ought to be of great assistance to those who’ve spent their time problematizing the paradox of God’s sovereignty and our free-will. I would recommend Dr. Richard Land to anyone who’s interested in that application.

  • Moderation in all things, except charity and virtue.

  • 8/18 11:40 – “These days, moderation as a political philosophy isn’t going to work in our society. What we call “conservatism” and “liberalism” prescind from views of human nature that involve radically differing assumptions and are mutually incompatible.”

    Politics have pretty well brought our society beyond the realm of possibilities for moderate activity due to prescinding. How many zeroes in trillion? How can politicians redefine life and God’s place in ours? Moderate charity and moderate virtue led to this outrageous state of affairs, not moderate lawmakers. I guess I was impressed by the graphics of moderates (having a common outlook set apart from the caricatures) in the John Cleese clip, and especially by Ben Franklin happily proclaiming himself an extreme moderate at the time to the ‘boys’ from Massachusetts for what they accomplished.

    A return to being a civilization enriched by holy values, rather than impoverished by outlawing them is due. Extremely civilized debating in government circles minus the bad joking could accomplish something for this nation.

Andrew Klavan on Extremists

Thursday, October 21, AD 2010

In a nation where 40% of the population identify as conservatives, it is hilarious that we have what is laughingly referred to as the mainstream media which tilts overwhelmingly to the left, and purports to determine which candidates are “moderate” and which are “mainstream”.  However, in the age of the internet, the power of the mainstream media is a diminishing asset, especially when such examples as NPR firing liberal Juan Williams for stating that he is nervous on a plane when he sees passengers in traditional muslim garbindicate clearly who the intolerant extremists truly are.

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