Yawn, Trump Wins Electoral College

Tuesday, December 20, AD 2016


The attempt, predictably, to generate an Electoral College revolt against Donald Trump failed miserably yesterday.  The College met around the nation on Monday and Clinton suffered the defection of five faithless electors to two for Trump.  Here is the tally:  304 for Trump, 227 for Clinton, three for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and one each for Sanders, Paul, Kasich, and Faith Spotted Eagle (yeah, you read that last one correctly).  Now the deranged Left can spend their time coming up with cloud kukooland schemes as to how the Republican Congress will fail to certify the Electoral College votes and Trump will thus be denied the Presidency.  Leftist special snow flakes simply do not inhabit the same frame of reality the rest of us occupy.

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7 Responses to Yawn, Trump Wins Electoral College

  • Failure to accept reality is a sign of madness. Let’s just hope they keep it up which will guarantee they will never win again. These guys need a paradigm shift very badly.

  • The god of liberalism is Caesar. But who is Caesar changes. When liberals get a Caesar whom they don’t like, their god becomes their demon. This is fitting. Trump will remember who opposed him and will respond in kind. He has already said that his favorite Bible verse is the one about an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I believe he was being honest. The IRS investigations into conservative non-profit organizations under Obama will pale in comparison. Again, how fitting. Snow flakes will not just melt but be vaporized into wisps steam.

  • . The morning briefing from the nytimes in my email didn’t mention that Clinton had more defectors ( lib doing briefing) but their longer article today did with the granular detail I like about their data reporting and ( about their recipes). Trump related stocks have been stalled for a week around this electoral thing I suspect. We’ll see today if the banks continue upward since futures on Bank of America are positive this AM….though they can be a delusion many mornings.

  • Big banks today are up double the market rise….that is the result of this electoral worry being over on Wall St.

  • Had I been an elector pledged to Hilary, I would have not only changed my vote to Trump, but encouraged all my colleagues to do so as well in express repudiation of the crybullies trying to game the system. Let a unanimous vote for Trump be a cold slap to sore losers.
    Hey idiots, we have a day you make your voices heard. It’s called ELECTION DAY and you go VOTE. It was funny to see Mark’s last gasp of hope die.

  • “A sense of humor is a Saving Grace” – my mother – Cecile Anzlyne said that.

  • I went to the neighborhood Chipotle today, and was reminded what a difference 8 short months makes: remember when the Queen-Elect and her head female drone Huma showed up as though British royalty incognito and sending the NY Times crew into a frenzy of excitement?


    And now Ozymandias lies in the dust.

Liberal Celebrities and the Electoral College

Friday, December 16, AD 2016


Fresh off their success of convincing their fellow citizens to elect Hillary Clinton President of these United States, Hollywood celebrities are attempting to convince Republican members of the Electoral College to betray the people of their states and not vote for Donald Trump when the Electoral College meets on December 19.  This is hilarious for several reasons:

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A Short-Sighted Maneuver by PA Legislators

Wednesday, September 14, AD 2011

There is an effort underfoot in the Pennsylvania legislature to change the way the state awards its electoral votes.

PA Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi wants to allot Pennsylvania’s electoral college votes on a congressional district by district basis, rather than the current system of winner take all.

In a state like Pennsylvania, where Democratic candidates for President have won every election since 1988, it could be a way for Republicans to avoid a total loss.

For a number of reasons, I think this is a bad move.

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5 Responses to A Short-Sighted Maneuver by PA Legislators

  • Democrats hate the electoral college so even if splitting it puts a Republican in the White House the outrage over the change would be somewhat subdued.

  • Yes, both wings of the Democrat party – their left wing and their far-left wing – hate the Electoral College. So, if a state splits its distribution of Electoral College seats between the slates of two candidates and that puts a Republican in the White House you can bet that Democrats everywhere will be as mad as Wisconsin Democrats. Their screaming, name-calling and use of any excuse to bash the Electoral College will go on for years. It’ll be the trigger of the Democrats’ second “Selected, Not Elected” intifada.

  • further eroding the purpose of the electoral college.

    The Electoral College is a convention. It has no purpose.

  • Another post on this topic on NRO by Tara Ross. She brings up a good point.

    Looking beyond Pennsylvania, national adoption of the district system could change the focus of presidential campaigns in negative ways. Instead of “swing states,” we’d have “swing districts.” This could unfortunately encourage the federal government to become even more entangled in purely local matters.

    Pennsylvania legislators should not implement a congressional district system based purely on partisan considerations. Perhaps they believe that NPV advocates have their own partisan reasons. The does not make such motivations any less unwise. Every state can make its own assessments on these matters and should make its own decision. But Pennsylvania legislators will serve their constituents — and their country — best if they remember to honestly assess what would serve their state, rather than their political party.

  • This could unfortunately encourage the federal government to become even more entangled in purely local matters.

    It would be pleasant if she would provide for her readers the intermediate steps in this particular chain of reasoning.