Unborn Lives Don’t Matter at DePaul

Thursday, October 20, AD 2016



I couldn’t ask for a better demonstration of the fact that the Catholic Left is basically the same as the Secular Left in this country:

While “Black Lives Matter” posters hang on DePaul administrative office windows, President Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider has banned College Republicans from hanging their “Unborn Lives Matter” posters on campus, despite the school being the largest Catholic university in the United States, allegedly backing the Catholic tenet (and science) that life begins at conception. According to the university president, these three words are rooted in “bigotry” and might “provoke” other students. 


As relayed by College Republicans Vice President John Minster to The Daily Wire, the conservative group designed the “Unborn Lives Matter” poster to promote their pro-life views and their meeting times. Following standard protocol, the group then submitted their design for approval prior to hanging them up around campus. In a disturbing twist, the “controversial” pro-life posters were pushed all the way to President Holtschneider, who declared that he would prohibit them in order to shield his students from “bigotry” under the “cove of free speech.”

Yes, the word “bigotry” was just used to describe pro-life posters by the president of America’s largest Catholic university.

In an act Minster categorized as an exercise in “shaming” College Republicans, Holtschneider sent out a signed letter to the entire campus on Friday to address what he deemed to be  unacceptable pro-life poster. 

“By our nature, we are committed to developing arguments and exploring important issues that can be steeped in controversy and, oftentimes, emotion,” Holtschneider nonsensically claims, two sentences before banning “controversial” speech. “Yet there will be times when some forms of speech challenge our grounding in Catholic and Vincentian values. When that happens, you will see us refuse to allow members of our community to be subjected to bigotry that occurs under the cover of free speech.”

“In fact, you have seen this in past months, as we have declined to host a proposed speaker and asked students to redesign a banner that provokes the Black Lives Matter movement,” continued Holtschneider, presumably alluding to the banning of Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro and Breitbart News’ Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking on campus. 

Linking to DePaul’s Guiding Principles on Speech and Expression literature, Holtschneider then asks students to reflect on the following sentence, which seemingly lumps in the pro-life message with speech “inconsistent” with “Catholic values”:

“We accept that there is a distinction between being provocative and being hurtful. Speech whose primary purpose is to wound is inconsistent with our Vincentian and Catholic values.”

Hilariously, Holtschneider maintains that he is not “unfairly censoring” to “appease a crowd.”

“Some people will say that DePaul’s stance unfairly silences speech to appease a crowd. Nothing can be further from the truth,” he states. 

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21 Responses to Unborn Lives Don’t Matter at DePaul

  • Shame! If this doesn’t wake people up to hippocripal stupidity, I don’t know what will. Thank you for posting this, and I think every blogger could do the same!
    UNBORN Lives Matter: should be eveyone’s slogan.

  • A disaffected traditionalist priest of my acquaintance offered this (somewhat nutty) view of the hierarchy: “It’s like the masons; you don’t rise in the organization unless you commit crimes”. That statement looks a great deal less nutty today than it did when he uttered it in 2004. The church-o-cracy and ‘catholic’ academe are largely populated with parasitoid wasps. They’re actually worse than the secular left because they make more use of subterfuge.

  • “. . . parasitoid wasps.” Art, I love you, man!
    No wonder the people are filled with confusion and doubt.
    I haven’t seen a whole bunch of evidence that unborn lives matter at the Vatican, either.
    Today, the choice for Catholics is crystal clear. A vote for Crooked Hillary is a vote for abortion (packed Supreme Court) and oligarchy. The SJW rationales are comparative trivia and FYI unadulterated b*!!$#@+.
    That fetus you want to kill is a gestational human being. It is not a bacterium. It is not an amoeba. It is not a guppy.
    Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning. Those people use it as a guide.

  • The late Clare Booth Luce once quipped to Bishop Fulton Sheen that Hollywood is where Satan sleeps, because he has no more work to do there.
    If she were alive today, I’m quite certain she would have to include many of our once stalwart Catholic colleges in Satan’s ever-growing list of safe resting places for the diabolical, though I suspect they now have moved lower than even that level of degradation and could now be safely called Satanic nurseries.

  • The poster is classified as bigotry.
    Shame on DePaul.

    When Christ asks the 60 million unborn to describe Rev.Holtschnider’s use of the word bigotry in this matter, only one word will sound from them.


  • Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ offered about a dozen years ago the opinion that 55-60% of those he began Jesuit formation with in 1974 had no interest in the faith; they were homosexuals hiding in the tall grass. I do wonder what the deal with the Vincentians is.

  • “I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION” Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, tells us that a sovereign person exists in the womb from conception, that is scientific fertilization, with undeniable DNA.
    Holtschneider denies the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, a dogma proclaimed in 1854. Holtschneider self-excommunicates himself and takes the students with him and our federal tax money., What a liar. What a swindler, What a heretic…No one, not even the devil himself, is free to inflict his heresy on an innocent person. The diploma from depaul is a free pass to hell.

  • Theodore Hessberg is another president of a Catholic college, Notre Dame, who despises the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

  • For the most part, “Catholic” education in the United States is crap, from elementary schools through colleges. I won’t waste a dime of my money on any of it.

  • If the College Republicans at De Paul were smart, they’d slap a picture of a black baby on a black lives matter poster accompanied by the statistic that an average of 1876 black babies are aborted everyday and contrast that with the daily homocide average (whatever that is -—not gonna look it up).
    Then they should step back and watch heads explode.
    Hope they pop enough popcorn.

  • Ernst.

    You da’ man.

    Great idea.

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  • Just imagine what you would do if you were Pope for a day. Automatic excommunication would become instantly operative and the list of offenders would include everyone who did not subscribe to the basic historic doctrine of the Catholic Church and vigorously promulgated it. This would probably result in reducing Church membership by 75% or more. Would this be charitable? Yes, as it gives folks a chance to reform before Christ comes again and makes it permanent.

  • Mr. Dowd, My first thought is that that man would have been expelled from the seminary on day-one.
    Evidently, unborn lives don’t matter with Cdl Dolan and the NY Archdiocese lower-archy. If, in fact, faith and morals mattered to any of them, corrupt, incompetent Hillary would not have been invited to the “Al Smith Dinner.” Obama had her pegged in 2008: see the video tapes.
    When President Trump quipped that HRH Hillary was successfully pretending that she doesn’t hate Catholics, the audience’s pro-abortion, useless liberal tools booed.
    I’m pretty sure you are either an idiot or a despicable person if you would contemplate a vote for Hillary. Odds are that person won’t be getting into Heaven, either.

  • Souls falling into hell are not remembered not even by themselves.

  • “Black Lives Matter” is a colossal non-sequitur, making no sense whatever. High time Catholcs look carefully. what is Catholic enough to spend $30’000 or more annually. Totally chaotic logic.

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Res & Explicatio for A.D. 3-6-2009

Friday, March 6, AD 2009

Salvete AC readers!

Here are today’s Top Picks in the Catholic world:

1. Unlike many bishops in America, Coadjutor Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of  the Archdiocese of Cincinnati prayed the Rosary with other protesters outside an abortion mill on Wednesday, March 4.  Archbishop Schnurr will replace Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk upon his retirement.  Among the protesters came this comment referring to Archbishop Schnurr’s presence:

“It’s tremendous,” Ferraro said of Schnurr’s presence. “He’s the head of the flock. It certainly affirms (the church leadership’s) commitment.”

For the link click on Archbishop Schnurr’s name above or here.

Updated: Archbishop Pilarczk actively leads Rosary prayer vigils in front of abortion mills as well!

2. Doctors who performed and directly assisted in the abortion of twins to a nine year old rape/incest victim have been declared excommunicated by Archbishop Jose Sobrinho of the Archdiocese of Olinda e Recife in Brazil.  The nine year old girl was not excommunicated for many reasons, most likely due to her age.  Where are these bishops in America?  Probably hiding behind the USCCB Faithful Citizenship document thus failing to lead their flocks.

Dr. Ed Peters volunteered his sentiments on this case, “as for the perpetrator of the rape, there isn’t a mine shaft deep enough on this earth for him.”

For the link click on excommunicated above or here.

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8 Responses to Res & Explicatio for A.D. 3-6-2009

  • Got another fave on this Lenten Friday- posted on both Drudge and Lucianne. From St. Lou Post Dispatch. Handwringing about Catholic hospitals and how their administrators- hint, their local bishops- may close facilities rather than assist Dear Leader’s plans for abortions more common than Happy Meals, in event of FOCA becoming law. Poor thing. Libs always overreach when in power. Often in ways that bite them in the schnozz. But fun to read as in one corner of MSM trying to counsel Dear Leader in more discreet judgment on the matter. Oh- like approaching Kathy Silbelius- Friend of Tiller The Killer- as HHS Secretary.

  • It should be noted that Archbishop Pilarczyk has prayed at the same abortion mill, and celebrates Mass for the Cincinnati branch of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants on somewhat regular occasions.

  • Fr. Schnippel,

    That is wonderful news!

    Deo gratias!

    I pray and hope that my good bishop joins us in prayer as well, to lead his flock to victory.

  • It is also worth noting that Bishop Jackels of the Wichita diocese also leads the rosary at least once per year at George Tiller’s abortion facility. We also have a regular first Saturday rosary with priests from various parishes assigned to lead. I believe that three or four parishes are assigned per first Saturday–there are always priests present as well as parishioners. Anyone know of any other diocese with this sort of program?

  • You people really need help. You’re seriously praising Sobrinho for his vicious heavy-handed excommunication? You make me feel ashamed to be a Catholic – isn’t it time you left the Church to take your poison elsewhere?! If you think adopting a brown-nosing attitude to everything many idiot bishops do and say is following the mesage of Christ then you are wrong. Problem is that your in america – you smell the incense and see the ritual and it affects your mind and reason.

  • “You make me feel ashamed to be a Catholic – isn’t it time you left the Church to take your poison elsewhere?!”

    Who can argue with that blinding logic? The Archbishop was absolutely correct. The nine year girl had been through hell, and it was a terrible situation. The doctors killing the twins she was carrying changed none of the evil that was done to her, but merely added two more names to the innocents put to death by abortion.

    The vatican backs the excommunication.

    Maybe you think the Pope should leave the Church?

  • You’re seriously praising Sobrinho for his vicious heavy-handed excommunication?

    And why not? These doctors looked at this unspeakable crime, and proceeded to kill two of the three victims.

    If someone is to be killed as a result of this crime, it should be the rapist-father-grandfather — not the innocent children who resulted from his crime.

  • it’s not really even the bishop who acted here, it was the doctors and parents themselves who excommunicated themselves by virtue of their actions. The bishop simply declared what the universal law of the Church is… those who procure abortion are automatically excommunicated.