Too Political

Tuesday, September 16, AD 2014

I wish I were more surprised by this:

CBS Sports rejected a 30-second ad consisting entirely of a little girl saying the Pledge of Allegiance, telling the sponsor simply that the ad was “too political” to air. 

Windermere Real Estate/Tri-Cities owner Dave Retter says he thought the cute video showing his granddaughter saying the Pledge of Allegiance, shown after the anniversary of 9/11 and before the quintessentially American sport, a rodeo, would be part of the coverage of the Wrangler Champions Challenge rodeo, shown on September 14. Retter’s company was one of two companies sponsoring the broadcast of the rodeo.

The brief ad had no reference to any political party, simply consisting of a little girl with her hand over her heart reciting the pledge recited in schools across the country for decades and the words “…our future” preceding it. Despite the harmless nature and clearly positive intentions of the ad, CBS rejected it on grounds of being “too political.”

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9 Responses to Too Political

  • Sadly, seen on Facebook. A public school somewhere in Amerika banned a US soldier in uniform from bringing his little daughter to school.

    The supply of small-arms ammunition is woefully deficient in view of the need.

  • One is reminded of the comment by Berthold Brecht, after the June 1953 uprising in East Germany. The secretary of the writers union issued a statement that “the people had forfeited the confidence of the government and could only win it back by redoubled efforts.” In response to which, Brecht observed, “Would it not be easier, in that case, for the government to dissolve the people and elect another?”

  • C ommunist
    B roadcast
    S ystem

    Other potential advertisers need to take note. Hit the new red army in accounts receivables.

  • Our minor children no longer know and understand the meaning of the virtues of patriotism, allegiance, loyalty, integrity, decency and honesty, virtues exercised through free will and freedom.
    CBS will not allow people to be exposed to these virtues or to think and decide for themselves.
    Karl Marx is raising up a new subclass of orcs.
    I am glad I do not watch CBS. CBS stands for Columbia Broadcasting System. Columbia stands atop the White House dome and is the personification of freedom and of the U.S.A.
    T Shaw: “The supply of small-arms ammunition is woefully deficient in view of the need.”
    I cannot agree more.

  • “bleep out “under God”” Atheism imposed by orcs. “or prohibit the free exercise thereof.”

  • T. Shaw, I read the news article you’re referring to– a couple of days ago,
    Lieutenant Colonel Sherwood Baker was in uniform while dropping his
    daughter off at her new school in Rochester, Michigan. The school’s security
    guard refused the Army officer admission to the school because the sight
    of the uniform ‘might offend a student’. I believe Lt. Col. Baker appealed to
    other school staff, who reiterated security’s demand…
    (Since the incident, the Rochester Superintendent of Schools has issued a
    public apology to Lt. Col. Baker and his family.)
    It’s curious how the apparatchiks who are so solicitous on the behalf of those
    who “might be offended” never seem to worry about the sensibilities of
    those whose worldview is more on the starboard side? CBS bans video of a
    little girl reciting the Pledge, yet their show Two and a Half Men, (which
    once starred the egregious Charlie Sheen) will apparently be ending it’s run
    with its two male leads marrying each other and adopting a child. Evidently,
    in the new normal, no one could possibly be offended by any of that– no
    one who matters, at least…

  • It’s harvest time.
    Autumn is finding its way to Northern Michigan. The leaves are just about to turn color.
    It’s time for the harvest.

    Weeds in with the wheat.
    No problem.
    The weeds will be separated from the wheat. The harvest master will see to it!
    Enjoy the sun (Son) you wheat!

  • These “sports” outfits are getting WAY too political (left).

  • They weren’t afraid it would offend Someone Else – they are offended themselves. I think some of the America haters just a a visceral reaction the rest of us can’t understand.
    Likewise The president and his friends and family don’t understand our love of America and are afraid of us. Same for Lois Lerner etal

Bias? What Bias?

Sunday, January 29, AD 2012


The bias of most of the main stream media is well known, but a current example by CBS is beyond parody:

Over the years, pro-life activists have come to accept that the media isn’t interested in their annual March for Life in Washington D.C. protesting abortion, even though it routinely attracts hundreds of thousands of people. But this year’s photo slideshow hosted on a local Washington CBS website has activists scratching their heads in disbelief.
 Currently the March for Life slideshow of seven photos features protesters who actually support abortion; none of the photos actually feature pro-life marchers.

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4 Responses to Bias? What Bias?

  • What is this “CBS” of which you speak?

  • For the hollow sound of a little empty laughter.
    C ensorship B y S atan.

  • Wow, PM!!! You sure have got it right CBS is the Voice of Satan. But, hey, nothing to worry about. The Truth is never killed……it always triumphs in the end. They can censor and distort the desire of Americans to do away with Infanticide and respect the sanctity of Life from Conception to Natural Death, but eventually we shall win because we are fighting for God.


Comedy Centrals Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Monday, June 28, AD 2010

Brent Bozell of NewsBusters documented Comedy Central’s attacks on the Catholic in a post this past Saturday that I’m reposting here.

It’s been two months since Comedy Central censored Mohammed out of their cartoon “South Park.” Even the utterance of the name was bleeped. The blog Revolution Muslim quoted the world’s most notorious terrorist as an inspirational figure. “As Osama bin Laden said with regard to the cartoons of Denmark, ‘If there is no check in the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions.’”

But there has been no ceasefire in Comedy Central’s war on Christianity. The attacks on Catholic Americans just keep coming. On “The Daily Show” on June 17, fake correspondent Samantha Bee interviewed two priests and two nuns who are watchdogging Goldman Sachs for a liberal interfaith group.

Jon Stewart started the Catholic-bashing in his introduction: “Sometimes it’s easy to spot the villain in a story. Sometimes it’s not.”

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9 Responses to Comedy Centrals Anti-Catholic Bigotry