Big Bird and Scared Obama

Wednesday, October 10, AD 2012


When a political campaign gets spooked, the campaign often does foolish things.  Attempting to make Big Bird, Big Bird!, an attack vehicle for the Obama campaign has to be the stupidest move I have seen by any campaign this year.  Why is it stupid?   Let us count the ways:

1.  Big Bird Don’t Play That Game-PBS, predictably, has asked that the ad be taken down, and that is becoming the controversy rather than Romney’s vow to take the knife to PBS funding.

2.  Too silly- The attempt to claim that Romney views Big Bird as a bigger threat than white-collar thieves is too ludicrous for words.

3.  Bernie Madoff, Democrat Donor- Starting off with a mug shot of Bernie Madoff was  a laugh, since Madoff has given over two hundred thousand to the Democrats since 1991.

4.  Big Bird is a Big Issue?- With the country having a real unemployment rate, when discouraged former workers are included, of 14 percent, the Obama campaign is wasting time trying to make Big Bird an issue?  Seriously?

5.  The Count Responds- The Big Bird ad allowed the Republicans to fire back using the Count.

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9 Responses to Big Bird and Scared Obama

  • Maybe Nebuchadnezzer will again eat grass like an ox. Daniel chapter 4. PS, my Big Bird is the American Bald Eagle, and I suspect that is true of most patriots in this country.

  • After the rogue’s gallery of greedy capitalist criminals, isn’t that the GM building?

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  • Idiots. It appears none of you know the cost, and certainly not the value, of public television. Politicians are opportunists, Dems and Reps., and will jump at any opening to slam their opponent. That is the way political parties operate. Hurry November.

  • “J.Henson”, thank you for those endarkening comments. The earnings from Big Bird merchandise alone each year could practically substitute for all Federal funding of PBS. What may have made some limited sense in the age of three networks back in the sixties when PBS was created makes absolutely no sense today when most consumers have hundreds of channels at their fingertips.

  • I do not care if PBS has value or not. It simply shouldn’t be funded by either the tax payer or by loans from Red China. If the people who love it so much really want it to continue, then they can finance it. They should put their money where their mouth (or keyboard) is. Let the free market work. But the reality is that they want someone else besides themselves to finance what they want. TANSTAAFL. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

  • Sesame Street nets sufficient cash income so as not to need tax money.

    Most of the progressive propaganda on PBS will die because it’s watched only by minute groups of cranks.

    Anyhow, this whole episode can be summarized in four words: big bird small man.

  • The federal money into Sesame Street pays for the top folks reported on their last 990 form– who supposedly work 50 hours a week and make, um… ten to twenty times more than my husband, who works longer in the Air Force?

    Gotta get us a non-profit job, rather than a job that doesn’t make profit….

  • Most non-profits are a joke when it comes to the salaries of the top elite.