Mid-season NFL Power Rankings

Tuesday, November 8, AD 2011

Now that we’ve reached the mid-point of the NFL’s 2011 season, it seems an opportune time to take a look at where the teams stand.  Looking at the pre-season rankings, I haven’t done too badly.  Some of the teams near the top haven’t been as dominant as I expected, but they’re all still in the playoff mix.  I did drastically underrate the 49ers, Bengals, and Bills.  Also, I kind of screwed up on my Cam Newton is going to be an abject failure prediction.  Yeah, sorry about that.  (Record and pre-seaon rank in parentheses.)

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12 Responses to Mid-season NFL Power Rankings

  • Paul, how do you have the Eagle at 19 and Broncos at 27 when both have same record? Also, where does it say there’s only one way to win a football game and only one style? The wishbone/wildcat/option may be passe but still works when executed properly. Tebow is 3-3 as a starter and is excoriated because the MSM doesn’t like his religious views and otherwise sings from the same hackneyed page about QB play. Given time and with a few more offensive weapons and a better defense, Tim could lead a team to the playoffs.

  • how do you have the Eagle at 19 and Broncos at 27

    The Eagles, as overrated as they are, do have a net point differential in their favor. In other words, they’ve been more impressive in defeat than the Broncos have in victory.

    Tim could lead a team to the playoffs

    I’m sure he could, but unfortunately for him the UFL just disbanded.

    Long story short, he’s the NFL version of David Eckstein, only not as good at the game.

  • Paul,
    Regarding the Bears, I don’t think the Cutler has made you look foolish at all. You simply underestimated how bad his offensive line was last year. It is no great shakes this year either, but it is gradually improving from awful to mediocre, especially in support of the running game. The combination of re-establishing a running game plus some improvement in pass protection (which follows in part from the improvement in the running game) allows Cutler display his skills. The biggest rap on Cutler is his demeanor. He is hard on himself and hard on his teammates, and because he hides neither he is not the poster child for sportsmanship. Fair enough, but neither was Johnny Unitas if you are old enough to recall.
    The Bears are still pretty doggone good on defense and special teams. While I concede a fan’s bias, I expect they’ll be in the thick of things at the end as I predicted.

  • The Giants are right where they want to be just in time for their usual mid-to-late-season meltdown. Fortunately for them, 8-8 or 9-7 is good enough to win the NFC East this year.

    As for the team you have at #16, their biggest claim to fame at this point is that they play across the street from the Texas Rangers.

  • The Giants are right where they want to be just in time for their usual mid-to-late-season meltdown.

    Somebody addressed this on a Giants blog just recently, and this tendency is a tad bit exaggerated.

  • The fact that it’s considered enough of a trend that someone felt the need to address it sorta speaks for itself.

    It’s happened, and it’s happened multiple times, in the Coughlin era. Still, even with a meltdown, the Giants ought to be good enough to win the East.

  • True, but I think it’s one of those things that gets a bit exaggerated, like the fact that Romo is a choker.

    On second thought, that’s pretty much true.

    By the way, how weird is it that the Cowboys are basically the fourth best (read: worst) team in Dallas? Everyone else is doing so well, including the Stars, that the Cowboys are kind of an afterthought.

  • I agree with you. Although you’re right about it being exaggerated like Romo being a “choker” – he’s a choker … except when he’s not. He’s had lots of late-game heroics as well as late-game meltdowns. The Coughlin-era Giants have been the same way – lots of late-season heroics and some late-season meltdowns. But at least they have a Super Bowl ring to show for it, unlike Romo.

    And, yeah, the Cowboys have pretty much become an afterthought. I think they’re still ahead of the Stars in the hearts of the people (although certainly not on the playing surface), but they’ve fallen behind the Rangers and Mavs in terms of popularity. Something I would have never believed could happen when I was a kid. But there it is. I know in my own loyalty rankings I have the Rangers far ahead of everyone else, then the Mavs, then the Cowboys (hockey is a yankee/canuck sport, so who cares?) – again, something I would have NEVER considered a possibility as a kid. But Tony Romo ain’t Roger Staubach; Dez Bryant ain’t Drew Pearson; and Felix Jones ain’t Tony Dorsett.

  • And Jerry Jones sure as hell ain’t Tex Schramm! Until the Cowboys fire the current GM, they’ll never put a consistent winner on the field. Unfortunately, the owner (Jerry) has a vested interest in not firing the GM (again, Jerry).

  • Tony Romo is often the best player for the Cowboys’ O. Other times, he’s the 12th man for the opposing team. Jekyl and Hyde. I agree with Jay… fire Jerry! I do take some solace in that the recent success of the Mavericks and Rangers has to be eating him alive.

  • As long as Danny Snyder owns the Redskins, a 6-10 season is almost inevitable. How they get to 6-10 is the only question, and as you point out, it has been especially entertaining this year after a hugely sucessful preseason and a 3-1 start.

  • Jets will move up a few notches after this weekend. Down with them dreaded Pats!