Canon in D

Saturday, October 15, AD 2016


Something for the weekend.  A nice mild October Saturday after a not uneventful week in the law mines  Time to celebrate with Pachelbel’s Canon in D.  Perhaps the greatest of the middle Baroque composers, Johann Pachelbel enjoyed enormous popularity in his lifetime.  After his death in 1706, with changing fashions in music, he was largely forgotten.  This changed dramatically in 1968 with a recording of Canon D by Jean-Francois Paillard.  Great Art never really ceases to be great Art, it merely slumbers until new audiences appear to appreciate it.

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3 Responses to Canon in D

  • The Trans-Siberian Orchestra always performs this piece at their Christmas concerts.
    It is beautiful but is not two hours long.

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  • Thank you for both of these. I have heard this lovely music through the years and did not know where it came from, who wrote it or even its name. Now I do and I am grateful to you for this new knowledge and for starting my Sunday morning with such beauty.

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Pachelbel Canon in D Major

Saturday, January 9, AD 2010

Something for the weekend.  I just finished a particularly onerous piece of legal work that has been preoccupying me for the past two months.  Time for something mellow, and for me nothing is more mellow than the Canon in D Major by Pachelbel.

Update:  As pointed out by Joe in the combox, for some reason unknown to me the Youtube video has a portrait of Mozart.  Here is a portrait of Pachelbel.

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