A Republican Defeat?

Thursday, October 17, AD 2013



From a conservative Republican perspective there seems to be little good from the outcome of the shutdown fight.  ObamaCare remains funded, and that was the chief goal that concerned most conservative Republicans.  However, sometimes it is a good idea to take a look at an event from the eyes of an adversary.  Here is what things look like to liberal Peter Beinart at The Daily Beast:






Most of the press is missing this because most of the press is covering the current standoff more as politics than policy. If your basic question is “which party is winning?” then it’s easy to see the Republicans as losing, since they’re the ones suffering in the polls. But the partisan balance of power and the ideological balance of power are two completely different things. The Nixon years were terrible for the Democratic Party but quite good for progressive domestic policy. The Clinton years were, in important ways, the reverse. The promise of the Obama presidency was not merely that he’d bring Democrats back to power. It was that he’d usher in the first era of truly progressive public policy in decades. But the survival of Obamacare notwithstanding, Obama’s impending “victory” in the current standoff moves us further away from, not closer to, that goal.


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9 Responses to A Republican Defeat?

  • I think it was Jonah Goldberg who pointed out in a GLoP culture podcast that it seems like every time Obama gets what he wants, it blows up in his face… so maybe what we should be doing is stop fighting him so much.

    Of course, this would all be a lot easier if we could get back to federalism. (that is, let each state be as progressive or conservative as they want, and let everyone move to the state most befitting them)

    And if you’re a leftist about to protest on how this needs to be applied across all states, congrats, that just made you the modern day puritan.

  • The entire “shutdown” was a Democrat stunt. The lapdog Democrat media always blames the doltish Republicans for these shutdowns and gutless Republicans trash real conservatives who want to stand for shrinking government.

    McConnell needs to be primaried out of his job. So does Gramnesty. The dead Strom Thurmond would do a better job in the Senate now than Gramnesty does.

    Going into his sixth year in office – it is only two months away – the Obumbler Tyranny has never passed a budget. Hannity, whom I do not care for, played a radio clip Wednesday afternoon and there were several low information voters – oh, hell, let’s call them dimwits because that is what they are – and they blamed Bush for the current problems. For laughs, I invite everyone to check out the Letters to the Editor of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The levels of stupidity are amazing. I don’t know how some of those people ever figured out how to operate a doorknob.

    I want Obumblercare to blow up in the faces of the Commucrat Party. I want it to stain every Commucrat and every other lemming whoever supported it and that goes for Carol Keenan.

  • Voters vote by their pocket.
    Politicians offer bribes – financial benefit bribes – lower taxes, better social security payments, free this, free that.
    So when the useful idiots realise they are being creamed of their hard earned wages, and for no increased benefit but in many cases reductions, the impact at the ballot box will be significant.

  • Don, your point is a good one, but…..
    there are people in this nation who will never pull a voting lever for anything but a Commucrat, such as 95% of blacks even those who are married with good jobs, homes and kids. Auto workers – Commucrats, even as the Commucrats seek to destroy the auto industry with ridiculous gas mileage requirements. Unionized government workers – they exist to elect Commucrats. Public school teachers – see above.

    The private sector employee whose paycheck is not assaulted by the likes of Richard Trumka – the fat, obnoxious Pittsburgh area native who runs the AFL CIO – likely does not vote for the Commucrats. Stupid young people who are told what to think by modern TV, movies and music (especially single young women), illegal alien Hispanics, blacks, government workers……..tend to be loyal Obumblerbots and Commucrats. Obumbler cobbled them together and got himself elected twice.

    What Obumblercare will likely do is annoy enough young people to stay in Mom’s basement and not to vote for the Commucrat in 2014 and most certainly in 2016.

    Nothing will improve for the better, however, with McCain, McConnell, Gramnesty, Boehner and Cantor still in the United States Congress. In their own way, they are as bad as Obumbler.

  • Waiting periods, coverage issues, quality of care, and certain limits will be a learning experience. There are corporate and certainly government exemptions for those who want to control the who’s and how’s of their own healthcare, which is telling. Elections … parties ,,, my eyesight is dimming.

  • here in the united kingdom we have government run health care and I can tell you….it does not work….even those in parliament say that it does not work and they even told obummer that it does not work so why would that moron obummer do exactly what is not working is beyond me…other than the fact he is only in the white house because of his colour…my opinion of course…

  • Power and Control is why he does it J.A.C.

    For your own good of course!

  • Fortunately, when the Jackass Party faithful don’t get what they were told they would get, they stay home. Watch for a Zimmerman-like incident come next October-November that the blabbermouths will hype to try to rally the racialist mob. It’s all they’ll be able to do.

    And this made me grin :”Despite overwhelming public support, gun control is dead.” I don’t know what polls he’s reading, but it never was popular except among the media bobbing heads and east coast soccer mommies. If there had been any real momentum, we’d have seen legislation.

    One more thing – who else noticed that at roughly the same time, the Senate voted against ratifying the UN Arms Treaty? It would be interesting to see if there was any vote trading.

  • Half the population is receiving government assistance in one form or another. For some ungodly reason the people believe that this largess and generosity is coming from the Obama administration. Now, people are being seduced to believe that Obamacare is going to give them care and subsidize their premiums. Government in and of itself owns nothing. The generosity and assistance granted to people in serious need is from the taxpayers. Taxes belong to the tax payers even as the taxes are administered by the administration. In other words, no matter what party is elected into office, the generosity and assistance, of necessity, and in the good will of the people of this nation, will continue if not increase.
    Of the public lands and waterways, these like all public squares are owned in joint and common tenancy by each and every citizen, the rich, the not so rich, the young, and the old, not only because of the taxes which are paid by the people, but because the sovereign personhood of every individual constitutes this nation. The sovereign personhood of every individual constitutes the president and the presidency. You own it all, and I own it all, in joint and common tenancy, in personal and particular responsibility, and in corporate patriotism.”E Pluribus Unum” “from many (people) comes one (people)”.

World War II Vets Ruin White House Theater

Wednesday, October 2, AD 2013

10 Responses to World War II Vets Ruin White House Theater

  • Nota bene, Obama is not shutting down his primo/first-class-all-the-way trip to Indonesia. What about the children?!?!?!?!

    This topic is covered at “Never Yet melted” blog. It’s called “Washington Monument Syndrome.”

    The lying sacs of excrement immediately shut down the highly popular “stuff” like the Washington Monument and terminate firefighters so as to “play” the uninformed near-majority and get the desired borrow and spend increases; or, in this case, that and the wreck of the health care system.

    It is unadulterated spucatum tauri upon which thrive Obama-worshiping zombies.

  • It is the same ploy as public schools getting rid of football teams instead of really looking at budgets.

  • Vile person our president.

  • This is an utter disgrace.

    How much longer are the good American people going to allow this sort of travesty, which is perpetuated through a sycophantic news media and an ideologically blinded minority?

    Obama simply has to go – he is destroying America. He said when he was elected that he was going to fundamentally change America – and he has almost succeeded.

  • “Spucatum tauri”. That is priceless, T. Shaw, and it opens up the possibility of using a couple of other expressions: “spucatum equii” and “spucatum pulli” (which latter is the category I would use to define the attempt to blockade the WW2 memorial).

    For particularly massive and egregious examples of GovCo’s over-reach and incompetence, perhaps we could use “spucatum ceti” (or maybe it’s “cetae” — I’m not much of a Latinist), which being interpreted signifieth whale dung.

  • So here is my question. What is the consensus of the Catholic contributors here as to what course of action should be taken? Are you in agreement with continuing the shut down? do you feel that conservatives will be able to accomplish the goal of stopping Obama Care? Do you think our government will suffer irreparable harm? Just asking as a conservative if I am too stringent and narrow? Are we actually harming people?

  • Nope, no one is being harmed as essential and inessential functions are still being taken care of. For myself, I would be in favor of a real shutdown of the Federal government for a time, which might wake more of the people up to the fact that the days of funding the government out of thin air are drawing to a close.

  • The shut down is more about delaying or defunding Obamascare.

    October 17, or so, starts the debt crisis dance.

    Anyhow, feral US borrowing and spending are hugely unsustainable.

    What is unsustainable must collapse.

    The end will be universally calamitous.

    Pacem! Take a deep breath and contemplate this scenario.

    The annual interest due and payable on the national debt waxes greater than the amounts of annual tax revenues. If interest rates on the 10 yr UST double (to historic norms), the debt service would consume nearly all tax revenue. Then, the US won’t be able to spend any Federal Reserve Notes (backed by US T debt). The entitlement state/Ponzi scheme will collapse. No Medicare. No SS. No pensions. Chaos will reign.

    It won’t matter that some have hoarded gold and silver. All that will matter are guns, ammunition, and whisky.

    Stay the unsustainable course and dire consequences will come.

    Social justice!! KUMBAYA!!!

  • Being a coward, the Commander in Chief of “all the fifth assistant briefcase holders” did not dare to barricade the Federal Interstate Highway System and close it to the public for the duration of the so-called government shutdown. Rather, he and his lieutenants preferred to push around some 80 and 90 year old men.

  • Notice that the Obama administration took these actions out of spite, to cause pain and harm.
    They rented barricades to close off unattended parking spaces.
    They recalled furloughed Park Service employees to harass veterans and other citizens.
    They did this because they have the power to do so, and they want to rub this power in the faces of those who question that power.

    This is like the IRS and the Tea Party groups, but with a broader target.

    What makes anyone think that such cruel, spiteful people should have control of your health care? What makes anyone think they would not use that power wrongly, if.it suited them.or amused them?

Government Shutdown? If Only!

Tuesday, October 1, AD 2013



Well, time for a phony government shutdown.  I say phony because all essential, and many non-essential, functions of government will keep ticking away.  The media will be filled with pictures of the Statue of Liberty being shut down and commentators damning Republican members for their “intransigence” in not recognizing that every whim of Obama is eternal law.  All humbug.

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4 Responses to Government Shutdown? If Only!

  • I saw this heart-wrenching story in the NY Times yesterday:
    For the Washington Area, a Second Lightning Strike

    “When it became clear sequestration wasn’t going to be resolved, we stopped putting money in the kids’ college fund and put it in an emergency fund,” Mr. Nudd said, adding that he had started looking for a job outside the government. “We’ve cut back on a number of things. We canceled cable, we got rid of our land line, we cut out luxuries, the housekeeper’s not coming — things like that.”

    Boo [expletive] hoo.
    Company towns have been dying all over the country for decades — at least government can’t be outsourced overseas — or can it?

    “After three years of frozen pay, unpaid furloughs, huge increases in retirement costs for new employees and the threat of massive layoffs at the Department of Defense and elsewhere, Congress and the administration need to keep their hands off of federal employees once and for all,” said J. David Cox, the national president of the American Federation of Government Employees, which represents about 650,000 federal employees.

    Gee, and you mock Tea Partiers with signs telling the gov’t “keep your hands off my Medicare”.

  • “For the Washington Area, a Second Lightning Strike:”

    Not so!

    In fact, US median household income has dropped 7% from 2006 to 2012. Meanwhile, DC median household income has soared 23%.

    I need to go to DC two or three times a year. Unlike the rest of us, the the restaurants and saloons are packed, housing prices are near 2006 bubble highs, and everywhere you look are cranes and new construction.

    Last one out, pull the plug.

  • There is no crisis.

    “The U.S. 10-year yield increased four basis points, or 0.04 percentage point, to 2.65 percent at 5 p.m. New York time, according to Bloomberg Bond Trader prices. The price of the 2.5 percent security due in August 2023 fell 11/32, or $3.44 per $1,000 face amount, to 98 22/32. The yield rose as high as 2.66 percent. It dropped yesterday to 2.59 percent, the lowest since Aug. 12”

  • “Targeted” cuts– to make sure that folks notice the shutdown.

    On the upside, they’re being so obnoxious that it’s annoying folks, and even NPR has pointed out that the gov’t has shut down more than a dozen times in the “youth vote’s” lifetime.

Various and Sundry, 8/14/13

Wednesday, August 14, AD 2013

Ashton Kutcher Offers Excellent Advice. No. Really.

Ashton Kutcher + Teen Choice Awards = Disaster, right? No, actually Ashton Kutcher delivered one of the most heartfelt, awe-inspiring speeches an actor has ever delivered.

Here’s what he said:

I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work.  When I was 13 I had my first job with my dad carrying shingles up to the roof.  And then I got a job washing dishes at a restaurant.  And then I got a job in a grocery store deli.  And then I got a job in a factory sweeping cheerio dust off the ground.  And I’ve never had a job in my life that I was better than.  I was always just lucky to have a job.  And every job I had was a steppingstone to my next job, and I never quit my job until I had my next job.  And so opportunities look a lot like work.

He later added.

The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart and being thoughtful, and being generous.  Everything else is crap, I promise you.  It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less.  So don’t buy it.  Be smart, be thoughtful, and be generous.

Rush Limbaugh basically spent most of his show today talking about this speech. This is the first time many of these kids are hearing this message. Kudos to Ashton. I mean Chris.

Bring Back Lese-Majeste.

If you haven’t heard, a rodeo clown in Missouri was barred from all future state fairs basically for the high crime of offending our President. Michael Auslin at National Review says it’s high time we bring back lese-majeste.

By now all America has heard of the national tragedy that occurred in Missouri. A rogue rodeo clown insulted the dignity of our princeps civitatis, I mean, President of the United States, at the Missouri State Fair. According to Tribune of the People, I mean U.S. Representative, William Lacy Clay, the offending clown threatened the safety of our Nation by showing “hatred, intolerance and disrespect.” This was echoed by provincial deputy governor, I mean state lieutenant governor, Peter Kinder, who “condemned the actions disrespectful” to our President.

What’s that about a war on women?

At this point we need to start keeping track of the women that San Diego Bob Filner (D) hasn’t sexually harassed. Of course since he has a D next to his name it’s totally cool to sweep this under the rug and ignore it. That’s exactly what the Democratic party did because winning elections is more important than protecting women.

An American Bishop Switches Political Parties.

Clearly just another liberal prelate done in by the siren song of the Calvinist American heresy.

Wake me up when September ends.

Okay, here’s how this defund Obamacare thing is going to play out. We’re going to have six weeks of nonstop jabbering. On one hand, we’ll have the chorus of folks who claim that anything short of an absolute government shut down is a complete RINO sellout that signifies the death of our republic. On the other, we’ll hear the chorus of the perpetually concerned who will argue that the Republican party will be doomed for all eternity if we even sniff a government shutdown. Each side will hurl their anathema sits, and this will be the topic of approximately 95% of all political discourse in those six weeks. We’ll come close to the point of no return, then we’ll get a deal, and then we will be back to where we started. There will be no political repercussions, good or bad, for either side. And we’ll basically forget about this until the next political crisis.

There, I just saved you six weeks of news reading. Can we get back to other things now?

12 movie cliches we never need to see again

Yeah, number three is especially annoying.


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5 Responses to Various and Sundry, 8/14/13

  • I don’t think it is prudent any cleric, especially a bishop should publicly state his political allegiance. But know that Bp Tobin let the cat out of the bag, can’t but ask what took him so long to divest himself od the Democrat Party?

  • This may seem like hair-splitting but the “high crime” of the rodeo clown was not offending the President himself — he wasn’t there to see it, and to my knowledge has not spoken publicly about it. It was offending at least some members of the audience, as well as the sponsors of the show and fair organizers.

    Yes, issuing a public lifetime ban against him does seem like a gross overreaction given the way that liberal entertainers, commentators and artists continually get away with far more insulting attacks on conservatives (e.g. Sarah Palin and family).

    That said, the stunt was IMO in highly questionable taste and those who hired or booked the rodeo are within their rights to choose not to hire this particular performer again.

  • What he did was part of a long-standing tradition that goes back through every administration in recent history. That this outrage only erupts during the Obama administration signifies that this is selective outrage.

  • IOWAHAWK: Key issues of the American left:

    2007: War, Deficits, Civil Liberties

    2013: Impertinent Rodeo Clowns, Gang Bangers’ Civil Liberties to Bang. Tweeted

    Also, re: banning-for-life the Obama rodeo clown: “Above all else, the Devil cannot stand to be mocked.” – C.S. Lewis

  • Re: “selective outrage”:

    When it addresses conservatives, in general, and Sarah Palin, in particular, the MSM degenerates into calumnies, clichés, detractions, distortions, exaggerations, fabrications, fantasies, fictions, inventions, misrepresentations, omissions, and outright lies. The left engages in data mining and cherry-picking data, events or facts that coincidently support the agenda which seem totally credible, but often are completely false

    But, “Above all else, the Devil cannot stand to be mocked.” – C.S. Lewis

Oh No! Not the Non-Essential Services!

Thursday, April 7, AD 2011

Unsurprisingly the big story here in the Washington DC Metro area is the potential government shut down.  While most Americans go about their business, hardly giving it a second thought, dire predictions of the doom to come are broadcast throughout all media institutions.  We should expect rioting in the streets (no, seriously, I heard someone suggest this), mass mayhem, a crippling of our Nation’s infrastructure, and worst yet – feline and canine cohabitation.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The Washington Express – the free, Reader’s Digest version of the Washington Post – had a headline this morning that blared “NOT THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!!”  It seems that this weekend’s cherry blossom parade would be canceled if there is a government shutdown.

This is indeed horrible news.  Sure American troops are in harm’s way around the world, and we are printing money hand over fist as our country goes deeper into debt to totalitarian regimes, but that’s nothing compared to the sheer terror of tourists being slightly inconvenienced by the cancellation of a hokey parade in downtown Washington.  Leave aside the fact that they will still be free to see the cherry blossoms themselves (even if they are now past their peak bloom), and that many of the tourist attractions in our Nation’s Capital are outdoor sites that will still be open.  It is surely worth compromising on such an insignificant thing like the federal budget in order to avoid this catastrophe.

The Express goes on to detail some of the ways in which we are all going to be affected by a shutdown.  I would recommend listening to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings as you read the proceeding paragraph in order to set the appropriate mood.

The Obama administration warned Wednesday that a federal shutdown would undermine the economic recovery; delay pay to troops fighting in three wars; slow the processing of tax returns; and limit small-business loans, and government-backed mortgages during peak home-buying season.

The Express then calls this a “dire message.”  Indeed.

Now that you’ve had the appropriate amount of time to digest this warning of the coming apocalypse, let’s take these items one at a time.

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26 Responses to Oh No! Not the Non-Essential Services!

  • As long as the fried pizza places in DC are still opened, all will be right with the world. 🙂

    Note how the news stories about a government shut down never focus on how the fifth assistant to the second assistant of the third assistant to the assistant secretary at the EPA in charge of swamps, will be using her time off to spend all her time surfing the net, instead of the 30% of her time devoted to that task during her average day at work? (By the way Don, I am telling myself now, GET BACK TO WORK!!!!)

  • …Don’t worry, some old hippie will probably be digging up copper to sell for scrap and inadvertently cut your cable so you can get back to the peoples business.


  • Okay, no one other than Ned Flanders actually does their taxes after the break of midnight on New Year’s, but April 18 is not the only date that tax returns must be filed – it’s the last day to file taxes without penalty.

    Hi-de ho, neighbor…. I get the money the government has been holding on to ASAP, to the point that we actually got our return filed before the military pay system crashed from everyone trying to get their tax information. (happens every year, usually several times)

    Military folks over seas are going to be more worried than they should be because they’ve been briefed that they may not be paid starting on the pay day that already passed; one of my buddies was spitting fire about it on facebook. They did something to the pay system already, since it usually goes into the Navy Fed system several days before and is held, and it didn’t do that this month. So if this goes on long enough, expect mischief with military pay.

    Hit a radio talk show that had a lady breathing fire– her class has been saving all year to go to DC, and she’s going to make this a teaching moment that will not help the dems at all! (Beware when you send someone to teach how gov’t is supposed to work, they might do it.)

    For the folks who depend on their reserve weekends to keep their heads above water, and for the folks who have trouble making two month’s rent, the timing is very good– there are several weeks to go before next month’s rent.

    I’ve heard jokes going around that they’ll be able to save 30 billion just in energy costs in a few weeks of shutdown!

  • You. Monster.

    No doubt you think cutting funding for cowboy poetry slams is a good idea, too, Thurston Howell IV.

  • More seriously, putting our enlisted men and women through the wringer is a genuinely bad idea. They’re living paycheck to paycheck as it is.

    As are a lot of the “excepted” federal law enforcement officers who are going to be working without pay if there’s a shutdown. There’s the possibility of passing a bill funding the former, but the latter–among whose ranks are my brother in Customs and Border Protection.

  • Omitted concluding phrase “are out of luck.”

  • I know, Dale. They’re going to have to start wheeling me around in one of those Hannibal Lecter thingies.

    As for military pay, I’ve heard some conflicting news reports, but Gates talked to the troops and had this to say:

    “But in all seriousness, based on some stuff I read this morning, if the government shuts down starts on the 8th and goes for a week, you’d get a half a check. If it goes from the 15th to the 30th, you wouldn’t get a pay check on the 30th but you would be back paid for all of it. So that’s the deal and I’m, you know, frankly, I remember when I was your age I did a lot of living from pay check to pay check and so I hope this thing doesn’t happen.”

    Republicans have proposed a bill that would fully fund the DoD for the rest of the year and thereby would ensure that the troops would get paid throughout a shutdown, but it’s unlikely to pass the Senate. And why?

    But the bill, HR 1363, already has been rejected by Senate leaders because poison-pill riders have been attached to the measure that are unacceptable to many Democrats — such as preventing the District of Columbia from spending its own money on abortions — and because Democrats don’t want to separate the Defense Department from the rest of the federal budget out of concern such a move might make it even harder to get an complete federal funding agreement.

  • The thing that’s really annoying is that the military usually makes up for short-falls from the future benefits fund– which means that they went out of their way to hurt the people out there getting SHOT AT for them.

    To make a political point.

  • “because Democrats don’t want to separate the Defense Department from the rest of the federal budget out of concern such a move might make it even harder to get an complete federal funding agreement.”

    Yep, a lot of phoney baloney government spending simply doesn’t stand a chance of surviving unless the Democrats can hold the troops in harm’s way hostage.

  • Sure hope those federal inmates lock their doors, like Otis of Mayberry.

  • “Sure hope those federal inmates lock their doors, like Otis of Mayberry.”

    A lot of the “Club Feds” have less security than the jail on the Andy Griffith show. As for the Super Maxes, I am confident that they will continue to function as usual, despite the government shutdown so the Democrats can protect investment in such useful functions of government as the Department of Education’s 70 billion or 700,000 to the University of New Hampshire to study cow flatulence.

  • Wait–did I just read this?

    “As long as the fried pizza places in DC”

    *Fried* pizza? Seriously? I love watching “Man vs. Food,” but that concept kicks in the gag reflex.

  • Meanwhile, many second-class citizens (taxpayers who work in the evil, unjust private sector) are having a hard time driving to work; feeding their families; and heating their homes.

    Ed Morrissey at Hot Air: “Obama fills the role of clueless aristocrat by telling a man who explains that he can’t afford to fill his gas tank at current prices that he should instead buy a new car. If the press reported it, the retort would prove rather embarrassing — which may be why the Associated Press scrubbed it from their coverage of the event. . . . Just think how Marie Antoinette would have fared with a media so devoted to spinning for her.” Instapundit saved a screenshot for the record.

    “The horror! The horror!”

    They must think we are as stupid as are they. Bart Simpson famously said, “I’m insulted!”

    The Obama-worshipping, moronic MSM are aiding and abetting the zero’s lying demagoguery with the budget process. They will endlessly prattle on that it’s the extremist tea party’s/GOP’s fault because they viciously refused to accept Obama’s no-cut spending . . .

    Shut ‘er down. And, throw away the keys.

  • I am sure all those defense workers, law enforcement officials, other essential personnel who may have to work without pay will be thrilled to do so. Oh yes, I know, they will get paid, probably, eventually. Anyone care to tell that to their banks who want to know why their mortgage checks are late?

    Honestly, I am steamed at both parties. The Democrats because this could have all been avoided if they had passed a budget last summer like they were suppose to… when they controlled Congress. It might not have been one that many of us would have liked, but at least the government could have functioned. And ultimately, I am mad at both parties for threatening to shutdown the government over what really amounts to a tiny percentage of the budget ($30 billion is essentially 1% of the budget). The budget is simply not going to be fixed or broken over these cuts (Now if we are talking about shutting government down over funding Planned Parenthood, then we are talking about a different issue).

    I do give credit to Paul Ryan for actually attempting to take entitlements in the 2012 budget, though I think it is sheer fantasy to believe that most Americans will accept deep enough cuts in their entitlements to fix the budget and cut taxes at the same time (Not to mention the tax cuts seem to be targeted at the rich and cut deductions for the middle class… meaning most of us will not actually see a tax cut…).

    Ultimately, here is the deal, fighting over thirty billion dollars, claiming it is to fix the budget is frankly as idiotic as trying to find a dry spot on the Titanic.

    Oh one last point. Paul, your opinion regarding filing taxes is frankly insulting. First of all, in 25 years of getting W2s, I have never once gotten one before the end of January, and often other documents, like 1099’s are even later (well at least the correct ones). So in practice, it is the middle of February before most people can even begin doing their taxes. Add to that the responsibilities of work, raising a family (Try telling a two year old you can’t spend time with him so you can do taxes!), and the various other obligations that come with life and it is frankly surprising that most people get them done on time. To tut-tut the people who might have their returns delayed because they only got their returns in a week or two early is incredibly uncharitable.

  • Honestly, I am steamed at both parties.

    Well then you’re sense of steam is misplaced.

    So in practice, it is the middle of February before most people can even begin doing their taxes. Add to that the responsibilities of work, raising a family (Try telling a two year old you can’t spend time with him so you can do taxes!), and the various other obligations that come with life and it is frankly surprising that most people get them done on time.

    Everything you’ve just mentioned fits my situation to a tee. I filed my taxes in mid-February. Yes, that hour was grueling, but I managed to do it.

  • *Fried* pizza? Seriously? I love watching “Man vs. Food,” but that concept kicks in the gag reflex

    That kinda got my saliva glands going.

  • Where is this fried pizza of which you speak?

  • Larry, when we get out to lunch, I pick the restaurant.

    Not so BTW: dhprice2-at-hotmail.com.

  • And just to make it clear – I’m not rooting for a government shutdown. I’m also not saying no one will be impacted. As I said, I have many good friends who are going to be without pay for who knows how long if this thing is not resolved. But this is not the dire tragedy that people are making it out to be, and is nothing compared to the budget mess that we face.

  • The year was 1989 and the fried pizza was great. I can’t recall the name of the place. It was on Connecticut just off Dupont Circle. Hadn’t had fried pizza before and haven’t found it since. It was unique and it tasted very good.

  • “Anyone care to tell that to their banks who want to know why their mortgage checks are late?”

    Happens to people in the private sector all the time. Government employees are only at the very beginning of a process which will amply demonstrate that governments are no more immune to the laws of economics than the private sector. Broke means broke, whether it be a business or a government, and that is our current situation. It is always a tragedy for the people involved, but we simply cannot continue pouring ever increasing amounts of borrowed money down the federal drain.

  • You might be thinking of Pizza Paradiso, which is very good. I guess I didn’t realize they termed it fried pizza.

    Now pizza on the barbecue grill – that’s good stuff.

  • When you fry vegetables, you destroy the healthy nutrients in them. You don’t have that problem with fried pizza. So you could argue that fried pizza is better for you than vegetables.

  • “…Democrats can protect investment in such useful functions of government as the Department of Education’s 70 billion or 700,000 to the University of New Hampshire to study cow flatulence.”

    “As long as the fried pizza places in DC”

    Stop the study, I just found the source of the flatulence. 😉

  • I’m thinking it must be Pizza Paradiso too – I remember that place as having the best pizza in DC.

    I lived in DC during the ’95 government shutdown (on Macomb St. near the Cathedral). I recall my very nice landlady was in shock when she was deemed an “inessential worker.” Her job was at the VOA,I believe, she set up cultural exchange programs with the Russkies. Soirees for visiting ballet companies, embassy parties. The sort of job that was tailormade for a WASPy 1955 Vassar graduate from New England. I was a lowly slave laborer in a big law firm, ordered about by lawyers all the livelong day, and so rather jealous of her for having such a creampuff of a job, but I did not share her opinion that the Republic would go to hell in a handbasket if she wasn’t organizing tea parties for visitors from Moscow and Kiev.

    I also knew someone at HHS whose shrink convinced her that her parents had been part of a secret cult and had sexually abused her – she discovered all that due to “uncovering repressed memories.” Then she began seeing cult members all over the place. She became convinced I was a cult member. The longer she was in treatment, the crazier and more paranoid she became. She told me that one of her co-workers put vodka in an empty milk carton and sucked it through a straw all day.

    And the two of them worked on the Clinton healthcare plan.

  • “And the two of them worked on the Clinton healthcare plan.”

    Now it all makes sense Donna! 🙂