Fictional Reality

Friday, October 15, AD 2010

It’s good to know that the term “Beltway Bubble” applies beyond just the circular roadway a mile from my house out in the suburbs of Washington DC.   It looks like there is another cocoon in another old dwelling of mine in the city of Atlanta, as evidenced by this bit of insanity from Cynthia Tucker.  Ms. Tucker’s thesis is that President Obama’s political problems stem from trying too hard to cooperate with Republicans.  Buckle yourselves in for a ride aboard the crazy train.

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5 Responses to Fictional Reality

  • How can you say they got everything they wanted?

    No one knows.

    No one read the bills.

    I am wondering what she calls the planet on which she exists.

  • “Well, I think we miscalculated,” Axelrod said. “We had the idea that, particularly in a time of national crisis, there would be more of an inclination to work together.

    There might have been an inclination if their object had been to heal the financial system, heal the labor market, and stabilize aggregate demand. It was none of these things.

  • A perfect example of an oxymoron…Obama using BI -Partisanship in his enactment of policies…

  • Ah don’t we all long for Newspeak or perhaps Doublethink . . . The Ministry of Truth well help you see the “real” truth.

  • “well” should be “will”