Assassination Chic


You can always tell when a Republican is in the White House because the arts and crafts crowd begins to fantasize about murdering him.  A tradition that goes back to John Wilkes Booth and the first Republican President,  we see that this proclivity is alive and well today.  This is why I tend to roll my eyes when reading any leftist bemoaning the loss of civility.  Lack of civility for most leftists means a conservative who actually has the temerity to answer them back.


Suspected Al Qaeda Plot to Kill Pope Benedict XVI Foiled In London By Scotland Yard

A sophisticated attack to kill Pope Benedict XVI was appearently foiled in London by Scotland Yard. The Middle Eastern Intelligence website Debka, normally on top of such matters reports that the attack was foiled at the last possible moment.  Several men are in custody. Obviously this is still a breaking news story. However, while many people will say the Holy Father and the police were lucky, the faithful look to providence as the answer. How ironic that this is the feast day of the famous German Saint Hildegard. Something to ponder on this momentous day. May God keep our Holy Father healthy!  Below you will find my article that appeared last week which discussed Al Qaeda’s little reported on war against the Catholic Church.  UPDATE: Police in London have released those arrested.

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