3 Responses to Waltzing Matilda

  • I haven’t heard Rolf in a long time! :mrgreen: I even had that audio on a tape that friends brought back from Aus at least 10 years ago.

    PS: Rolf Harris yelled at me from the stage during a show in Knoxville, TN, when I wondered how he did the three-leg thing for his first song. πŸ˜€

  • ….for those of us who do not speak the Australian language.” πŸ˜†

    Don. That language is actually known as ‘Strine’, πŸ˜‰ ( after the habit the Aussies have of truncating their words) There was a book written in Oz about it back in the 70’s.
    For example, one of the most common greetings (in NZ also) is, “How are you going, mate?”, or in the kiwi vernacular, “howya goin’, mate”.
    The Aussies, however, have managed to shorten this further – “Ayagama”
    (OK, that’s only a small exageration – how can I deride my Aussie mates like that? 😎
    Lived in Oz for 10 years from 1978 – 1988 – had a lot of hard work, good times, and good mates still, over there.

    Agreed Kathryn. Rolf Harris was very popular back in the 70’s and 80’s, but all his TV shows were done in London, not Australia. but of course, he is an Aussie, and was part of the Aussie invasion of London back then.

  • In America Don the same greeting would be “Howyadoin ?” or “Howdy!” farther south. Local usage and slang has always fascinated me. I spent the first years of my life in Newfoundland and when I came back to Paris, Illinois I had a Newfie accent. All of my father’s family had thick Hoosier accents, Paris being adjacent to the Indiana border. I guess all of that combined to spark my early interest in the subject of regional dialects.