2 Responses to The Road Back

  • This was a wonderfully written essay, and it was also very edifying. After reading the essay, I agree the whole-heatedly with the principles that US Representative McCotter wrote about.

    I especially loved this quote:

    Thus, Republicans must heed Demosthenes’ plea to his endangered fellow Athenians — “In God’s name, I beg of you to think!”

  • I agree with the principles, but I believe the owner of those core principles was misidentified. The principles are not those of the Republican Party; they are, rather, the principles of Conservatism in America. They belonged to Republicans only as long as they embraced their conservative history; as soon as they abandoned that legacy (most recently left to them by Gingrich and company), they became just another bad choice available to conservatives as the lesser of two evils. And the Other Guy (Elect) did a great job of sounding like a viable alternative.