2 Responses to Faith Without Works Is Dead

  • I, for one, will not hesitate to show my anticipation for this coming series on Catholic Social Teaching. When can we expect the first post?

  • Thanks Andy- this was a sick week for my little growing tribe- priorities always go with the family- I should get caught up with my class preps and get something posted sometime next week- it is something that has been in my mind and heart for a while now- I want to really deeply engage the whole liberal v. conservative thing and basing my subjective critique on actual paragraph quotes from Pope B, The Compendium, Holy Scripure, Catechism, and even some speeches from Pope B. since we should always take the Pope’s words seriously and into our consciences- even when he is not making a solemn declaration or speaking ‘from the chair’. This should be fun and enlightening, and I’m not trying to make the silly case that liberals or conservatives are always right(or wrong)- and besides that there are many shades of liberal and conservative- I really wish we would just define ourselves as “Catholic” and leave go of the ideological labels – just as I am seriously considering leaving the ranks of the Democratic Party and trying to found something I would like to call a “Common Good Party”- a long term project that addresses the fact that both major parties have so severely compromised themselves in the mainstream that working to reform them from the inside as I have been attempting as a pro-life, pro-traditional family Democrat, has left me thinking that the prospects for success are too minimal to continue fighting- and my own role-model status is hurt by association by those who do not know or have time to consider my politics fully, and conclude that I must be “liberal” on issues where I am decidedly not.