Party Loyalty and the New York 23rd Congressional District

Monday, October 19, AD 2009

Elephants not RINOSI have been a Republican as long as I have been old enough to pay attention to politics.  I have usually found the Republican party to be a much closer fit to my conservative political views than the Democrat party, and therefore my party allegiance was not a difficult choice for me.  It also helped that most members of my family in the paternal line have been adherents of the GOP since the Civil War, although in the case of my late father it was more out of a strong dislike of the Democrat party which he used to call  …, actually, since this is a family blog I will not repeat some of the epithets my father used in regard to the party of Jackson.  Thus I am a Republican both by conviction and heredity.

However, party loyalty is a two way street.  In order for a political party to deserve the loyalty of its supporters, the party must field candidates that broadly stand for what most party members believe in.   In the special congressional election for 23rd district in the New York, the GOP powers that be in that district have singularly failed to do so.  They have nominated  a liberal Democrat in Republican clothes as the standard bearer of the Republican party.  Michelle Malkin in this column here succinctly states why the GOP nominee Deede Scozzafava is running in the wrong party.

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5 Responses to Party Loyalty and the New York 23rd Congressional District

  • Many would dismiss your plug for the Conservative party as simply taking votes away from the alleged Republican and handing the race to the Democrat. This is a false dichotomy becuase we are not officially a two party country. That is just habit. I think it is a bad habit since it is becoming clearer everyday that we are actually a one party system with two factions.

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” — John Quincy Adams

    What we need is a true defenition of what a conservative is becuase that term is so overused and usually simply means Republican. Some of us authentic conservatives have never been Republicans becuase it seems that party is constantly moving away from or apologizing for alleged conservative principles.

    There is now and has always been a group within the Republican party that are not actually conservative. They have been referred to as the Northeast Establishment, country club, chamber of commerce, WASP, RINO, neo-con, etc. Sadly many of them remain in the party and we have only two choices:

    Surgically extract them, or,

    Establish another authentically conservative party.

  • American studies confirm this. ,

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