Friday, December 10, AD 2010

Another  fine econ 101 video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity.  One of the main economic problems of our time is that we Americans tend to be experts at spending money and novices at making money.  I will have a post on Christ and Scrooge later this month which will be rather negative towards Scrooge. (Surprise!)  However, perhaps nationally we need a bit of the Scrooge attitude towards making money and less of the spendthrift habits that have been a disaster for us publicly and privately.

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8 Responses to GDI v. GDP

  • A beautiful chick discussing macroeconomics. I doubt I could properly define nerd porn, but I know it when I see it; and this video is definitely that!


  • Son of a gun, she is attractive! Before you pointed that out RL, I hadn’t noticed! 🙂

  • Ha! Nice save, Don! That may have appeased Mrs. McClarey, but I’m wise to you. You’re just another Larry Flynt. You’re perpetuating the demand for this exploitation. What if it is was your daughter fresh out of grad school, in despair over her debt, alone, afraid; then someone reaches out to her, makes her feel comfortable and wanted. He charms her with talk about the virtues of justice, temperance, fortitude, and even love. He tells her an economic system can incorporate those things too, and that it will help government and individuals posses those virtues too.

    What young girl can resist that, Don? That’s when he says, “hey, we can make a little movie in order to save the world.” We all know how how this sad story plays out from here…

  • Yeah, she eventually ends up running the Fed. At least that is what would happen if it were my daughter!

  • Next thing you know she’ll be hanging around some seedy Washington think tank.

  • No wait!


    She’s being exploited by one of them evil, secret conspiracies to steal money from indigent, undocumented immigrants and single parents’ children.

    Next she’ll sell out to FOXNEWS . . .

  • Even though I have an econ degree, if I see the letters GDI I think of the Global Defense Initiative from Command and Conquer…

  • Thanks to my son’s interest, I have all the games in the Command and Conquer series.