Kitler Kitties

Sunday, May 29, AD 2011


Hattip to commenter Stephen E. Dalton who brought my attention to the phenomenon of cats that look like Hitler.  I love this!  Too often Hitler, murderous little jumped up thug, is elevated into being some sort of grand demonic personification of evil.  This is precisely the wrong way to remember the psychopath and the movement he led.  Far better to make him into a clownish figure and condemn him throughout history with laughter and ridicule. 

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  • First time I really realized that Nazis had been humans was when some uncles started talking about my grandfather’s job in the military– he’d been a prison guard after WWII. One of the prisoners was an amazing artist is how it came up, I think. (I get the impression that the Nazis he’d been set to guard were the lowbies that had been forced in, and were just waiting for it to be proven; who knows how much that was cleaned up for young ears.)

    Before that, they were The Big Major Villains. The only live action thing I saw that made fun of them was Indiana Jones. Everything else, they were POWERFUL. Not a really good thing to emphasize when they also had some very impressive uniforms, you know? Mockery is much better; I remember one book made fun of their stupid looking marching style.

    The Downfall parodies are the shrieking Hitler with subtitles that people use for “Hitler hears about the new video game patch” stuff, yes?

  • Don, I’m glad I brought some heilarity into your life with Der Kitlers! The Producers is one of my favorite movies too. I also get a bang out of all those Downfall parodies. My favorite is the Bin Laden one.

  • I and the furhairs thank you Stephen! 🙂

  • In the “did-you-know-department,” Werner’s father, Otto, the famous German conductor, was born Jewish, converted to Catholicism and then back to Judaism toward the end of his life. Don, this belies your notion “once a Catholic always a Catholic.”

  • Bad example Joe. Poor Otto suffered two near miss assassination attempts during the rise of the Nazis and was mentally unbalanced thereafer. RIP to his tormented soul.

  • OK, Don, try these on for size”

    Tim Pawlenty — Raised Catholic, now evangelical.
    Sarah Palin — converted as young child to non-denominational Protestant.
    Steve Allen, George Carlin, Omar Sharif, Joyce Carol Oates — all become agnostic or atheist after raised as Catholics.
    And, many, many more…perhaps the most famous being, of course:


  • …why are you letting this guy derail the comments?

  • Sorry, didn’t mean to threadjack if you were referring to me. Don opened the door a crack on Klemperer. Mea culpa, fox.

  • Martin Luther was obsessed with Catholicism all of his life Joe, as any one can attest who has read his ravings, er, writings. He never left the Church he went to war with it, which is two separate things. Ditto as to the late unfunny sad man George Carlin.

    Pawlenty, Shariff and Oates aren’t done with their lives yet. Let’s see how things develop by the end.

    Sarah Palin-I don’t believe she was ever truly a Catholic Joe due to the negligence of her parents and therefore I would not count her as a fallen away Catholic. In any case her life is not done yet.

    As to Steve Allen he was a work in progress at the time of his death. Born a Catholic, he became a secular humanist after divorce ended his first marriage. Later in life he described himself as an involved Presbyterian. In his last interview before his life came to a sudden end from an auto accident he said the following:

    “I assume there’s a God because I can’t figure out how anything, much less the whole universe, could have gotten here with no cause at all.”

  • Foxfier, I have a soft spot in my heart and head for Joe the Agnostic, but you are correct that the thread needs to get back on the track. Back to Kitler Kitties for all further comments!

  • Don, your ability to thrust and parry is unrivaled. Joe the Agnostic; nice ring, almost as good as Joe the Plumber ; )

20 Responses to Cat Maternal Love Open Thread

  • A most horrific day as a mother was when, after taking in strays, we drove into the garage after school to see a mother cat eating her newborns. I told the kids they were mice. Ugh. I don’t like cats. I may yell sometimes, but…

  • Nice way to destroy the mood of the video Stacy! 🙂

    Mother cats normally eat newborns if they are dead or they sense they will die. It is probably a survival instinct bred into them to avoid having predators drawn to the kitten’s corpse and end up attacking the mother cat or live kittens.

  • Mother cats usually don’t do what Stacy observes unless, as Donald indicated, something is really very wrong with the kittens.

    I have two cats – Worf (a 15 year old named after the Klingon Security Office on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D because he eats like a Klingon) and Gabby (a two and a half year old who thinks she is as angelic as the Angel Gabriel). I have always had cats. Worf was with me before my marriage and after my ex left me, Worf is still with me some 15 years later.

    I would trust cats over humans any day of the week.

  • An interesting fact about cats is that, so far as science can dig into such things, they appear to be the only species which domesticated themselves rather than being domesticated by humans. This seems to fit pretty well with the feline personality. At some point, cats simply realized that hanging around with humans and eating the pests that were attracted to the human settlements was a better deal than living on their own. Humans then made the deal better by deciding to cuddle them and generally treat them as minor deities.

    And really, I can’t object. Any housepet which can be trained to go only in a litter box with minimal work is a winner in my book — and doubly so when they also do handy things like hunt and eat the Giant Flying Cockroaches of Texas.

  • Cats look down on you, dogs look up to you and pigs treat you like an equal!

    Winston Churchill

  • This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing! I am a cat lover and all the cats I have had (from childhood to mature adulthood) tend to be exceptionally affectionate. Most cats are also good company and seem to be very concerned when their owner is sick. My cat, Jazzy (Jasmine Marie) is the best “nurse” I have ever had. She gives free massages and blocks out irritating noises (dog barking in the neighborhood) with her purring. She wakes me up in the morning by licking my nose or tickling me with her whiskers. She is equally as affectionate with my husband, massaging his tummy (and exercising it at the same time) and keeping his legs warm at night. She is also sort of a “religious” cat — always joining us in bed for night prayers. 🙂

  • What a sweet video!

    I love cats in theory. My cat, Max- whom I do love dearly in spite of it all- has soured me on them, though. He is an albino American long haired, with one blue eye and one yellow. He is absolutely gorgeous and at the same time is pure evil incarnate. He is just a mean, spiteful cat. I would like to say that his previous owners made him that way, as they were nuts and a half, but we’ve had him for eleven years and he’s not changed one bit. Still just as mean as the day we got him.

  • Don, I’m sorry. 🙁 It was a bad experience among many with cats! That video is so cute though. We’ve had many kittens born in our garage because of the strays we took in and by far the mother cat usually is so attentive. Love the Churchill quote!

  • I’m a devout Cat-holic myself and have owned, or more precisely been owned, by several cats in the past 🙂 When I was a kid our family had a beautiful, sweet-tempered calico named Fluffy, of whom my mom once said, “If there was such a thing as cat sainthood, she would qualify.”

  • By the way, the Holy Father himself figures prominently in this list of famous cat lovers:

  • I was just kidding you Stacy! 🙂 In regard to Churchill, he and his family always surrounded themselves with hordes of animals at Chartwell, their country estate, so he spoke with authority on the subject!

    “I’m a devout Cat-holic myself”

    Seven hail Marys for that one Elaine! I am afraid that I am allergic to cats, atlhough growing up my family had a few. My daughter can imitate cats with uncanny precision and her friends claim she is part cat. When she came into this world, and this is the sober truth, her little cries sounded so much like the mewlings of a kitten that my wife, who couldn’t see her, wondered aloud if a cat had gotten into the operating room!

  • We have a cat and a dog. There are advantages to both species. But major cat negative is that he pees on the bed when we have guests. Doesn’t like guests. We have to be very adamant about informing our guests to keep the door to their room closed. Sometimes they forget and it’s gross. We have waterproof covers on every bed in the house now just in case. If anyone knows a remedy short of cat murder let me know. Nothing says “welcome to our home” like cat pee in your bed.

    Dog is just expensive b/c she needs a sitter/walker when we go out of town.

  • “My daughter can imitate cats with uncanny precision and her friends claim she is part cat. When she came into this world, and this is the sober truth, her little cries sounded so much like the mewlings of a kitten that my wife, who couldn’t see her, wondered aloud if a cat had gotten into the operating room!”

    That’s funny and must have been adorable. My son sounded like a pterodactyl. He made this awful screeching noise whenever he cried for about the first month. My husband swore I’d given birth to a dinosaur.

  • Has anyone beside Paul ever hear about Kitlers? They’re cats that resemble Hitler! Google “Kitler” and you’ll bust your gut laughing!

  • I invoke Godwin’s Law on Stephen!

    I am proud to be Chief-of-Staff of our 5 year old cat Missy. She treats us well and allows us our own beds. Thank you O Gracious and Mewling Leader!!

  • But major cat negative is that he pees on the bed when we have guests.

    Salient word is ‘he’. Males are an adventure as they periodically declare portions of the home and its contents to be their personal possessions (in this way). Females are easier.

  • A father will stand over and ahead of his family to protect them. A mother will continue cover to protect them with her body even after their birth. I bet we all can guess which is shown with the kitten. I absolutely am attracted to all portrayals of “Mother” love. Makes me think of Our Mother.

  • Darwin said:
    “only species which domesticated themselves rather than being domesticated by humans.”
    Funny, I always thought it was cats who domesticated humans 😉


    We have seen this program on Animal Planet. All the above behaviours are diagnosed and solved by this guy (Jackson Galaxy) At last, we have a
    “cat-whisperer”!, an answer to prayer 🙂