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Tuesday, December 11, AD 2012

According to wacked out devotees of the so-called Mayan Prophecy the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012.  We Catholics of course believe that the world will end at the time of the second coming of Christ, and that Christ will come like a thief in the night on some date which is unknowable to us.  For all I know it could be December 21 of this month, although I don’t think I will cancel my house and auto insurance as of that date.  In the very unlikely event that the world does end, please come to TAC for our special end of the world blog posts:

1.  How to make that emergency confession that you have been putting off lo these many years!

2.  Remember, it is goats on the left, sheep on the right!

3.  The impact of the world ending on the mid-term elections.

4.  What will be the effect of the world ending on Obama’s job approval rating?

5.  National Catholic Reporter claims that the end of the world is a papal conspiracy!

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5 Responses to Come to TAC for all of your End of the World Blogging!

  • Finally. A remedy to Obamacare and it’s mandates.

  • December 21 !?!? Dang, that’s my last day of work before I leave for vacation! Maybe I should take the 21st off too?

  • According to Wikipedia, the Mayan long count calendar will enter its 13th cycle this December 21, but the cycle repeats 20 times before it returns to zero. The actual startover date is October 13, 4772. Mark my words: the world will end on October 13, 4772! Brace yourselves!

  • Before the world ends, the seven plagues must fall. And before the plagues fall, every person’s fate is sealed, either with the seal of the living God, or sealed with the mark of the beast. Impossible for all this to happen in less than two weeks. But the bible does say Jesus will come as a thief in the night, not to say He comes secretly, no! but He comes unexpectedly, and the sad thing is most (Christians) will not be ready to meet Him.


    When the apocalyptic readings make end times seem near,
    we should examine our conscience to alleviate fear.
    Peace and mercy are ingrained in every righteous soul,
    but their world is an alien place with a base free-will role.

    Humans failed God’s very first test – that should give you a clue.
    Evil entered the scene, and that points a finger at you.
    Life is an intended trial that you alone must pursue.
    Eternal bliss greets those who obey what God wills they do.

    But temptations of the world abound to devour your soul.
    To send your soul to hell is the devil’s abysmal goal.
    God always allows you to make a choice for joy or grief.
    That you would accept grief is beyond logical belief.

    You were given an angel to guide you on the right path.
    If you always seek his help, you can avoid Satan’s wrath.
    God’s love and mercy don’t require impossible demands.
    The most important decision in life rests in your hands.

    God’s Mother is the best friend we can ever have in life.
    Place total trust in her hands if you want to avoid strife.
    Listen to her, and she will make the future perfectly clear.
    If you trust God and do His will, there is no one to fear.

    Bob Rowland

Like a Thief in the Night

Friday, May 20, AD 2011


A crazed group is seeking cheap publicity by claiming that the world will end tomorrow.  (No, I will not link to them or mention their name.)  The end will come around 6:00 PM according to these loons which I assume is Pacific Standard Time since these mopes are based, where else?, in California.  Since the time of Christ there have been constant confident predictions naming the date of the end of the world and the Second Coming, all in direct contradiction to Christ’s own words that He will come “like a thief in the night” and that no man will know the hour of His coming.

In the very unlikely event that tomorrow will see the end of the world, I do hope the New York Times does have the opportunity to get out one last edition with this oft-predicted headline:  WORLD ENDS:  WOMEN AND MINORITIES HARDEST HIT.

Update:  Saturday, May 21, 2011:  8:45 PM Central Standard Time:

“With no sign of Judgment Day arriving as he had forecast, the 89-year-old California evangelical broadcaster and former civil engineer behind the pronouncement seemed to have gone silent on Saturday.”

Color me shocked!  Shocked!

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24 Responses to Like a Thief in the Night

  • Can’t end soon enough for me.

  • I hope they took into account the 10 days that were removed between October 4 and October 15, 1582 for the Gregorian calendar adjustment.

  • I’m almost ready. I just can’t decide whether to dress formal or corporate casual. I expect TAC readership will drop dramatically Sunday, but that’s okay, most of the TAC contributers will surely be gone too. For my lawyer friends here, I will miss you, but they say a thousand years really flies by in Heaven.


  • Since it is a Saturday, if it is hot I will be wearing shorts and a t shirt. If it is not, I will be wearing, as usual when I am not in my “working clothes”, a flannel shirt and jeans.

    If the world does end on Saturday I will attempt to do one last post with an appropriate Youtube video, although it would be slightly more serious in tone than this one so an Onion video probably would be out.

    If I make it to purgatory I should have ample time to post RL, so you can still read my missives while I am being chastised for my manifold sins. The Purgatory Catholic-I like the sound of that!

  • Interesting – the end of the World is on my wedding aniversary. Do I have to get my wife a present since she will not get to use it? I guess I can cancel the reservation – saves me more money.

  • Joke all you want, but if I had one request of God it would be: “Time for a do-over. Your first plan didn’t work.”

  • My pregnant wife would like to know what happens if our baby is saved but she is not. Does she get raptured up with the baby? Does she get cast down once the baby is delivered?

  • “Do I have to get my wife a present since she will not get to use it?”

    I think not CL, although our distaff contributors and commenters should feel free to correct me on the social etiquette called for when an anniversary coincides with The Consummation of All.

  • “Does she get raptured up with the baby? Does she get cast down once the baby is delivered?”

    A defense in English Common Law was pleading the belly when a woman who was pregnant was on trial for a capital offense. I would be looking up the law on that subject in the next 24 hours! If you happen to be standing behind Leo McKern in the goats and sheep line, perhaps he could put the plea to the Almighty! 🙂

  • Top 5 “most searched” on Google:

    1. judgment day may 21

    2. end of the world 2011

    3. rapture 2011

    4. lance armstrong

    5. preakness 2011

    Looks like many will be betting on one horse rather than four

  • When this prophecy fails, the majority of the suckers involved won’t leave the group. Research into groups like this show that the more time, effort, and money the members put into organizations like this, the more likely the poor dupes are willing to stay.

  • (Guest comment from Don’s wife Cathy:) CL, if you play it safe & give your wife her anniversary present early, it should count for some extra time off from Purgatory! 🙂

  • Say your prayers.

    When you least expect it. Expect it.

    Be thankful for each day. It coud be your last.

  • The shame is that Harold Camping was reasonable and humble at one point in his career. When I heard him describing his theory on the radio in his Biblical History of Time series some years ago, he acknowledged that we could not determine the “day or the hour” of the end of time, but said that we are permitted to determine the “year and the month” of the end, which I thought was legalistic and implausible, but sufficiently humble to keep me tuned in.

    His long and painstaking disseration (hundreds of hours) recounting the exact passage of time in the Old Testament was worth listening to (for me anyway) because it attempted to be rule-based. For instance, when measuring time based on the lives of the patriarchs, Camping specifically focused on wherever the words “she bore a son, and called his name…” appeared as the tipoff that the biblical calendar continues through that particular patriarch.

    Another basic rule he claims to have followed is “a day is like a thousand years” in determining the end date. Rules like that led to anticipation that we were building to a meaningful result rather than something completely random. What I got out of it was exegesis of otherwise biblical passages I would normally tend to think were not terribly interesting or important.

    He was also humble enough to acknowledge that his calculation was so complex, he might be wrong in couple of places and off “by a few years”. (All these quotes are entirely from memory, so I apologize in advance if any are wrong, but I think I’ve captured them accurately.) No matter, since the basic message seemed to be live as a Christian and prepare for the end.

    All of that humility and careful introspection is gone now and his fans, who are otherwise devote Christians, seem to be setting themselves up for a big fall. Atheists and secularists in particular will ridicule them (and by extention other Christians) to no end.

  • Wait, I though they had scheduled the world to end in 2012 (re Mayan calendar). Did some one move up the date?

  • Predictions of the end of the world from 4990 BC to 4.5 billion yrs from now:

    Check 1988/89, a guy predicted the End then said “Oops! Forgot to carry the one, it’s next year.”

  • Should I get raptured, I would like to remain a contributor to TAC. Heaven probably has awesome Internet connections (those prayers have to get answered somehow). Just think of the content I would provide, and maybe even get answers to some of our nation’s greatest mysteries: Who shot Kennedy? What’s in Area 51? Who’s buried in the tomb of the Unknown Soldier? What did Mrs Lincoln really think of the play?

    In fact, submit questions you’d like to be answered, and I’ll do my best.

  • ……..duhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s ridiculous, however every Catholic website is posting it, and that’s what they want……..don’t give it credibility by even acknowledging it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Micael S.

  • I have a 6PM appointment with a medium-rare steak and a glass of cold water with a shot of Dewars so I can keep it down.

  • Larry, the question I’d most like to ask is: why are there always 10 hot dogs to a package but only 8 buns?!?

  • That has long puzzled me also Elaine, and it may take Heavenly wisdom to unseal that particular mystery.

  • I guess about now the US is disintegrating – California and Arcadia splitting off the US mainland with Mt.St Helens, Mt. Hood and all those other volcanoes really going off, a massive earthquake totally inverting the fault near Kansas (can’t remember its name off hand) etc. etc.

    I was expecting a flood of concerned Americans landing in Auckland about now, because Sat. 6 pm. occurred 17 hours ago – a beatiful late Autumn Sunday here and all’s right with the world. 🙂

    And now for lunch, then a visit to my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.

  • No Don, just a rather dull—wait, is that the sound of a trumpet that I hear? Could it be? It is! The neighbor’s kid has decided once again to practice playing her trumpet next to an open window! Close your window!