Thursday, March 6, AD 2014

I have reported what I saw and heard, but only part of it. For most of it, I have no words.

Edward R. Murrow at Buchenwald, April 15, 1945

1944 was seventy years ago, and on this blog we will have numerous posts depicting the battles fought in the wake of D-Day up through the fall of the Third Reich.  As we recall this, I think it is also important to recall the type of tyranny that the Third Reich was, and why it was necessary to utterly vanquish it at a hideous cost in human lives.

When Buchenwald death camp was liberated, General Patton was so outraged that he ordered military police to go to Weimar, the nearest town, and bring 1000 German civilians back to tour the camp to see what their leaders had done.  The MPs were just as outraged, and brought back 2000.  Edward R. Murrow did a radio broadcast from Buchenwald on April 15, 1945 that is absolutely unforgettable.  Evil can grow so strong in this world that it has to be stopped, no matter the cost.  Here is the transcript of Murrow’s broadcast:

Permit me to tell you what you would have seen and heard had you had been with me on Thursday.  It will not be pleasant listening.  If you are at lunch, or if you have no appetite to hear what Germans have done, now is a good time to switch off the radio for I propose to tell you of Buchenwald.  It is on a small hill about four miles outside Weimar, and it was one of the largest concentration camps in Germany, and it was built to last.

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11 Responses to Buchenwald

  • “They had immortal souls.”

    They are immortal souls.

  • The Patton story. So many times, generals have stumbled upon atrocities, and sent their men to round up nearby civilians – always for retaliatory execution. Patton’s reaction was profound. In a way, it was the beginning of the most amazing, multi-generational confrontation with their own history that a people have ever had.

  • “They are immortal souls.” Yes.

  • Thank God that the record has been kept. And is being shared over this blog and others.

  • Man’s inhumanity to man. Even the wild animals do not act like this, but men who have been captured by Satan.

  • Man can be nobler than angels in his sacrifice of his mortal life to save others, and be crueler than demons to other men. We are a race with boundless potential for good and evil.

  • “The lost airmen of Buchenwald” were very fortunate to have been transferred to Stalag Luft III in late 1944 – otherwise more than 13 of the 168 would certainly have died.

  • Anzlyne: “Thank God that the record has been kept. And is being shared over this blog and others.”

    There are holocaust deniers. They also deny the human soul. They would enjoy the empowerment the holocaust brings to men of very little soul.

  • The Nazis were, among other things, unbelievably stupid. To look at it from this perspective, the time, talent and treasure the Nazis wasted on the liquidation of civilians is astounding. Nazi inhumanity is well documented. The world knows of Nazi evil because the United States and Great Britain liberated these terrible places of death.

    No event in history killed more people that World War II. Sadly, those who participated in the victory..and even those who remember living through that time are leaving us.

    I left out the USSR. Stalin murdered millions before Hitler got started. Stalin eagerly entered the war as Hitler’s ally and Stalin was too obtuse to believe what Great Britain told him – that Nazi Germany were going to invade the USSR.

    Man needs God. The realization that man is a sinner, that his grand accomplishments are nothing compared to God, that God is the Creator, is what keeps us from behaving worse than animals.

    I remember a line form the movie with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. Pacino plays an attorney who is in reality Satan. Pacino tells Reeves, “the 20th century…it was ALL MINE!”

    Sometimes even a movie gets it right.

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A Moving Moment Outside The World's Largest Abortion Mill

Tuesday, June 8, AD 2010

An inspiring scene of Ramon refusing to cater for the new super abortion mill in Houston.

To help eliminate the world’s largest abortion mill in Houston contact the following groups:

Life Advocates of Houston

Texas Right to Life

Houston Coalition for Life

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

— Holy Gospel of Saint Luke 23:34 cf.

Ora pro nobis!

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3 Responses to A Moving Moment Outside The World's Largest Abortion Mill

  • Ramon, You are my hero! Thank God for a man like you who will stand up for his beliefs and who is so willing to share his heart for the unborn with others!

  • Great Ramon – you are my hero. I posted this on my blog. Ramon knows what many do not – that Planned Parenthood kills babies. They also target minorities with EUGENICS. Check out – Maafa21 for stunning documentation of this fact: http://www.maafa21.com

  • Ramon God will bless you tremendously for standing up for unborn babies and trusting in Him.