Conspiracies And Controversies

I have a coworker who is Catholic – not in a Nancy Pelosi sort of way, mind you.  He’s an ardent pro-lifer who really walks the walk – prays in front of a couple local abortuaries once or twice a month, and does a bit of sidewalk counseling as well.  He frequents the Sacrament of Confession often, attends Mass during the week, supports the Pope – just a solid all-around Catholic guy.


He has this one quirk that befuddles me.

He’s a truther. And a birther.  And lately, now, he’s become a deather.  And not in some casual, “hmmm-that-sure-seems-interesting-as-a-theory-I-wonder-if-that-might-be-true” sort of way.  He’s all in.  Compared to him, Fox Mulder is a doubter.  As far as I know, he hasn’t rigged his house a la Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory.  Still, he’s firm in his opinions and isn’t afraid to express them.

Now, it isn’t a sin to maintain an incorrect opinion, no matter how outlandish it is, on issues unrelated to faith and morals.  It may be stupid, but it isn’t necessarily sinful.  But what about those conspiracies that focus on the Church?  Not just the sex-abuse crisis conspiracy, or the sedevacantism one either. Continue reading

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