Klavan v. The Right Wing Devils

Friday, October 7, AD 2011


Right you are Klavan on the Culture!  Conservative talk show personalities do owe a great debt to one group which has contributed more to their success that any other group:  Liberals.   Many liberals, through their over the top hatred of dissenting views, helped give vast publicity to the figures they hated and thus helped launch their careers and continue to give them endless publicity.  So a round of applause for intolerant liberals!

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9 Responses to Klavan v. The Right Wing Devils

  • Did ESPN fire Hank Williams, Jr. for “comparing” Hitler with Obama?

    Hitler’s insanity led to the righteous destruction of Germany. Give him four more years. Obama hasn’t wrecked America, yet.

  • @T Shaw: Williams didn’t actually compare Hitler & Obama, he likened the situation of Boehner golfing with Obama to Hitler golfing with Israel’s PM Netanyahu because both pairs are polar opposites & have no business being friendly to each other.

    @Don: I’ve always loved Klavan videos that you post. He’s very on-the-point with a great personality.

  • Kyle, Klavan’s commentaries are some of the funniest and most insightful videos I have ever seen. I have never watched any of his videos without laughing out loud and coming away with something to think about.

  • That would be impossible.

    Hitler killed himself over 65 years ago.

    Plus, I don’t believe Hitler played golf.

    It seems ESPN doesn’t like country music . . .

  • Most elaborate Rick-roll ever. *grin*

    T. Shaw- my folks would tell you that Bocephus doesn’t generally do country music unless he’s covering his dad’s songs….

    Gotta love Klavan– if you make someone laugh, it makes it safe for them to consider what you’ve said.

  • Okay but you gotta admit Beck really is insane.

  • I have always thought RR that Beck is fairly loosely wired.

  • Did ESPN fire Hank Williams, Jr. for “comparing” Hitler with Obama?

    -T. Shaw

    That’s the story ESPN is telling. I’m amused that in their haste to accuse Hank Williams, Jr. of crimethink, the faux-outraged reflexively linked his mention of Hitler to Obama rather than Boehner. That gave away a lot about what America’s soft-core left really thinks of Obama.

  • I just discovered this site…humor, intelligence, common sense, traditional values and God all in one place. I feel like Will Smith in “I Am Legend”. I’m not alone! I may even consider converting to Catholisism (you’re not the guys that require c right?) I’m a little old for that. The Hank Jr. episode is just the most recent example of the collective farce that passes he Free Press these days…if I can’t get get a laugh out of it…depression sets in…so thank you Mr. Klaven, Et al. for your contributions to my mental health.