Cubs Win World Series

Thursday, November 3, AD 2016


The Chicago Cubs, breaking a 108 year drought, have won the World Series, defeating the Cleveland Indians in the seventh game of the Series, eight to seven.  The two teams were evenly matched, with the Cubs managing the very difficult feat of winning the final three games of the Series.  In the world to come I suspect Billy Sianis and his goat Murphy are not too unhappy at this turn of events.  Go here to read about them.  Since the Brexit in Britain vote I have been saying that 2016 is an unusual year, and, as any resident of the state of Illinois would agree, any year in which the Cubs win the World Series is a highly odd year indeed!

On a personal note, my late father, like his father before him, was a Cardinals fan.  My late grandfather, Ray McClarey, was born in 1908, the last time the Cubs won the Series. I did not inherit their appreciation of the game.  If there are televisions in Purgatory or in Heaven, I imagine they were among those cheering on the Cubs in the next world to victory.  God bless them, and God bless all those who can see the art and passion in a well played, and hard fought, athletic contest.

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4 Responses to Cubs Win World Series

  • I didn’t “have a dog in that fight.”
    Some thoughts: Joe Buck is one reason God created the mute button. I was happy when the Indians tied it late. Both managers over-managed, especially the pitching: both teams’ batters had seen enough (at bats and film) of Miller and Chapman to “touch them up” late in the seventh game.
    Never been to Cleveland. I spent a long, hot summer in Chicago/Obamatown two weeks in August 2014, was on the job.
    In conclusion, lock her up.

  • As a die hard Cleveland fan, I’d love to have seen them pull it out, crippled as they were it was a valiant effort. Still, I’m happy for the cubs … despite Joe Buck’s love affair with Schwarber.

  • I wanted Cleveland to win.

    In September 2015, a Cub slid into Pirate Jung Ho Kung, ostenibly to break up a double play. Kung was at least three feet away form second base, but got clobbered. His leg and ankle were broken unnecessarily and he was in a wheelchair for a while. Joe Maddon made a comment about “maybe he has plantar fasciites.”

    I hope they lose for the next 108 years.

  • Oh, the pain.
    Some over here were saying that maybe the Cubs winning after 108 years is an omen for the Irish.
    As you may or may not know, the Irish Rugby Union team played the NZ All Blacks today on Soldiers Field in Chicago in a test match – the Irish have not beaten the All Blacks in a test match for 111 years.
    So those bloody Irish beat us (the unbeaten All Blacks by any team internationally for over three years) for the first time in 111 years. Had to be the Chicago advantage 😉
    Congratulations to the Irish – they found weaknesses in the All Black defence and took full advantage.
    Of course, they had a Kiwi coach – from my own home town – who was able to show the Irish how to expose the greatest rugby team in the world (out of 73 countries) and now the Irish can thank their Catholic heritage for beating the pagans from the outer fringes of civilisation deep in the South Pacific.
    God Bless the Irish. 🙂

October 14, 1908: Cubs Win the World Series

Friday, October 14, AD 2016



Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States when the Cubs last won the World Series on October 14, 1908, defeating the Detroit Tigers 2-0.  Just barely within human memory, about one hundred Americans are still alive now who were alive then.  It was the second World Series win for the Cubs, their first being the year before in 1907.  Why the Cubs have had this championship drought, other than bad ball playing, has been a matter of much speculation.  The most popular explanation is the Curse of the Billy Goat.

In 1945 Billy Sianis, owner of the Billy Goat Tavern, was attending game four of the World Series being held in Wrigley Field, once again the Chicago Cubs facing the Detroit Tigers.  This being Chicago where odd characters are as common as blustery politicians, he brought his pet goat Murphy with him to the game.  Other patrons complained that the goat stank.  Sianis was thrown out.  As he was leaving Sianis was heard to say,“Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more!”.

When the Cubs lost the series, Sianis sent a telegram to P.K. Wrigley, the owner of the Cubs:  “Who stinks now?

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MLB Preview: NL Central

Wednesday, March 30, AD 2011

There are six teams in the NL Central, and we’re just about at opening day, so I’m going just going to give thumbnail sketches for this division. The Central is another tough division to forecast with three teams that seem capable of playing into October.  So who will win it all?

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One Response to MLB Preview: NL Central

  • As an Astros fan, it pains me to read this:

    Other than a terrible Major League roster, a black hole of a farm system, inept front office leadership, and a marginal financial resources, everything is looking up for the ‘Stros.

    But I do agree. I keep hoping for new ownership sometime soon.