An Easter Rescue for Captain Richard Phillips

Sunday, April 12, AD 2009

On this Easter, I would like to join in a commendation of Captain Richard Phillips — profiled here in the New York Times.

According to Reuters, when the U.S. Cargo ship Maersk Alabama was attacked by Somalian pirates on Wednesday, Captain Phillips told his crew to lock themselves in the cabin and offered his own life in exchange for their safety.

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6 Responses to An Easter Rescue for Captain Richard Phillips

  • Captain Phillips is one very brave man and an example of an officer who puts the welfare of his men first. The crew also deserves a commendation for retaking the ship. The United States Navy, as usual, performed superbly. This incident should be a wake-up call for the world. Too many areas are becoming dominated by these modern corsairs.

  • I’ll have to tell my friend Lou Cronin a “well-done” to convey to his two sons who are both Navy Seals!

  • This was wonderful news to get on Easter!

    And I hope that all of you had a good and blessed Easter!

  • Awesome news! Muslim pirates never seem to get the message about messing with America. From shores of Tripoli to the Horn of Africa!

  • I was traveling home & met a gentleman who knew Captain Phillips & several members of the crew. He told me that he believes the pirates took over the ship not realizing it was an American ship. When they figured out the ship was American, they were in the proverbial between a rock and a hard place moment. Kudos to the seals & the rest of the Navy for a very professional job well done. I hope that they will still be able to do so over the next four years!

  • As the wife of a Navy veteran (first Gulf War), I was pleased to hear this. Thanks to our faithful “squids” and all service personnel.