White House Meeting Ferments Beer Brew-hahha

Thursday, July 30, AD 2009

It’s not unusual for people attempting to smooth over a contentious discussion to say that they’d of course be willing to get together for a friendly beer some time. Apparently, when one has the resources and media visibility of the President, it’s possible to actually pull this off, but trouble can ensue.

When President Obama called Cambridge police officer Crowley last week to try to smooth over tension resulting from Obama’s declaration that Crowley’s arrest of Professor Gates had been “stupid”, Officer Crowley suggested that the three men should get together for a few beers. It seems that Obama thought this was a good idea, and a beer summit between the three men is currently scheduled to take place are scheduled to get together at a White House and knock back a couple cold ones.

However, this morning’s Wall Street Journal reveals that peace making is never simple, American brewers are upset over the likely offering at the beer fest:

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24 Responses to White House Meeting Ferments Beer Brew-hahha

  • Hard to fault the President’s fridge choices, at least for the first two. I’m especially fond of Red Stripe. However, I’ll stipulate that Blue Moon is a trifle overrated, if still solid.

    In the spirit of “Buy American,” let me suggest the fine Texas brew Jay Anderson put me on the trail of: Shiner Bock.

  • I agree with Dale that Blue Moon is overrated. There are many other domestics of its type that beat it hands down.

    As I am an IPA fan, I’d pick Sierra Nevada’s or even Anchor Steam’s.

  • I agree with the above about Blue Moon. Still hard to fault anyone who prefers it because it’s still far better than any of the American mass-market brews. You want to rail on the evil effects of a consumerist society – start there!

  • Yes on the Shiner, Dale! But I doubt the President would go for a Texas beer.

  • They could have compromised, maybe Rolling Rock….anyway, I am a big fan of Shiner and Blue Moon. And people do rightly state that Blue Moon can be overrated – but I bet they have yet to try it from the tap with an orange slice. Finally, I also like several of the beers people tend to make of – namely Miller GD and HL.

    Or maybe I drink too much…..

  • Blue Moon isn’t my choice of beer, but with an orange slice and from the tap, it isn’t bad.

    Red Strip and Bud Light are terrible choices.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, Shiner and Abita are excellent American choices. Better than the name-brand stuff, and much better than the West coast micros (I think it was Anchor Steam that I was given a little glass of in one of those taster deals-couldn’t finish it, it was so nasty.)

  • I’ll give the President his due. This is a good idea and kudos for him for running with it.

    Now if they’d only serve PBR in tall cans…

  • I just tried Shiner Bock for the first time last week – it was very good. As a Chicago fellow, I would hope the President preferred Goose Island – maybe a Honkers Ale.

  • Zak,

    I love Goose Island 312.

  • One could pretty easily list off two dozen breweries whose offerings are better than the brews on offer at the White Hous, but if we’re calling out local favorites I have to stand up for St. Arnold’s (down in Houston) over the more mass market Shiner. Also Independence Brewery here in Austin, with a solid Independence Ale (classic American pale ale) and for those who don’t like the bitterness as much, Bootlegger Brown Ale.

  • Let’s through in Smuttynose also.

  • And to wrap up, if one is ever in Boise, go to The Ram and get the Buttface. Its pronounced the way its spelled.

  • I am partial to the Otter Creek brews myself, particularly the Stove Pipe Porter. But I’m also down with the “Champagne of Beers”: Miller High Life.

  • Paul, I’ve never had any Otter Creek’s before but I sure appreciate a nice porter. Darwin turned me onto Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter – it’s an old English brew. Dude, it’s beautiful…

    Oh, Rogue’s Mocha Porter has a lot of character and believe it or not, Samuel Adam’s Honey Porter is really nice.

  • Apparently the Beer Summit is inspiring all sort of beer related analysis.

  • But I doubt the President would go for a Texas beer.

    His loss, Jay.

  • I think it’d be funny if the president drank Arrogant Bastard Ale.

  • After moving to Texas a few years ago, I fell for Shiner hard.

    It’s what I order every time here in Houston.

    God help me if I ever visit out of state or if a restaurant doesn’t carry Shiner.

    I’ll have to “regress” to rum or scotch beverages.

  • As one of the rare breed of mostly Irish Americans who are life-long abstainers from beverages containing alcohol, I will not venture an opinion of the beer to be served. I would merely note that if any DC cops are below their DUI quota of tickets, this get together presents possibilities!

  • Not a summit, just a beer, Obama says


    Beer offer turns Gates situation into brewhaha

    Wilmore noted that Gates had said “yo mama” during his confrontation with Crowley.

    “How many decades has he been holding that in?” Wilmore said. “Did he call him a jive turkey, too?”

    Wilmore did have one thing in common with white comics: He couldn’t resist a beer joke.

    “Alcohol — that’ll end well,” he said. “Booze isn’t how you resolve a racial conflict. It’s how you start one.”

  • Killian’s Red is good– very inexpensive, yet high enough quality that my Guiness-snob beer drinker friends enjoy it without qualm. (Me, I enjoy both Killians and PBR cans.)

    Wanna be practical, a variety pack of Weinhards would probably be the way to go, though.

    Wait, I suggested practicality… for a college professor and a politician… where was my mind?

  • They could’ve gone with Yuengling,(Oldest AMERICAN beer)!