As a rule I abhor conspiracy theories.  However, it would be ahistoric of me to deny that conspiracies have occurred.  John Hinderaker at Powerline points us to a liberal site that begins to draw lines between some disturbing dots:


James Kunstler is a liberal who has a site called Clusterf*** Nation. Although a liberal, he casts a cold, intelligent eye on the follies of our time. The linked post begins by questioning why anyone would believe Christine Ford. What follows is an explosive theme:

I believe that the Christine Blasey Ford gambit was an extension of the sinister activities underway since early 2016 in the Department of Justice and the FBI to un-do the last presidential election, and that the real and truthful story about these seditious monkeyshines is going to blow wide open.

Stunning if true.

It turns out that the Deep State is a small world. Did you know that the lawyer sitting next to Dr. Ford in the Senate hearings, one Michael Bromwich, is also an attorney for Andrew McCabe, the former FBI Deputy Director fired for lying to investigators from his own agency and currently singing to a grand jury? What a coincidence. Out of all the lawyers in the most lawyer-infested corner of the USA, she just happened to hook up with him.

It’s a matter of record that Dr. Ford traveled to Rehobeth Beach Delaware on July 26, where her Best Friend Forever and former room-mate, Monica McLean, lives, and that she spent the next four days there before sending a letter July 30 to Senator Diane Feinstein that kicked off the “sexual assault” circus. Did you know that Monica McClean was a retired FBI special agent, and that she worked in the US Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York under Preet Bharara, who had earlier worked for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer?

Could Dr. Ford have spent those four days in July helping Christine Blasey Ford compose her letter to Mrs. Feinstein? Did you know that Monica McClean’s lawyer, one David Laufman is a former DOJ top lawyer who assisted former FBI counter-intel chief Peter Strozk on both the Clinton and Russia investigations before resigning in February this year — in fact, he sat in on the notorious “unsworn” interview with Hillary in 2016. Wow! What a really small swamp Washington is!

Of all the gin joints lawyers in all the towns in all the world, she walks in with one from the FBI. Funny coincidence.

Go here to read the rest.  Things about the Ford allegations that raise huge red flags:

  1. Her success in scrubbing her social media presence.  I have never seen such a successful job of scubbing.  She had to have top level help.
  2. The Christine Ford that showed up at the hearing was apparently quite different from the Christine Ford prior to the hearing, in voice and general presentation of herself.
  3. Why no comments from her family, other than her husband and his side of the family?
  4. She cited the second front door of her house as precipitating couples’ counseling in 2012, during which she revealed to her husband that her desire for a second door was caused by anxiety as a result of her alleged encounter back in the early eighties with Brett Kavanaugh.  In fact, the door went in during 2008 and a business was conducted at that new entrance.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that this was a setup which assumed that in the face of the mere allegation Kavanaugh would withdraw or Trump would pull his nomination, demonstrating a grave misunderstanding as to both Kavanaugh and Trump.  Records need to be subpoenaed, especially communications between the legal team of Ms. Ford and the staff of Democrat senators.  This nation was put through hell over allegations that were likely a fraud from the beginning and that at least some of the Democrat senators may well have known were a fraud.



Witness Tampering?


Late Thursday night, the Wall Street Journal reported that Leland Keyser, a friend of Dr. Fords, “felt pressured by Dr. Ford’s allies to revisit her initial statement that she knew nothing about an alleged sexual assault by a teenage Brett Kavanaugh, which she later updated to say that she believed but couldn’t corroborate Dr. Ford’s account, according to people familiar with the matter.”

From the WSJ:

On Thursday, a day after sending to the White House the report on its investigation into the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, the FBI sent the White House and Senate an additional package of information that included text messages from Ms. McLean to Ms. Keyser, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Ms. McLean’s lawyer, David Laufman, said in a statement: “Any notion or claim that Ms. McLean pressured Leland Keyser to alter Ms. Keyser’s account of what she recalled concerning the alleged incident between Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh is absolutely false.”

Ms. Keyser’s lawyer on Sept. 23 said in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee that she had no recollection of attending a party with Judge Kavanaugh, whom she said she didn’t know. That same day, however, she told the Washington Post that she believed Dr. Ford. On Sept. 29, two days after Dr. Ford and the judge testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ms. Keyser’s attorney sent a letter to the panel saying his client wasn’t refuting Dr. Ford’s account and that she believed it but couldn’t corroborate it.

A person close to the former classmates said it was her understanding that mutual friends of Dr. Ford and Ms. Keyser, including Ms. McLean, had contacted Ms. Keyser after her initial statement to warn her that her statement was being used by Republicans to rebut the allegation against Judge Kavanaugh. The friends told Ms. Keyser that if she had intended to say she didn’t remember the party—not that it had never happened—that she should clarify her statement, the person said, adding that the friends hadn’t “pressured” Ms. Keyser.

Ms. McLean is Monica McLean, a former FBI agent, the same woman, the alleged lifelong best friend of Christine Blasey Ford, who, according to a former boyfriend of Ford, Ford coached back in the nineties on how to take a polygraph test, Ms. Ford of course at the hearing last week feigned no knowledge at all about polygraphs.  Go here to read the statement by the former boyfriend.  During her testimony last week I suspected that Ms. Ford was simply a wack job.  My suspicion of an orchestrated hit against Brett Kavanaugh rises by the hour.