O God Our Help in Ages Past

Saturday, November 10, AD 2012

Something for the weekend.  After the election results this week, I suspect that O God Our Help in Ages Past, sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford, will be of consolation to many of us.  Written by Isaac Watts in 1719 it is a magnificent hymn based on Psalm 89. (Psalm 90 in Protestant Bibles.)  The hymn is sung to the tune of Saint Anne written in 1708 by William Croft.  Here is the text of Psalm 89 which reminds us of the omnipotence of God in spite of the transitory events of this life that preoccupy us:

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7 Responses to O God Our Help in Ages Past

  • You are a gem, Don.

  • Thank you Mike! Tennessee Ernie Ford had an unforgettable voice and hearing him belt out this hymn never fails to raise my spirits.

  • when a bit discouraged- just a bit– I have sighed o God and then realized my sighed expression was in the same interval of those notes of this song– and then of course happily and naturally go on to our help in ages past

  • An an apt morning and night Hymn for the American Catholic Faithful at this time when all seems lost.

  • That’s what our adversaries would like us to think Mary. We have lost a battle not the war. The political pendulum will swing back as it normally does, and much sooner than the doomsayers think.

  • You are the eternal optimist, Donald. I again pray your prognostication is correct.

  • You are spot on Paul. Donald is absolutely right. Always remember the Scandal of the Cross which became the Key to our Salvation. The Catholic Church is strongest when She appears defeated. The Church Triumphant is “in the trenches” as I write this to rescue the Church Militant