PopeWatch: Sarah Palin

Monday, November 18, AD 2013



Sarah Palin and Pope Francis!  Yes, PopeWatch is shooting for a thousand hits on this post!  Last week Sarah ran afoul of what PopeWatch assumes must be a new eleventh commandment:  Thou shalt not criticize Pope Francis!  Here is the offending video:


She actually said that she was taken aback because of a few things she had heard in the media indicating that some of the stances of the Pope seem liberal, but she goes on to state that she has not studied this in detail and that she was not going to trust the media.  PopeWatch thinks that such mild comments might even pass muster with a Francis defender like Mark Shea, who, if the Pope ever decreed that all Catholics must paint their bottoms yellow, would no doubt only inquire what shade.

So far, so banal.  However, what is interesting is that Palin felt compelled to apologize the next day:

An accurate statement of her initial remarks which were directed much more against the media than as criticism of the Pope.  However, PopeWatch finds it telling how quickly the apology/clarification came.  Criticizing Pope Francis is becoming a taboo, even when the criticism is not really criticism.

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