Blogburst Friday – Political Thuggery II: The Brett Kimberlin Saga (Updated)

In my post last week, I alluded to the ordeal involving the blogger Aaron Walker (who blogged under the name Aaron Worthing) and his run-in with convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin.  Kimberlin pressed assault charges against Walker, and Walker completely denies the allegations.  Dan Collins had an excellent summary of the entire story.

This was just the tip of the iceberg.  Earlier this week, the blogger Stacy McCain felt threatened enough to leave the state of Maryland  after, as McCain claimed, Kimberlin contacted McCain’s wife’s employer.  McCain has continued to post about Kimberlin, and suspects that Kimberlin is the man behind the blog (and twitter account) Breitbart Unmasked.

The story has slowly picked up steam through out the blogosphere.  Initially it was only mid-sized and smaller bloggers, but then Michelle Malkin – a writer intimately familiar with intimidation tactics – talked about this on Wednesday.  Ace of Spades has been all over this as well, providing some more background information about Kimberlin.  Lee Stranahan, meanwhile, has posted a video that provides more context for who Kimberlin is and what he did in 1978. also provides some more background information.

Once dubbed “The Wizard of Odd” by Time Magazine, you may recognize the name Brett Kimberlin for much more than Justice Through Music or Velvet Revolution, especially if you’re from Indiana. That’s because in 1981, Kimberlin, then the owner of vegetarian restaurant Good Earth, was finally convicted of a week-long bombing spree in Indianapolis, IN in which eight separate bombs caused extensive property damage, destroyed a police cruiser, and severely maimed a man, which eventually led to the man’s suicide. Kimberlin’s story has so often been overlooked or understated by the national media, which unfortunately all but failed to follow up on what were later proven by the same journalist who first reported on his story to be mistruths. But locals to IN know exactly what happened and have never forgotten it since. It’s time the public got the full story.

Infamously known as “The Speedway Bomber,” Brett Kimberlin exploded his eighth and final bomb on September 6, 1978, which nearly blew off the right leg of his victim, Carl DeLong, and seriously injured the man’s left leg and right hand, causing his leg to be amputated. DeLong committed suicide two years later, unable to cope with the pain and devastation of his injuries. The victim’s wife Sandra later won a civil judgment against Kimberlin for $1.6 million.

Police had immediately suspected Kimberlin in the bombing case. He’d been in trouble since high school, was a suspected drug trafficker and he was already the suspect in a murder that had occurred only months earlier.

Chris Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal links to several others.  Of particular note is Patrick Frey, who blogs as Patterico.  Frey has had his own run-ins with Kimberlin and his associates, and has posted an amazingly detailed account of how his life was placed in jeopardy.

So why should you care?  First of all, Kimberlin isn’t some isolated individual. As Patterico’s post in particular demonstrates, there are Democrat activists who freely associate with him. Further, he has received funding from the likes of Barbara Streisand and others.

More importantly, this entire saga shines a light on a very real pattern of intimidation against conservatives.  Make no mistake about it – there are certain individuals on the left who are actively working to suppress points of view that run contrary to liberal dogma. Instead of countering our arguments, these titans of intolerance prefer to use bullying tactics in order to shut us down.

These bullying tactics will not work, and in fact they seem to be only working to motivate conservative bloggers to be even more active and vigilant.  That’s why today there is an organized blogburst for freedom, and I am proud to be a part of that. I do not speak for my co-bloggers on this subject, but I for one refuse to be intimidated into silence.

Also see Bob Belvedere at the Camp of the Saints for a roundup of other bloggers participating in today’s blogburst.

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