For Greater Glory: Interview With Andy Garcia

Thursday, May 3, AD 2012

Ed Morrissey’s interview with Andy Garcia, the star of For Greater Glory, the film opening on June 1, retelling the heroic tale of the Cristeros, and their fight for the liberty of the Catholic Church and religious freedom in Mexico in the twenties of the last century.  Go here to read my post on the film and the historical background.  I can’t wait to see this film, which couldn’t be coming out at a more opportune time when the Church in this country is waging a fight for religious liberty.  Viva Cristo Rey!

8 Responses to For Greater Glory: Interview With Andy Garcia

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  • Why isn’t this taught in Catholic schools here in America?

    Our increasingly numerous Spanish-speaking bishops have no excuse for this omission in the Catholic schools within their own diocese. CCD classes should cover this too.

    (Same goes for the truth history of the Crusades. On that topic, no U.S. bishop has an excuse.)

  • I love the fact that Mr. Garcia decided to do this film but he should not generalize and say that most Mexican-Americans and even Mexicans don’t know this part of Mexican History. My grandfather fought in this war and I grew up hearing stories about the Cristeros. I was also tought about this all thru my collage years and it is in many Mexican History books.

  • It is about time people see that Catholics are prepared to die for Love Of God. Respect for religious freedom does not apply just to the Jews and Muslims of the World. Todays Catholics should look at this movie and model their lives on the Love The CRISTERO showed for the Divine Kinship of Christ.
    VIV Cristo REX!!!!

  • I am anxiously awaiting the release of this movie in the USA. My grandparents (now in their 90’s) were part of this fight. They tell us that they left everything behind to support the church and started all over with nothing being forced to learn to live in caves, but well worth it.

  • God bless your grandparents Silvia!

  • I think this shows the faithfulness of the Hispanic Catholics dating back already to the times when Spain was being oppressed by the Moors.

  • I commend Andy Garcia for bringing a story of FAITH to a wider audience that shows the power of a secular government cannot defeat a determined people. It is especially timely today with the present administration working to deny Religious Freedom, a FREEDOM that Americans enjoyed since the founding of this country. I do not understand why Mexico cannot revise their constitution to enshrine not only those Religious Freedoms that were revised but also to revise and strenthen The Rule Of Law that would allow Prosperity for a people who are naturally Industrious, and restricts the GREED of politicians.