8 Responses to Bishop Tobin On The Factor

  • “..state of Grace, you’ve heard that term.” It kills me how pathetically uneducated these folks like O’Reilly are on Catholic teaching. He doesn’t know the moral difference between abortion and the death penalty? Where is Alan Keyes when you need him?

  • What an excellent and charitable explanation the good bishop offered.

    I pray for more bishops like His Excellency that will finally execute their ecclesial duties and be our true shepherds!

  • I usually like Bill, except when he’s talking about the Church or economics – then he’s as misinformed as the idiots that watch Matthews.

  • [email protected]!

  • I’m not sure that O’Reilly’s question concerning the Dealth Penalty vs. Abortion was showing his uninformed perspective on the situation, but rather he was trying to be a bit journalistic. If he did not ask that question, for example, than those who would shout “Hypocrisy!” about those two issues regarding the Church would not know why they were incorrect.

  • Bishops Tobin comes across as quite fanatical.

  • Nope, he comes across as teaching precisely what the Church teaches on abortion.

  • “Bishop Tobin comes across as quite fanatical.”

    From the Spirit of Vatican II Dictionary:

    fanatic, n.

    Etymology: Latin “fanaticus” inspired by a deity, frenzied, from fanum temple, Date: 1550

    An articulate advocate for a cause or moral position uncongenial to the hearer.

    Antonym: prophet.