5 Responses to Requiescat In Pace: Don Rickles

  • RIP, funny man. I think about people who got a smile out of him, when things were pretty bleak. People who knew him said he was a nice man.

    Only thing, I doubt he would have roasted Chuck Norris.

  • Growing up and watching him slam his peers was gut splitting funny. Quick and to the core he had incredible timing and wit. Indeed, Rest in Peace Mr. Rickles.

  • Rickles was funny without being vulgar. Nobody roasts Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris does not roast Chuck Norris.

  • Pickles, like so many of the great comedians, had a sense of the absurd. We laughed because he told the truth about our common humanity with
    barbs that had no sting.

  • Here he is roasting then-Gov. Ronald Reagan. Rickles could target someone with insult humor without making them feel insulted.