PopeWatch: Smart

Friday, March 10, AD 2017


In his latest interview Pope Francis was asked about the posters in Rome criticizing him:


In an interview with Pope Francis released today by the German newspaper Die Zeit, Pope Francis comments on the controversial posters that went up around Rome last month criticizing him for lacking in mercy. The posters, which one Vatican Cardinal called “the work of the devil,” Pope Francis called “great” and developed by “a clever person.”

The posters, found all over Rome, read: “Ah Francis, you have intervened in Congregations, removed priests, decapitated the Order of Malta and the Franciscans of the Immaculate, ignored Cardinals … but where is your mercy?” The posters featured a photo of a cranky looking Pope Francis on his throne wrapped in a thick coat.

Asked by Die Zeit if he felt attacked by the Curia, Pope Francis said he was at peace, adding: “I can understand how my way of dealing with things is not liked by some, that is totally in order. Everybody can have their opinion. That is legitimate and humanly enriching.”

When the interviewer followed up asking if the posters were enriching, Francis replied “the Roman dialect of the posters was great. That was not written by anyone on the street, but by a clever person.” The interviewer interjected, “Somebody from the Vatican?” to which Francis quipped, “No, I said a clever person (laughs).”

“Either way, that was great!” he concluded.


Go here to read the rest.  Well played, Your Holiness, well played.

4 Responses to PopeWatch: Smart

  • Cleverness is using ambiguity to allow for small cracks in doctrine. “Somebody from the Vatican?” – DZ “No, I said a cleaver person.”-PF

    Pastoral Care for the sinner’s who have repented and those yet to repent are found in the teachings of the Holy Church and ministered from Priests in each diocese.
    The fashion of our current culture shouldn’t change the teachings, should it? No.

    My concern is that once a fissure starts it can weaken the vessel. If the vessel fails the absence of living water can not satisfy the the thirsty souls who seek Truth. The Church will not fail. Regardless of Pastoral Care/carelessness.

    Praying for clear water.

  • “Clever person” seems like reference to the devil. “Every person can have an opinion a reference to Relativism and “peace” a reference to spiritual discernment, but in this case thick necked.

  • I assume a papal endorsement of Eye of the Tiber will be forthcoming!

  • That was funny. Humor and truth go together. Perhaps prayers for the Pope are working. Let’s hope so.