When Fake Messiahs Bleed

Monday, October 15, AD 2012


There is a great scene in Kipling’s story The Man Who Would Be King.  Two British adventurers take over  a fictional kingdom, with one of them pretending to be a god.  The whole exploit goes pear-shaped when the “god” attempts to marry a local girl.  She belts him and he begins to bleed.  The local pagan priests seeing this yell out, “Neither God nor Devil but a man!” and things head badly south for the two  conmen.


Something similar has happend to the erstwhile South side Messiah since his first debate with Romney.  Byron York interviewed a young woman who, I think, speaks now for many in her generation:


Danielle Low, a 22 year-old preschool teacher in Lebanon, is the quintessential Romney target voter.  In 2008, she was newly eligible to vote, and she chose Barack Obama. “But then I gave birth to my first son, and I knew we needed a change,” Low said. “We bought a house in ’09 and we’re struggling every day, my husband and I are.  I just want to see things turn around.  I want to be able to afford to have another child.  I want to be able to afford to buy a house where we want to live, and right now, with the economy the way it is, we can’t do that.”

“I think President Obama tricked me into voting for him,” Low continued in an impromptu discussion that could have doubled as a Romney ad.  “I feel like he lied to me.  He made promises he couldn’t keep.  He played on my young emotions.  He played on me because I was young and naïve.  I didn’t know anything about the world.  I believed that he was going to give us a change.  I just feel like he made a lot of promises — there’s no way he followed through with them.  I haven’t seen any change.  I’ve seen change for the worse, not change for the better.  So I hope Mitt Romney can carry us through the next four years.”

Go here to read the rest.  In this vale of tears conmen can go very far indeed with a good line of malarkey.  However, when the rubes who have bought the con wake up, there is the devil to pay for the conmen.

4 Responses to When Fake Messiahs Bleed

  • Donald. Where in the world wide Web???
    You haul in some great materials, and this clip is priceless. Well done.
    Let’s pray Danielle and our clip star are just two of millions of kool-aid drinkers that have shaken off the “bad buzz” and become sober once more.
    Thanks again.

  • Thank you Philip. It is amazing what can be found with some digging.

  • I enjoy you and the all of the other “Fulton Sheen” presenters on your site.
    I live my faith however the lack of formal education shines into my response…so please be patient. My brothers laugh while saying big heart, small brain. It’s okay. I recall a pearl; “knowledge puffith up-while love buildith up.”
    The exception is the majority of your contributors, yourself included.
    Thank you for your research.

  • I’ve recently realized my “Emperor’s New Clothes” analogy regarding Obama was completely erroneous.

    The “New Clothes” are there, but they are are empty. The emperor is grossly deficient.

    Many of us saw it in 2008.

    “Youth is wasted on the young.” I think Yogi Berra.