The White House and Sexualityism

Tuesday, September 11, AD 2012

While I understand the USCCB’s commitment to framing the HSS Mandate exclusively in terms of religious liberty, I have been, since the beginning, reminding people that it is in fact a contraception issue. Politically it may make sense to focus on religious liberty, but morally, the two are inseparable. Well-known law professor Helen Alvaré has a very well-written piece at the Witherspoon Institute:

It should be noted that sexualityism is no more than a theory about a claimed cause of women’s happiness—i.e., that its growth is directly proportional to women’s ability to express themselves sexually without commitment and without the possibility of children. The HHS mandate stands on this theory. In a world of easy availability of birth control and abortion, the only reason for a federal mandate for a “free” and universal supply is to try to send the sexualityism message. The White House has all but come out and said: “women of America, vote for the incumbent this presidential election year because he supports women’s equality and freedom, which he understands to include at the very least nonmarital and nonprocreative sexual expression.” Why else choose Sandra Fluke—an affluent, single, female law student, who demands a taxpayer-subsidized, 365-day supply of birth control as the price of female equality—as your spokeswoman? While every savvy media outlet understands the political theater going on here with the whole “war on women,” anti-Republicans message, still when the White House uses its powerful bully pulpit to send such a message, cultural damage is done.

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2 Responses to The White House and Sexualityism

  • There is little if any difference between the Democrats and the ancient Israelites who worshipped the goddess Ashteroth before fertility poles and made their children to walk in fire as sacrifice before the Canaanite god Molech. And God, since He does NOT change, will deal with this country in the same way that He dealt with Judah and Israel for these crimes against humanity and against Him.

  • Congress has no authentic authority to dispense with or waive the informed consent of their constituents. Tax money from all citizens pays for any edict Sebelius chooses to include in the Affordable Health Care Act at her will, after the fact. The next HHS mandate Sebelius is most likely to make with the blessing of Obama and Congress’ neglect of their constituents may well be, and it can be, that no man can say “NO” to any female who wants to have sexualityism expression with him. Sexualityism is another form of male subjugation, after emasculation and redefinition of the human male, by our culture.