“Kids” Living With Their Parents Forever Thanks to Obama

Just how far in the tank is the Mainstream Media for Obama this election year?  Time gives us an example:

Just how much of a bummer is it to be well past the age of adulthood and  still living under your parent’s roof? As this living arrangement grows  increasingly common, the perception is that it’s not so bad after all. In fact,  living with mom and dad can be pretty sweet. According to a new survey, young  adults who live with their parents are nearly as likely to say they are  satisfied with their housing situation as those who live on their own.

Last fall, a study revealed that the number of young adults living with  their parents had soared. Prior to the recession, 4.7 million Americans ages 25  to 34 lived with their folks. As of last year, though, the number had increased  to 5.9 million, thanks largely to years of widespread high unemployment and  underemployment for young workers—who often simply did not have the money to  move out of their own.

Go here to read the unintentionally hilarious rest.   Massive amounts of adults having to live with their parents due to a truly lousy economy would be played to the hilt as an unmitigated disaster by the Mainstream Media if the President had an “R” after his name.  However, with Obama it is perceived as a hot new trend that is working out surprisingly well for many people.  (Pity the survey they cite didn’t also survey the parents footing the bill.)  Young people were among the top supporters for Obama in 2008 and they have received many blessings from him as a result:  exploding student loan debt,  endless rounds of funemployment and the opportunity of living like you are 14 again with Mommie and Daddie after college.  Best of all, publications like Time telling you that things are going just swell as you line up with 40 or 50 other grads for a job opening in the food service industry!  The best of all possible worlds, brought to you courtesy of the Obama Administration and the Mainstream Media!