A Leftist Who Gets It

Monday, December 28, AD 2009

Some people on the Left are beginning to understand just what a disaster Obama is turning out to be for them.  Go here to read this interesting column by a fellow who can clearly see the electoral iceberg to which Obama is steering.  Content advisory:  the author is an academic and a Leftist, so there is some jejune profanity

8 Responses to A Leftist Who Gets It

  • “The rest of us poor slobs out here in real-world land, on the other hand, got a “jobs summit”.

    This is delicious, considering that the author has a tenure protected job.

  • Tenure makes it hard to get fired, but not impossible.

  • A Union employee in academia is almost as hard to can. A friend of mine worked three years to terminate a Union employee who showed up to work about 50% of the time and who did absolutely nothing when she appeared.

  • Obama’s done.

    Once he begins losing his base he’s lost his second term.

    At first I couldn’t even think it.

    Then I couldn’t believe it was even possible.

    Now it not only is possible, but tipping to probable that President Obama will lose his second term and lose by a landslide a la Carter.

    and somehow be even worse than Jimmah’?!

  • Bart Stupak for president!

  • Remember when professors used to write in some semblance of a professional manner? Good grief!

    U.S. Politics are fickle; George H. W. Bush had an 89 percent approval rating only two years prior to his reelection attempt, and still lost the election. There is still a lot of ground to cover between now and 2012. Obama’s fortunes could change several times between now and then.

  • Dminor,

    You are correct, but let me enjoy my fantasy!

  • “Obama’s fortunes could change several times between now and then.”

    It could well be Dminor. However, some Presidents get in the doldrums and stay there. A prime example is Jimmy Carter.