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Wednesday, August 9, AD 2017

Warning: I talk about abortion, morals, and loss here, so if you think you can’t handle that, for whatever reason (whether it is triggering to your own loss; you feel it might be judgemental of choice – and it will be, because this is an opinion column – or simply because you don’t want to read about abortion) that’s fine; don’t click the read more as I have put this behind a blog cut. If you do, however, you don’t get to be offended about my opinions.

This is, however, from the perspective of a woman who has lost two babies of her own, through stillbirth and SIDs. This is not a religious opinion either, but a purely factually scientific one which is admittedly against abortion.

Read it HERE.

Short version? Biologically, human offspring is human before birth. Failure to recognize and deal with that is irrational.
Sub-note, lady isn’t Catholic, although she’s from that tradition and sympathetic to it.

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  • She lost two kids— one still-born just a bit off of age from my eldest son, and one born before my youngest daughter who passed away shortly after she was born.

    She has a definite connection to the issue.

  • must go to Mass now. Will blog later. PRAYERS

  • 384 years before Jesus Christ, founder of the Catholic Church, the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle said that the rational soul is the form of the human body. The transcendent, metaphysical, immortal human soul directs the life of the newly begotten sovereign person after fertilization, sovereign personhood being a faculty of the soul. The soul is the spiritual, non material attribute of the human being infused at fertilization of the egg by the sperm by “their Creator.”
    Death is defined as the soul leaving the body. (The rational, immortal, human soul is the breath of life for the body)
    With death defining the issue, who can argue that religion, man’s relationship with his “Creator” is the culprit?
    With death defining the human being, who can argue that man has control over life and death without recourse to “their Creator”?
    That a person is cheated out of his or her informed consent is criminal, illegal and unconstitutional.

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