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Two of the Pope’s allies, Antonio Spadaro S.J., Editor-in-chief of La Civiltà Cattolica and Marcelo Figueroa, Presbyterian pastor, Editor-in-chief of the Argentinean edition of L’Osservatore Romano, have launched a bizarre, spittle-flecked attack in the Vatican organ  La Civiltà Cattolica  on everyone to the right of Barack Obama in the United States:


Appealing to the values of fundamentalism, a strange form of surprising ecumenism is developing between Evangelical fundamentalists and Catholic Integralists brought together by the same desire for religious influence in the political sphere.

Some who profess themselves to be Catholic express themselves in ways that until recently were unknown in their tradition and using tones much closer to Evangelicals. They are defined as value voters as far as attracting electoral mass support is concerned. There is a well-defined world of ecumenical convergence between sectors that are paradoxically competitors when it comes to confessional belonging. This meeting over shared objectives happens around such themes as abortion, same-sex marriage, religious education in schools and other matters generally considered moral or tied to values. Both Evangelical and Catholic Integralists condemn traditional ecumenism and yet promote an ecumenism of conflict that unites them in the nostalgic dream of a theocratic type of state.

However, the most dangerous prospect for this strange ecumenism is attributable to its xenophobic and Islamophobic vision that wants walls and purifying deportations. The word “ecumenism” transforms into a paradox, into an “ecumenism of hate.” Intolerance is a celestial mark of purism. Reductionism is the exegetical methodology. Ultra-literalism is its hermeneutical key.

Clearly there is an enormous difference between these concepts and the ecumenism employed by Pope Francis with various Christian bodies and other religious confessions. His is an ecumenism that moves under the urge of inclusion, peace, encounter and bridges. This presence of opposing ecumenisms – and their contrasting perceptions of the faith and visions of the world where religions have irreconcilable roles – is perhaps the least known and most dramatic aspect of the spread of Integralist fundamentalism. Here we can understand why the pontiff is so committed to working against “walls” and any kind of “war of religion.”

Go here to read the rest.  The article reads like the ravings found on paranoid leftist websites.  PopeWatch has no doubt that it accurately represents what the Pope thinks of American conservatives in general, and American Catholic conservatives in particular.  He has no understanding or even knowledge of us and engages in the crudest of stereotypes of the secular far left.  God help us all with such a head case at the head of Mother Church.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Mark Shea gushed over that very article. If Mark Shea thinks it’s good, guaranteed it’s a load of mentally deranged tripe.

  2. This sadly isnt bizzare. It is typical and represents what Jorge Bergoglio and his henchmen think. It also represents what the USCCB and most of the Church in America thinks. Recently Msg McSweeney of the largest Catholic Parish in the US – St. Matthews in Charlotte, NC – gave an interview in the Charlotte Observer and spoke with much the same thought and tone as what you see here. My commentary on this is located at:


    I ensured that St. Matthews and the Chancery of the Diocese of Charlotte got a copy. I shall ever receive a response. But I will tell you this: I shall never ever darken the door of one of these kinds of parishes again. I would rather go Orthodox than ever give those liberal Katholycks any credence whatsoever. All those lilly white rich liberal sophisticated “beautiful people” from the Ballantyne area of Charlotte are transplants from the godless liberal northeast. They flee what they voted for themselves in government and what they demanded for themselves in Church, and then they dare to come down here and recreate the failure from which they run away. They and their effeminancy and their social justice crap disgust me. Altar girls, womyn lectors, etc……enough is enough! Where is the Patrimony of authentic Catholicism!

    One thing is certain. Death will one day take us all. That includes Msg McSweeney and Jorge Bergoglio. And we will all answer to God for our sins. All of us. Yes, me included, especially me. But at least I can say, “Drunkard was I once, liberal never was I.”

  3. I notice that Papa Bergoglio’s henchmen attacked American conservatives and by extension Traditionalists. Well, bring it on. This wingnut of a Pontiff will not dare touch Summorum Pontificum. Not willing he or any offish henchmen utter a word about Poland’s refusal to take in Muslims or adopt his silly encyclicals.
    I am far from perfect. I’m a sinner in need of Confession. I struggle and fail, but I refuse to be beaten down by left wing blabbermouths. They lose in the end. The Pope is ignorant of history. My ancestors were Polish, and I am not ignorant of history.

  4. Thank God corrupt, incompetent Hillary lost and is not 24/7 doing this to the USA.

    I stopped reading in the middle of the first paragraph when I realized that I have no idea what are the definitions of the serial, liberal swear words they were spewing.

    Evidently, the liberal imbecile and idiot intellectual believe all that liberal crap. Sad!

  5. I wouldn’t call what you quote ‘spittle-flecked’, but it is stupid. You have to wonder of the people yammering about ‘theocratic state’ actually believe this or whether they’re just talking to their marks.

  6. As I said to someone on Facebook:

    Spadaro’s piece is hackery. Rushdoony’s corpse is given the Pope Formosus treatment by every ignoramus bent on seeing The Handmaid’s Tale being hatched in every rural evangelical chapel.


    His small core of disciples have scattered to the four winds (Gary North was last seen warning people about Y2K) and the Old Testament penal code has been instituted in the following states since Rushdoony assumed room temperature:


    It’s twaddle written by someone who gave Spadaro the HuffPo Guide To American Religion. If he submitted it as a paper in a 200 level course, he’d get a D.
    That, and it’s painfully clear the insight-impaired Spadaro is no de Tocqueville.

  7. twaddle, noun–trivial, silly, feeble, tedious talk or writing…..synonym–bull crap
    (tip of the hat to fellow commenter Dale Price)

  8. Finally, the Vatican is waking up. Now, we need excommunications. With the debate over Trumpcare, now is the time we should be seeing a bull of excommunication that reads something like this, “If anyone saith, in contradiction to the teaching of Holy Mother Church as expressed clearly in Pacem in Terris #11, that healthcare is NOT a human right, let him be anathema”. That would just about finish off the conservative opposition to the Supreme Vicar of Christ on Earth.

  9. Does anyone known the percentage of the money that the universal church receives from the United States? I ask because I imagine that it must be quite large, given the dismal state of European parish life and the limited resources of the rest of the world’s Catholics. If Americans get angry enough at our treatment, they may decide to stop supporting the rest of the Church. I am not saying that would be right but it is a distinct possibility. I admit to being quite angry at this Papacy.

  10. The article says that those who want to make abortion illegal entertain fantasies about “a theocratic society.”

    So there we have it, directly FROM THE POPE (don’t kid yourself): The Pope is OPPOSED to making abortion illegal.

  11. So, what is the circulation of La Civilta, nowadays? 29, or 30, if including Fr. Spadaro’s own subscription for his mother?

    And probably about the same numbers for “America.”

  12. I don’t know that there’s a way to cut off the Holy See without cutting off your local parish.

  13. I do wish someone in a position of considerable prominence would speak of this pope and his camarilla in unflinching terms. Maureen Mullarkey has done so, but she’s known only to a niche audience.

  14. I couldn’t find any breakdown of other than contributions to Peter’s Pence. The Holy See’s finances are too complex to clearly divine how much the US contributes but we donated about $65 million USD to Peter’s Pence, in essence a fund that His Holiness gets to use at will, for whatever purpose he sees fit.

    Perhaps it is time to let our money talk since he has silenced our Bishops.

  15. The Pope of peace and mercy, indeed. Way to go Pope for alienating 50% of America. For those of us who wish to expose the corruption in the Church Bergoglio is our best example. Keep it up Pope. The best thing that could happen to us would be to be excommunicated. Among other things it would be begin to separate the wheat from the chaff. I am delighted Pope made this dumb move.

  16. Is there a site that has full article that doesn’t need a password? I would like to read the whole thing.

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