PopeWatch: Archbishop Paglia

Monday, March 6, AD 2017



Further evidence that this whole Pontificate may be, in a best case analysis, a divine practical joke:


The archbishop now at the helm of the Pontifical Academy for Life paid a homosexual artist to paint a blasphemous homoerotic mural in his cathedral church in 2007. The mural includes an image of the archbishop himself.

The archbishop, Vincenzo Paglia, was also recently appointed by Pope Francis as president of the Pontifical Pope John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family.

The massive mural still covers the opposite side of the facade of the cathedral church of the Diocese of Terni-Narni-Amelia. It depicts Jesus carrying nets to heaven filled with naked and semi-nude homosexuals, transsexuals, prostitutes, and drug dealers, jumbled together in erotic interactions.

Included in one of the nets is Paglia, the then diocesan bishop. The image of the Savior is painted with the face of a local male hairdresser, and his private parts can be seen through his translucent garb.

According to the artist, a homosexual Argentinean named Ricardo Cinalli who is known for his paintings of male bodies, Bishop Paglia selected him out of a list of ten internationally-known artists specifically for the task of painting the inner wall of the facade. Bishop Paglia, along with one Fr. Fabio Leonardis, oversaw every detail of Cinalli’s work, according to Cinalli, who approvingly notes that Paglia never asked him if he believed in the Christian doctrine of salvation.

“Working with him was humanly and professionally fantastic,” Cinalli told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica in March of last year. “Never, in four months, during which we saw each other almost three times each week, did Paglia ever ask me if I believed in salvation. He never placed me in an uncomfortable position.”

“There was no detail that was done freely, at random,” added Cinalli. “Everything was analyzed. Everything was discussed. They never allowed me to work on my own.”


Go here to read the rest.  What a laugh the jackals currently leading the Church must have privately over the simple piety of so many Catholics.  They should enjoy their laughter since I suspect they will have small reason for joy in eternity.


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  • The homoerotic Church painting is not Christ. It is anti-Christ. He has them caught in the nets alright, that is certain.
    The LBGT community has a home in Heaven. They, like all pilgrim’s, must repent and cease in activities that are not befitting to the inhabitants of Heaven. The idea of Salvation may of never crossed Paglia’s mind since it’s possible he is having his form of Heaven now. Hope not. Let’s hope a Lenten miracle destroys the image.

  • Philip above is basically correct. However, I would reword one sentence from the simple:

    “The LBGT community has a home in Heaven”

    to the more complete:

    “The Christian Church has its final home in Heaven; those with same sex attraction join that Church if they repent just as those with alcoholism may join it if they too repent.”

    There is no community in Heaven except the Church. And St Paul makes clear in 1st Corinthians 6:9-10 that “…οὔτε μαλακοὶ οὔτε ἀρσενοκοῖται…… βασιλείαν θεοῦ κληρονομήσουσιν”

    Which means:

    “…nor effeminate nor sodomites…Kingdom of God shall receive.”

    St. Paul was as usual precise. He used the term μαλακός to denote male receivers of penetration by males and the term ἀρσενοκοίτης to denote male givers of penetration to males. The English translations we get are sadly sanitized.

  • PS, here is the entire excerpt from 1st Corinthians 6:9-10 in Greek, Nova Vulgata and Young’s Literal Translation into English:

    ἢ οὐκ οἴδατε ὅτι ἄδικοι θεοῦ βασιλείαν οὐ κληρονομήσουσιν; μὴ πλανᾶσθε: οὔτε πόρνοι οὔτε εἰδωλολάτραι οὔτε μοιχοὶ οὔτε μαλακοὶ οὔτε ἀρσενοκοῖται οὔτε κλέπται οὔτε πλεονέκται, οὐ μέθυσοι, οὐ λοίδοροι, οὐχ ἅρπαγες βασιλείαν θεοῦ κληρονομήσουσιν.

    An nescitis quia iniqui regnum Dei non possidebunt? Nolite errare: neque fornicarii neque idolis servientes neque adulteri neque molles neque masculorum concubitores neque fures neque avari, non ebriosi, non maledici, non rapaces regnum Dei possidebunt.

    have ye not known that the unrighteous the reign of God shall not inherit? be not led astray; neither whoremongers, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, the reign of God shall inherit

    οὔτε μαλακοὶ = neque molles = nor effeminate
    οὔτε ἀρσενοκοῖται = neque masculorum concubitores = nor sodomites
    βασιλείαν θεοῦ κληρονομήσουσιν = regnum Dei possidebunt = Kingdom [Reign] of God shall receive [possess, inherit]

    It cannot possibly be more clear than that.

  • Thank you Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

  • Addiction to lust, sodomy and lesbianism is a violation of man’s free will. Free will is the image of God in man.
    Color of skin and sexual orientation are accidents of existence. The free will choice to sodomy is one sexual sin and another of assault and battery. The most evil is denying the human being’s rational, immortal human soul and thereby making atheists of us all. Scandalizing our Posterity, all future generations deserves a millstone about the neck. Has the millstone been painted into the mural or is it simply the swindle the Great Liar has prepared for man?

  • After 15 years of this stuff, you find yourself saying “Again?”

  • No mill stones Mary.
    Spirit Daily has the story with the sadistic schlock.

    Hell is a myth to many of these unfortunates.

  • Sadly, the Vatican and some surrounding dioceses are infested by homosexual and Free-mason clergy, and appear to be untouchable; well, in this life, anyway.
    Pray for the Church and for the conversion of Pope Francis.

  • The painting in question is a lie and a betray of the truth. The folks in the painting are on their way to hell. That is how the painting should have been done with a background of fiery red.

  • Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus
    Does μαλακός mean effeminate?
    Its literal meaning is “soft.” Our Lord uses it twice, on both occasions referring to “soft” clothing: ἄνθρωπον ἐν μαλακοῖς ἠμφιεσμένον ἰδοὺ… οἱ τὰ μαλακὰ φοροῦντες ἐν (Matt 11:8) and ἄνθρωπον ἐν μαλακοῖς ἱματίοις ἠμφιεσμένον (Luke 7:25). The connotation is of luxuriousness, rather than effeminacy.
    The only other occurrence in the NT is St Paul in 1Cor 6:9.
    In Classical Greek, besides it literal meaning, μαλακός can mean mild or gentle, but also faint-hearted or cowardly, depending on the context.
    ἀρσενοκοῖται occurs only in 1 Cor 6:9. It appears to be a coinage of St Paul’s. It is made up of ἄρσην (male) + ἄρσην (lie) and may be an echo of Leviticus 18:22 (but I’m guessing).

  • Apologies, I should have written “It is made up of ἄρσην (male) + κεῖμαι (to lie)

  • Philip Nachazel:: Our Lady said that souls are falling into hell like snowflakes. Our Lady asked for First Saturday reparation. Why is there a hell if there is no one in hell?

  • The picture shocks us. Jesus’ contemporaries were horrified by HIs eating and drinking with sinners. Jesus shocks us. He came to save sinners. We know that His efforts are not futile. EVERYONE who is thirsty is invited to come to the water (Isaiah 55)
    -My second reaction to Paglia and the painting is that the painting may express Paglia’s hope- his hope that is shared apparently by many others in Rome. to be caught up in the nets that Jesus casts out into the Very deep. As a mother, I also hope that Jesus, truly God and truly man, redeems the lost, even in their sinfulness, for He bears their iniquities- he makes intercession for transgressors. Because he surrendered himself to death,was counted among the transgressors, bore the sins of many,and interceded for the transgressors. (cf Isaiah 53:11-12 ). Several times He tells us to learn what it means that He desires Mercy and not sacrifice.

  • Mary De Voe.

    Why indeed?
    The unfortunates mentioned are the souls partaking in their heaven now.
    The idea that hell doesn’t exist allows for unabated recklessness and perverted self expression that is protected by political correctness.
    If the consequences of hell are removed altogether, then the debased appeties of disordered clergy can contrive a fasle narrative and abuse the Gospel message. Enter a mural located in a once holy cathedral.

  • Anzlyne, I agree that is the purpose of the painting, and the purpose is not a bad one. However, the small details of the painting show themes that are totally antinomian and perhaps also Manichaean.

  • @ Anzlyne.

    No one would disagree with needing our Divine Physician, for all are found in need of healing. All are found unworthy of the Glory to come. Sin no more is a commandment from the healing Sacred Heart. In raising the nets the artist depictions are void of repentance to a certain degree. A Christ with genitalia is making a mockery of the forgiving power of Christ. The artist himself is mocking repentance. View the mural.

    If I’m “projecting,” my feelings upon this art as one might suggest, I would defend my position because of the artworks location and it’s responsibility to all worshipers and viewers.

    Call me old fashioned if one must, but the sense of the sacred is lost in the need to satisfy the artists own sexual orientation.
    This is also revealing, as the testimony of the artist indicates; “everything was analyzed, everything was discussed.”

    Shame on them!

  • Thank you both for your replies. I am not antinomian- just a mother fiercely clinging to hope. My son, who embarked on this path at least intellectually at the Gregorian; making this lifestyle choice a reality after leaving seminary is only one of many many bright and beautiful young men encouraged to follow this temptation. I am not one who believes we can absolve ourselves (internal forum). Not manichean either though rearing 5 and grand-mothering 13 one become very aware of the spiritual warfare…
    anyway I sense the kindness of both of you TomD and Philip and I appreciate it.

  • Anzlyne.

    God grant your hearts desire regarding the beautiful soul that is your son. Temptations abound, yet this culture is fueling the fire with reckless abandon.
    Your heart is sustained and those you love will be protected under the mantel of Our Loving Mother, Queen of Peace. She will see to it Anzlyne.

    Peace of Christ dear soul.

    Your son is going in my prayers. Name not needed. Your Angel and my Guardian Angel are working this out as we write.

  • Than you Philip for your loving response to Anzlyne. If the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION is not in the painting then, Jesus Christ is being abused and the nets belong to Satan. Our Mother and Queen, Mary IMMACULATE is the one human being who is not in Satan’s grasp.