Full Obamacare Implementation Delayed. Again.

When the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) passed it was touted as one of the most significant pieces of legislation in American history. This was going to make health care affordable to every living person in this country. It was of such monumental importance that left-wing Catholics assured us all that it was worth throwing over the unborn in order to continue supporting President Obama. This was the stuff that was gonna help stop the oceans from rising and help create a new Heaven and a new Earth.

In the words of our Catholic Vice President, it was a big effin deal.

Yeah, about that big effin deal:

The Obama administration will delay a crucial provision of its signature health-care law, giving businesses an extra year to comply with a requirement that they provide their workers with insurance.


The government will postpone enforcement of the so-called employer mandate until 2015, after the congressional elections, the administration said yesterday. Under the provision, companies with 50 or more workers face a fine of as much as $3,000 per employee if they don’t offer affordable insurance.


It’s the latest setback for a health-care law that has met resistance from Republicans, who have sought to make the plan a symbol of government overreach. Republican-controlled legislatures and governors in several states have refused funding to expand Medicaid coverage for the poor and declined to set up exchanges where individuals can buy insurance, leaving the job to the federal government.


The delay in the employer mandate addresses complaints from business groups to President Barack Obama’s administration about the burden of the law’s reporting requirements.


“The administration has finally recognized the obvious — employers need more time and clarification of the rules of the road before implementing the employer mandate,” Randy Johnson, a senior vice president at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s largest business lobby, said in an e-mail.


Valerie Jarrett, a senior Obama adviser, said in a blog post announcing the move that the administration decided on the delay so officials could simplify reporting requirements and give employers a chance to adjust their health-care coverage.

It’s such a ground-breaking, vitally important law that full implementation keeps getting pushed back further and further in the future. The original provisions largely weren’t even slated to take effect for four years after initial passage. On top of the number of institutions that have requested – and were granted – waivers, this latest news hints at the fact that this law might not be the signature achievement of the human race after all.

It is fitting that this announcement should come on the anniversary of the date in which the Continental Congress voted to declare the thirteen colonies’ independence from Great Britain and King George. After all, imagine the horrors of living under the rule of an administration that could, for example, decide which laws of the United States to defend in Court, or could decide when laws passed by Congress actually took effect.

(By the way, speaking of our establishment of self-rule, Bloomberg should be chided for using the term “fees” above. Chief Justice John Roberts would be very displeased to see such language in reference to Obamacare.)

If nothing else, perhaps this latest development will caution us against passing behemoth-sized legislation that no one has read and that we are urged to pass in order to know what’s in it.

On an unrelated note, the House will take up the Senate’s immigration bill after the recess.

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  1. Note also that the administration can willy-nilly decide that a law simply will not go into effect. That would send the Founding Fathers whirling. George III was a piker compared to modern Presidents with much more than regal powers. It will be amusing to visit Leftist sites to see how they take the news that Obama wants to hold off on this key provision of ObamaCare until after the 2014 elections. Most will simply engage in the type of make believe fantasies that are essential for American Leftists to get through the day, but a few will begin to realize that Obama’s grand accomplishment does not even have Potemkin substance.

  2. This is evidence that the gangsters are not complete idiots.

    Raising taxes in the midst of the Great Recession . . .

  3. I am sure, Don, that we will shortly hear from a certain alliteratively nicknamed Catholic blogger from the left who will absolutely scour the administration for potentially denying access to health care for millions of poor Americans.

    As for me, right now I have to go wait for the imminent arrival of my friend M. Godot.

  4. If the Affordable Care Act was so good for America, as those who drafted it and supported its passage repeatedly told us, why is the very administration that touted it now delaying aspects of its implementation?

    The reality of the bill’s inevitable, negative effects on our economy, among its other negative effects, have finally begun to influence even those who promoted and passed it.

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