Former Catholic Priests Come Out for “Homosexual Marriage”

With a Public Religion Research Institute poll indicating that 59% of Catholics nationwide support so-called “homosexual marriage” (52% of the general public supports the

notion), it shouldn’t prove surprising that the State of Washington’s Democrat-controlled legislature voted to legalize homosexual marriage earlier this year and the state’s Democrat-Catholic Governor, Christine Gregoire, quickly signed the measure into law.

Politically, it’s a “no brainer”!  After all, even the majority of Catholics apparently support the notion.

However, opponents organized to submit a petition to bring the law to voters in November, thus blocking the law’s implementation until after the referendum takes place.

According to the Associated Press, a group of 63 former Catholic priests whose members back homosexual marriage in the State of Washington responded with a political jujutzu.  The group challenged the state’s Catholic bishops who had lobbied against the law’s implementation, contending  that the bishops’ efforts to defeat the law represented a threat to religious liberty.  The former Catholic priests wrote in a statement:

We feel the bishops are abusing their power in attempting to direct Catholics on how to vote on this civil matter and impose their position on all citizens, Catholic and non-Catholic. (italics added)

The petition’s organization, Patrick Callahan, who was a Catholic priest for 15 years and  continues to attend Catholic church, told Reuters:

Progressive-thinking Catholics need the reassurance that there is more than one authentic Catholic position. (italics added)

“Need the reassurance” that there’s more than one authentic Catholic position?

Did anyone teach these ex-priests logic when they were seminarians?

How can there be more than one authentic Catholic position?

Of course it’s not possible.

This isn’t about reassurance.  It’s not about being logical.  And it’s really not about Church teaching.

It’s all about how those 63 former Catholic priests “feel.”  And that’s what they believe  the foundation of Catholic teaching should rest upon.

Feeling not the Rock. 


To read the Associated Press report:

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh……former priests…..yes that is a good thing and as former priests they should MTOB! These priests are nothing more that progressives who want to reshape the Catholic Church to fit their errant progressive relativistic views.

    I’ll sleep better knowing they are no longer priests.

  2. My understanding tells me that sentiment about “love” and choice drives these polls, one just came out 76 % for in Ireland which is traditionally a devout religiously formed population. “Choice” also drives the US population which is hugely opposed to abortion but favours choice. Same here because opposition to Government is endemic to both nations even though Ireland voted twice to ban abortion constitutionally. One cannot discount the main media poison that is spread by sick spin doctors’ views.

  3. Why would I even WANT to know what an “ex-Catholic priest” thinks?

    (May God have mercy on them and grant them light and salvation.)

  4. “Progressive-thinking Catholics need the reassurance that there is more than one authentic Catholic position. (italics added)”

    Time for the Bishops to reassure these priests that there is only one authentic position. Make it very clear to them and other Catholic politicians.

  5. Here we see the fruits of over 100 years of subverting the Gospels.

    The one “authentic Catholic position” is the Truth which is revealed by the Holy Spirit in Scripture and in the Divinely-inspired Teaching of The Church.

    Ex-priest is to the Church as Benedict Arnold is to America.

  6. One wonders how many of these gentlemen are itching to take advantage of a same sex marriage law themselves? The priesthood is better off with these fellows on the outside.

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