Obama Today: You Can’t Change Washington From the Inside

Thursday, September 20, AD 2012

I agree with the President.  So long as he is President nothing will change from the disaster he served up in his first term.  More of the Same is the real Obama campaign slogan.

Romney saw his opportunity from Obama’s unitentional lapse into truth:


3 Responses to Obama Today: You Can’t Change Washington From the Inside

  • Romney hit it on the head the other day when he commented: ‘there are times when the president doesn’t tell the truth’ but today he told the truth – he cannot fix it from the inside but from the inside is the way to fix it. Everytime I see the pres laugh or smile he reminds me of The Joke from Batman movies.

  • For a guy who can’t push back on almost anything the Dems fling at him, Romney is getting pretty good at snappy one liners ( that 80% of the population came up with at the same moment). At least he speaks the one liners out loud.

  • Maybe Romney will win. If so, then I can’t wait to see the look on the Occupier’s face and hear the wailing of the only liberal we have at work! And yes, I will descend to my hands and knees in praise and thanksgiving to God Almighty. There is hope – can’t believe I just wrote that, and haven’t even taken morning meds yet! 😉