Cult of Personality? What Cult of Personality?

For only $35.00 you too can own a print of the Obama Flag.  The (sic) artist who designed this calls it, signficantly enough, Our Stripes.  Go here to the official Obama Store to see it in all of its native glory before one of the less crazed acolytes of the Southside Messiah decides to take it down.  The bizarre cult-like atmosphere that surrounds Obama is like nothing ever seen before in American political history, and it is a disturbing development in our society.

Update 1:  Go here to see a short visual history of the creepy Obama Cult.

Update 2:  The Obama flag print is gone from the Obama store.  I assume now it will be reserved for only the high initiates of Cult Obama.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. The cult of personality is a trademark of autocratic regimes, and is particularly prevalent in modern times with those that have no meaningful religious basis. With respect to leftist Democrats though they tend to view all their pols as fit objects for hagiolatry. If one views the government as the source of all that is wise and good and not to be questioned, it’s quite reasonable to venerate its ministers who deliver the “goods”.

  2. I wonder if the Arab Street will be outraged when YouTube posts a thousand videos of guys burning “Obama Glory.”

    “One Nation Under Obama!”

    New Liberal catholic prayer suggestions:

    The Obama Noster

    The Hail Obama

    Praise Obama, O my Soul

    Act of Obama

    The Obama’s Creed

    Hail Holy Obama

    Remember, O most Gracious Obama . . .

    Obama conceived we know where no pray for us who are about to be ruined.

  3. Sovereign personhood is who we are. Personality is where we are going.
    Every man’s Personality is the sovereign person’s response to his sovereign personhood, a sovereign personhood endowed by our Creator to His creatures, a sovereign personhood endowed through the rational, immortal human soul at the newly begotten, innocent virgin’s beginning of Life, in Liberty and this person’s pursuit of Happiness, his destiny. Man’s Personality is the result of man’s sovereign personhood. Personality is the outward sign of the exercise of the human being’s unalienable rights endowed by our Creator, man’s free will, man’s conscience, man’s intellect, man’s ability to love, to reason and to live. Personality begins at the beginning of life. Without the acknowledgment of the Creator’s endowment of the human soul and sovereign personhood, the personality is an artificially manufactured idol to be imagined by extremely insulated, indoctrinated, intelligent individuals who have relegated their reason to lower realms.

    In the American Flag, the blue is sovereignty, the stars are the states, the red is courage, the white is purity. Obama’s flag is stripped naked of sovereignty, all 57 states, the red is abortion and the white is contraception, the vacuum of purity, the black hole of servitude, the sucking down the United States symbolized by the swirling circle in the upper left quadrant.

  4. Go see Gateway Pundit blog and see how the red stripes on the zero flag resemble the bloody stains on the wall of the US Embassy in Libya.

  5. “Hey, I thought it was Republicans who always wrapped themselves in the flag. Isn’t that what the press tells me?”

    Yeah, but now these are “OUR Stripes” now.

    (Harking back to the late Ron Silver who, while attending the first Clinton inauguration, was angry to see military jets flying overhead – until he realized that “Those are OUR planes now.” Ironic that he later became a big backer of Bush’s military policy following 9/11, and even spoke at the 2004 GOP Convention – although one of his last political acts before passing away of throat cancer was to vote for Obama.)

  6. I remember him telling Lech Walesa that the Reagan and Bush administrations oppressed the arts. (Feel free to reread that sentence.) Sure, he did have his 9/11 change of heart, but to me it just felt like he was being a self-righteous jerk on a different side.

  7. Obama did not build that, your tax dollars did. Read the fine print under the posters to learn the names of the graphic artists. Obama makes my great-granchildren pay for Solyndra but he does not secure the blessings of Liberty for us. Why is that?

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