Clint Eastwood: Don’t Kiss Up to Politicians


One of the more dispiriting features of the ongoing national disaster that is the Obama Presidency, is the way some of his more crazed acolytes have given him the type of adulation that should be reserved for God.  Go here to read an early example of this bilge.  And who could possibly forget the Obama kids, tools in the hands of parents who were worshipers of the South Side Messiah:

Obama is merely the latest manifestation of the disturbing trend on the Left in this country for politics to serve as a substitute religion.

Clint Eastwood’s empty chair takedown of Obama was a healthy reaction to this horse manure.  Eastwood reminded us that politicians are hired hands, our servants, and not little tin gods to bow down to.  Eastwood got to the heart of what he wanted to accomplish in a speech yesterday:

“People don’t have to kiss it up with politicians, no matter what party they’re in,” he added. “You should evaluate their work and make your judgments accordingly. That’s the way you do in life in every other subject. But sometimes in America we get gaga, you know, we look at the wrong values.”

The Obama administration in so many ways has been an utter betrayal of what America has stood for at her best.  The attempt to secularly deify a politician from Chicago, abetted by a media that largely views any criticism of him as heresy, is deeply un-American.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. “Obama is merely the latest manifestation of the disturbing trend on the Left in this country for politics to serve as a substitute religion.”

    … and for politicians to serve as substitutes for God, almighty.

    How can Obama use the innocence of children he has vowed to destroy through abortion? The Infant Butcher voted four times for the death and medical neglect of survivors of abortion. (This sentence has been censored by the author.)

    The grown-ups present, who evidently survived abortion, are unconsciously praising the fact that they were allowed, by the Culture of Death, to live. The survivors of abortion are groveling before The One who wants them aborted. The innocent child does not know what she is saying, nor do the children being indoctrinated by the indoctrinated. The joy is caused by the children’s existence, not by Obama. The joy is caused by God’s gift of LIFE, not by Obama. Can any human being exist without “their Creator”, without God?

  2. This is my response to this purveyor of death and darkness. The language used by Mark Morfor is that of a high priest of the god obama. “This is what I find myself offering up…” Morfor’s morning offering?

    Obama’s aura is the souls of all the aborted children. Obama has denied the existence of the rational, immortal soul, so, Obama may find it difficult to address the human being’s soul. The sovereign citizens of our nation have been denied the acknowledgment and reverence due to the Supreme Sovereign Being for more than a generation, fifty years to be exact. The people have lost their image of almighty God in their mortal being.

    Obama is not so hot. The people have lost their sense of truth. Obama denies the rational, immortal soul of the human being and the inherent sovereign personhood and free will endowed as unalienable to all men created equal (Obama is more equal than the rest of his constituents) by “their Creator”. These are America’s founding principles, found in the Declaration of Independence. If you do not like it or denigrate our founding principles, you have forfeit your citizenship and probably your sovereign personhood endowed by the Supreme Sovereign Being. There can be only one Supreme Sovereign Being, as two preempt one another, and Obama loses.

  3. The DNC and its oath breaking abomination of an administration must be throwing meaty bones of advertising money to the vicious, boring media to get away with so many atrocities and such atrocious behavior.

    I’d like to think that some of the ‘journalists’ can’t live with themselves for giving up their First Amendment Right for the allurements of salary and perks, that they reconsider objectivity, realism, and the 101 course.

    There was a huge splash on the subject of Bullying not so long ago. Much was reported and written. That they are the Bullies now, the media and executive branch enabling one another in the pursuit of constant bullying in ways and effects far worse than schoolchildren (who are watching them), is ridiculously apparent to the world.

    If the profit is the motive for all this imbalance with truth and lies, then media big wigs are selling themselves short by cutting off at least 50% of their business.

    This goes to the post about an unfit president and his administrators of the US as well.

    They’ll probably party on ’til they can no longer function as human beings – already there’s more sneering and sleaze than smiling and respect. No sense of humor, no fun.

  4. There has been a merger of news and entertainment and the people in charge of it all are dangerous.

    I fear for the Republic. Obumber could well be reelected.

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