As a Catholic Pro-Abort Woman

Bravo to Bill O’Reilly for taking note of Caroline Kennedy’s phrase “as a Catholic woman” before she attacked pro-life laws passed around the country in legislatures controlled by Republicans.  O’Reilly recognized this as a direct attack on the Catholic Church.  Of course this is all part of the Democrat party’s attempt to promote a de facto schism in the Church in America for political advantage.  As I have noted many times this isn’t merely an election year for American Catholics.  This is an Elijah on Mount Carmel year.  A time of choosing is upon us.

As for Ms. Kennedy, a sample of her in action without a teleprompter:

Update:  I suspect that our readers already understand this, but the video of Caroline Kennedy above is an edit of a 30 minute interview she gave in 2008.  During that interview she used the phrase “you know” 168 times.