4 Responses to Mary Jo Kopechne Was Unavailable for Comment

  • I am sure Jesus’ sense of what is just, loving and fair will be quite obvious to us in heaven. There is an old story of a Jesuit and Dominican who made a pact to return for a private visit whichever went first. The English translation of the deceased cleric was “Dogma is substantially the same, but the Morality is totally different. JESUS hinted at the same- whores and tax collectors would make it before the self-congratulatory,

  • Well I find his supposed humor callous and clueless. Kind of like Ed Klein. The problem with the Kennedy’s was that no one held them to a higher standard. They actually created the standard, at least for their class, and back in the day the press was already in the bag for the first family.

  • From the “American Glob”:

    “Liberal Logicd 101: It’s OK to falsely accuse Mitt Romney of being responsible for the death of a woman he never met, while celebrating the memory of Ted Kennedy who let a young woman drown.”

  • Awesome insight…I wonder if Ol’ Kennedy can be excommunicated and removed from the K of C posthumously, in absentia? Just asking, Tone!