Mary Jo Kopechne Was Unavailable for Comment

Well, the above tribute video to Ted Kennedy shown last night at the Democrat Convention certainly fit into the War on Women meme that the Democrats have been pushing!  The video failed to mention that Kennedy had a great sense of humor, especially about Chappaquiddick!  What a guy!



4 Responses to Mary Jo Kopechne Was Unavailable for Comment

  • I am sure Jesus’ sense of what is just, loving and fair will be quite obvious to us in heaven. There is an old story of a Jesuit and Dominican who made a pact to return for a private visit whichever went first. The English translation of the deceased cleric was “Dogma is substantially the same, but the Morality is totally different. JESUS hinted at the same- whores and tax collectors would make it before the self-congratulatory,

  • Well I find his supposed humor callous and clueless. Kind of like Ed Klein. The problem with the Kennedy’s was that no one held them to a higher standard. They actually created the standard, at least for their class, and back in the day the press was already in the bag for the first family.

  • From the “American Glob”:

    “Liberal Logicd 101: It’s OK to falsely accuse Mitt Romney of being responsible for the death of a woman he never met, while celebrating the memory of Ted Kennedy who let a young woman drown.”

  • Awesome insight…I wonder if Ol’ Kennedy can be excommunicated and removed from the K of C posthumously, in absentia? Just asking, Tone!

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