170 Greatest Clint Eastwood Quotes

A humorous compilation of Clint Eastwood quotes from his film and television appearances.  (Strong harsh language advisory.)

The Clint Eastwood speech/improv/comedy routine at the Republican Convention on Thursday has gone viral on the net.  Hordes of people who never would have bothered looking at the convention are now watching Eastwood’s humorous takedown of Obama.  I would say this was a stroke of genius, except it appears to be all unplanned, except by Mr. Eastwood who has made a career of playing seemingly ordinary men who turn out to be smarter, and tougher, than their adversaries.


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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Loved it, Don. Great compilation. But somehow it missed my favorite. From “Unforgiven”: “Well, he should have armed himself if he’s going to decorate his saloon with my friend.”

  2. I learned a new phraseology which will escort me through the DNC and help me prevent a cracked liver. There is one way to stop the demon democrats: “Just say NO”
    When Hillary Clinton was stomping for the democratic nomination for president, Clinton’s committee requested a photo op at First Solar, and alternate energy plant in Ohio. The plant manager said: “NO”. Then gov. Strickland, a democrat, called and said: “We are coming there on Saturday.” The plant manager said: “If you come, I will shut the plant down.”

    Golda Meir maybe, Hillary Clinton, the woman who criminalized healing before Obamacare criminalized being a human being, never, “NO”.

    My son, the plant manager, said “NO” (bragging rights)

  3. “Clint Eastwood’s three minutes in front of the GOP and the world were an enormous embarrassment to thinking people, even Republicans. Apart from getting in the way of the Romney’s treacly home video on what a wonderful husband and father he is, Eastwood’s vulgar and unfunny act gave vent to some of the vile hatred, racism, and jingoism that lies at the heart of the new Republican Party. “We own this country!” they boasted. Who is “we”? We rich white people who can buy a nomination, pay for campaign ads, and manipulate politicians like so many puppets. Vote for Obama! Four more years! Keep Mittens at home with his wife and spoiled children.”

    The above comment was in moderation. My initial impulse was to send it to the Trash, as I found it fairly worthless, but I ultimately decided that it was worthy of a fisk in order to increase its entertainment value.

    “Clint Eastwood’s three minutes in front of the GOP and the world were an enormous embarrassment to thinking people, even Republicans.”

    Actually it was eleven minutes. What polling data that we have currently seems to indicate that most people loved Eastwood’s routine:


    “vulgar and unfunny act gave vent to some of the vile hatred, racism, and jingoism that lies at the heart of the new Republican Party. ”

    Vulgar? Well the part in which Obama was telling Eastwood to tell Romney to go and have sexual intercourse with himself was vulgar. That was a riff on Mr. Obama’s charming habit of flipping the bird at people while pretending that the gesture is accidental:

    Unfunny? No it was rolling on the floor hilarious.

    Opposing Obama is not hatred or racism, although I do believe that convincing voters that opposition to Obama is illegitimate tends to be the chief Democrat tactic this go round. As for racism, I defy anyone to find anything that Mr. Eastwood said that had anything to do with race. As to jingoism, Eastwood actually attacked Obama for staying in Afghanistan.

    “We own this country!” they boasted. Who is “we”?

    The same people who get to register approval or disapproval of Obama come election day.

    “We rich white people who can buy a nomination, pay for campaign ads, and manipulate politicians like so many puppets.”

    Actually Obama had a huge fund raising advantage in 2008, and outspent McCain 3-2. He has lost that advantage this year. Four years of being a lousy president tends to dimish one’s ability to raise re-election funds.

    “Keep Mittens at home with his wife and spoiled children.”

    Alas, I believe it will be Obama who will be spending huge amounts of time with Michele, as he desperately seeks excuses to go out and sneak a Big Mac or a cigarette.

  4. In the old days (post Calvin Coolidge and pre-Reagan) it was the Dems that had a sense of humor. Now the Dems are a humorless ugly bunch and it’s the Repubs and conservatives that have a sense of humor. I have to give props to Romney for being loose enough to let Clint do his thing unscripted or close to it. Too bad he wasn’t as bold on anything else.

  5. “We own this country!” they boasted. Who is “we”?

    “We, the people…”and “WE hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” “WE own this country” You own it all and I own it all, in joint and common tenancy.

    That the writer must ask: “Who is “we”? tells us that the writer has never read our founding principles, our Declaration of Independence, our U.S. Constitution. Or if the writer has read these founding documents, the writer has complete and profound contempt for the will of the people, the common good and FREEDOM. “WE” first person, plural, includes the writer, but the writer has submerged his soul in ignorance and does not know that as a sovereign person, he, the writer, has unalienable rights laying fallow in disrepair and in contempt, the same contemp the writer exhibits for the rest of “WE, the people” and the common good, as he, the writer, forfeits his citizenship for denying to the people their God-given human rights and those rights not enumerated as from the Ninth Amendment. Forfeiting his citizenship leaves the writer without a country from which to escape charges of treasonous conspiracy to deny civil rights to “WE”, who hold these truths to be self-evident…”

    The writer refused to tangle with Clint Eastwood’s: “We — we own it. It is not you owning it, and not politicians owning it. Politicians are employees of ours.” because the writer knew it to be so true. Let Obama join the 23 million unemployed, most of whom Obama’s policies have created, in looking for a job next November.

    See you at the polls, where “We, the people”, who constitute the government through our sovereign personhood express our free will and exercise our FREEDOM.

    Thank you Donald McClarey, you are a good and gracious host. One Hail Mary

  6. Opinons are like a—holes; everyone has one.”

    I just loved that one, and it is very apt WRT the comment you fisked, Don. Actually, I don’t recall seeing the movie it was from – but I have seen so many of his movies that they tend to blur into eachother.
    Eastwood is/was the quintessential tough guy who in his movies, always battled for right, even though we know that you cannot do evil to achieve good.
    But sometimes……(insert appropriate Eastwood qute)
    I just loved all his movies, and – what – nearly 50 years after his spaghetti westerns – I still look forward to seeing the replays oof all his movies. 🙂

  7. Well, if the leftist correspondent was enraged by Clint’s “vulgarity,” he or she must have really been upset when Slow Joe said “This is a big f****** deal” to Obama when the healthcare bill was signed. Funny, not only were Dems not embarrassed by that vulgarity, they have made T-shirts with that quote on it. So, Mr. Lib, spare me your fainting and fantoids over Eastwood. That allusion was funny because everyone knows it’s precisely the sort of thing Obama would say.

    And as for the claim that the GOP is the party of “rich white people,” well, if Mr. Hot Under the Collar was watching MSNBC I can see why he still thinks that. After all, MSNBC did not show Artur Davis or Mia Love – they cut away because those speakers upset the liberal narrative a bit. (They were forced to show Rubio – but Rubio is Cuban- American, and Cubans are apparently the “wrong” kind of Hispanic – they fled communism, so they don’t matter.) So you had the black co-chair of the Obama 2008 campaign and the daughter of Haitian immigrants speaking while the talking heads of MSNBC blathered on about GOP “racism.”

    Man, at least most people in the USSR saw though Pravda. The leftists here unquestioningly accept the lies they are fed by the DNC’s MSM.

  8. Is this meant to be humorous? What of the Catholic Social Teaching on the dignity of the human person? Not even my worst tormentor I would do this to.

  9. This post is both humorous and true Judy, like a good many things in this vale of tears. Respecting the dignity of a human person not infrequently involves telling them that they are acting like a damn fool and it is time for them to stop. I think that is what the nation will say to Mr. Obama come election day.

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